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Sat May 20, 2023 Frederick, CO 80530 US Directions
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Downtown Frederick

5K Run

8:00AM MDT - 9:00AM MDT
12 & Under

1 Mile Kids Run

7:00AM MDT - 8:00AM MDT
Open to ages 4 - 12.
5 Short, Scored Events

Strength Games

11:00AM MDT - 2:00PM MDT
For The Ninjas

400M Obstacle Course

9:00AM MDT - 2:00PM MDT

Attend for Free

7:00AM MDT - 3:00PM MDT


Date Change: We originally were planning a two-day event for Saturday & Sunday. As of May 1, this is now a one-day event. Saturday only.

The Cerus Fitness Festival is a local celebration of health & fitness. This event brings local businesses from the Town of Frederick to Centennial Park to promote nutrition, movement, and fitness in all forms. Participants will experience free talks & demonstrations, local food vendors, and fun fitness challenges for all ages.

Showcase your fitness by purchasing a ticket to participate in a 5k run (1 mile kids run), an obstacle course race, and/or a strength-based event.

💪 free fitness challenges
📣 free talks & seminars about health & wellness
🧗 Cerus obstacles that you've come to know & love
🏃‍♀️ a fast, flat, 5k course that runs through around the Town of Frederick
🍲 a food & coffee truck

Check In & Bibs

Please arrive at least 20 minutes before your scheduled event. All participants must check in at the check-in tent on Saturday morning. There is no check-in on Friday.

CHECK-IN OPENS at 6:00am

5k & 1-mile runners
You'll receive your race bib & timing chip when you check in Saturday morning.

OCR & Strength Games athletes
You will receive a colored wristband to indicate which event you are participating in. Please keep this band on your wrist as long as you are at the festival. You'll need it to gain entry to the course that you're participating on.

Upon check-in, you will be able to select a 30-minute window in which you'd like to participate in the OCR course and the Strength Games. This is for your officially timed run, in which you'll have a judge assigned to you.

After all athletes have had a chance to be timed/judged one time... or there is a break in the action... you are welcome to make additional attempts at both the OCR course and Strength Games workouts. If you'd like your attempts to be official and added to the leaderboard for a chance at the podium, make sure you flag down a judge/volunteer so that we can verify your attempt.


NOTE: The Strength Games was moved from Sunday to Saturday. The festival is now a one-day event, Saturday only.

Cerus Fitness Festival schedule

Site Map

Fitness Festival site map

☕️ 🥐 🌯 Food, Drinks, Coffee

We are excited to be working with 2 of the best food & coffee trucks in the area.

ShortD's Coffee

ShortD's Coffee & Drinks   menu →
Opens @ 6:30a

  • coffee
  • breakfast treats (muffins, scones, cinnamon rolls, and more)
  • cold drinks
  • frozen beverages

Cilantro & Lime   menu →
Opens @ 9:00a

  • tacos, quesadillas, bowls

🏃‍♀️ 5k Run

Test your fitness with a fast, flat, 5k run around downtown Frederick. The run will start & finish at Centennial Park. Participants will run on a combination of multi-use paths and sidewalks around Frederick, CO.

5k map

🏃‍♀️ 1 Mile Kids Run

The kids run will take place before the 5k so parents will have an opportunity to watch their kids race before tackling the 5k. The kids course will also start & finish at Centennial Park and run around downtown Frederick.

  • For ages 4-12

1-mile kids run map

🤸 400m Obstacle Course

The 400m OCR course will begin shortly after the 5k race has finished.

The 400m obstacle course race will consist of many traditional Cerus obstacles, including:

  • hanging implements (rings, monkey bars, etc.)
  • carries (sandbags, atlas stones, etc.)
  • climbing over walls
  • crawling under various things
  • jumping from object to object
  • slack lines, seesaws, and more

You can opt to tackle the course solo, or challenge your friend and go two at a time. All times to our digital leaderboard. Once all participants have had an opportunity to go through once, we'll open it up for second attempts.

💪 Strength Games

5/1: IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Strength Games has been moved to Saturday, after the 400m OCR event. For those who have already signed up for Sunday, we'll contact you soon about options if you can't make Saturday.

The Strength Games will balance out the 5k and obstacle course race. We'll have 5 tests of strength that comprise the Strength Games. Many of these tests will include some type of heavy implement or odd object, and you'll move right from one test to the next. You will be scored on each test, and your scores will be combined to give you a total score for the Strength Games.

All tests combined should take a total of about 25 minutes.

Test 1: Reverse Overhead Slam Ball Toss (for distance)
– Throw a 20# slam ball backwards, over your head, as far as you can
– All athletes get 3 attempts. Keep your best score.

Test 2: Odd Object Farmer’s Carry Ladder (time cap: 10 minutes)
Athletes will carry a variety of objects, 50' down, 50' back. They will increase in weight and/or difficulty. Every 10 ft will count as a rep. Score is time to complete the workout, or total reps completed. Tiebreak times will be used if you cannot finish the final component.


  • Dual 70# dumbbells
  • 100# Rogue sandbag
  • Dual 80# dumbbells
  • 125# Rogue sandbag
  • Single 100# dumbbell
  • 150# Rogue sandbag
  • Dual 105# barbells (with carry handles) – record time finished for tiebreaker
  • 200# Rogue sandbag placed on 30” box to signify finish


  • Dual 53# kettlebells
  • 75# Rogue sandbag
  • Dual 60# dumbbells
  • 100# Rogue sandbag
  • Single 80# dumbbell
  • 125# Rogue sandbag
  • Dual 95# barbells (with carry handles) – record time finished for tiebreaker
  • 150# Rogue sandbag placed on 24” box to signify finish

Test 3: Max Single Arm DB Overhead Press (in 2 minutes)
– Athletes will have 2 minutes to get a dumbbell from shoulder to overhead. Any way is allowed (strict press, push press, jerk, etc.). You may use either arm. Arm must be locked out overhead while standing tall with feet back under the hips.

Men: 90# Dumbbell
Women: 60# Dumbbell

Test 4: Sandbag Tire Medley (time cap: 10 minutes)

50' sandbag lunge
10 sandbag squats
5 sandbag over 48” wall
10 tire flips (5 out, 5 back)

Men: 80# sandbag
Women: 60# sandbag

Test 5: Max Dead Hang w/ Ruck
Any grip is allowed. Can’t change grip. Both hands must stay on bar.
Men: 20# ruck
Women: 10# ruck

Athletes will compete one at a time, and we'll tally up your scores across all tests to put your final score on our digital leaderboard.

After all athletes have completed their 5 tests, you may retry a single test to try and improve your score.

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Race Contact Info

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630 8th St
Frederick, CO US 80530



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