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March Mile Madness Relay

Sat March 25, 2023 Somers, CT 06071 US Directions


3-Mile Relay

9:00AM EDT


9:00AM EDT



This festival of running is the brainchild and "Capstone Project" of Somers High School senior, Ben C.!

Profits from the race will benefit the Somers chapter of Girls on the Run!


5 Vision Blvd
Somers, CT US 06071


When: Saturday, 25 March 2023.
Time: Bib pickup begins at 7:00 A.M. - 1-Mile Kids Race Start is at 8:40, Relay & 5k Start is at 9:00 A.M.
Place: Somers Public High School – 5 Vision Boulevard, Somers, CT 06071


Here's the scoop:

3-Mile Relay: Each team is comprised of 3-members. Each member runs one 1-mile lap. Team members must exchange their "baton" within the marked exchange zone. We will issue a baton to each team when you arrive. Fastest female, male, and co-ed teams win! Get creative! Uniforms (or outfits, whatever) are encouraged! Race start is at 9:00AM

When you register online, select the "3-Mile Relay" option. If you are joining a team, find and select the name of your team in the dropdown. If you are creating a team, please follow the prompts to create one. Either way, it's pretty simple.    

3-Mile Run: You will run 3-laps of the 1-mile loop course! Race start is at 9:00AM!

1-Mile Kids Run: Will run 1-lap of the 1-mile course! Race start is at 8:40AM!



Races Will Start Promptly
Looking for an old-fashioned starting line? You found it! The Kid's 1-Mile starts at 8:40. The 3-Mile Relay and Open 5k will mass start together at 9:00AM.

Online Registration Only
This way the race is nearly paperless. 

Signing Up On Race Day
Online registration will be open on race day - so you can sign up before you leave your house, or while you're in the parking lot, or eating green eggs & ham... you get the picture. When you arrive, we'll hand you a bib.

Online Registration Only
That's right. I said it twice.

We have flushing toilets! Hooray! But if it's not race day without a trip to a porta-potty, we've got you covered - we have those too! Either way... wash your hands. 

The Course
Is a 1-mile loop. The first half starts flat. At about the quarter-mile mark, you'll find a slight downhill grade. When you make the left-hand 180-degree turn at the halfway mark, expect to run back up that grade to the flat, then on to the start/finish line to complete your loop. The course is nearly devoid of tangents (ie; turns or sways in direction), allowing you drop your head and chop those legs. Especially if we get crisp and clean early springtime air. 

Each loop is steel-wheel measured to 1-mile. Your fancy GPS watch might indicate the course was short or long. You don't have to tell me. Actually, please don't. Because I do not care. We all ran the same course. Just run and have fun.

Relay: Each team member completes 1-lap. 

5k: Each individual participant completes 3-laps. 

General Course Support
As always, we'll provide water in cups at the hydration station, as well as bottled water at the finish line. Volunteers will be positioned on the course to cheer and keep everyone on course. 

Course Time Limit
Participants must complete the 3-mile course in 45-minutes (14-minutes, 30-second per mile pace). 

Race Timing
Fully automatic timing will be provided. After the race, when we post your results, your finish time will be based on your “Gun Time” - meaning, your race clock begins as soon as the starter sounds the horn. Therefore, if you are towards the back of the crowd at the starting line, it may take you 10-20 seconds to actually cross the starting line.

Relay Runners - we will track your overall time. If you want your splits, use that fancy watch of yours.

You will be assigned a bib when you arrive at the race. (A "bib" is that piece of paper with the numbers on it that you've seen runners wear.) One of our volunteers will make that connection. 

Attention Relay Teams - You will be assigned one bib. That bib must be worn by your anchor leg ("anchor leg", in track lingo, means the last person on the team to run in the relay). When the anchor leg crosses the finish line, your team's time will be recorded. Anchor runners - you will need to stay away from the finish line while the first and second legs are on the course. If you get too close to the finish line antennas, the computer will think you've crossed the finish line... and your team's day is ruined... and it will be all your fault. We'll tell you where is safe to stand. Stay in that area and you'll be fine. 

Bib Pickup
We'll begin handing out bibs as early as 7:30AM on race day. Volunteers will meet you in the parking lot. They'll use an app on their phones to check you in and assign your bib.  

Correct Bib Wear & Care
All bibs must be worn on your front, clear to view, preferably above the waist and in clear view. We need to be able to see your number. So do the finish line cameras. 

Timing Chip Wear
Please follow these directions! If you don't put the chip on correctly, the computer may not see you! The race will be professionally timed, using a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system. When you are issued your bib, there will be one digital tag glued to the back of it. Do not bend it or attempt to remove it. If the chip is creased or damaged, the RFID system may not "see" your chip... and your finish time will not be recorded. 

After you cross the finish line, grab your smart phone and go to the results website: Please check your results prior to the awards ceremony! 

You'll be running on 100% paved road. Your regular trainers are fine. If you want to lace up some flats, let 'er rip tater chip!

Likeness Waiver
We can take your picture or your social media posts and use them appropriately. So smile. :)

Spectators: We love spectators! They bring enormous life to every race. If you plan on watching the race, there are two viewing points we will suggest:

1.      Start/Finish Line at Somers High School: You'll be able to see the start and finish, as well as each relay team member complete their split. 

2.      Turn-Around Point at the Vision Blvd / 9th District Rd Intersection: You'll see runners charging down Vision Blvd, pulling a 180-degree turn, then fighting their way back up the incline. Odds are you'll witness some power moves here as the relay teams compete. Vehicles can be parked on the grass along 9th District, although availability is very limited. 

Is free and plentiful! Keep in mind that if you park in a lot adjacent to Vision Blvd, you will not be able to leave until running has concluded by 9:45AM. If you need to leave prior to 9:45AM, please park in the gravel lot behind Somers High School. 

Music & Earbuds
If you would like to listen to your own music, that's fine - but make sure that you can hear my directions at all times. USATF Rules will apply. Please understand that if there is an emergency, we need to be able to communicate with you. While it can be lonely some days, runners are typically super-social. Races are a wonderful opportunity for us runners to communicate with each other and enjoy in the camaraderie. If you regularly run with earbuds, I will challenge you to leave them out - even if it is for a portion of the race. Cheer for the runners you pass or who pass you. Smile. Make a new runner friend. 

Finish Line Etiquette
As you finish your race, run through the finish line. This keeps the finish line clear for the runners behind you. To the runners that complete their races, then head back out onto the course to connect with a friend that is still racing: DO NOT RUN THROUGH THE FINISH LINE TWICE. You give me or any other race timer a heart attack when you do that, because I/we think your chip was not read... but in fact, you've already completed the race. Furthermore, give your friend the moment they've earned - let them cross their finish line. 

If you have a question for the race timer - save it for after the race. The timer is busy operating the equipment, making sure everyone's finish time is tracked accurately. If you interrupt them and/or block their view, you could cause other runners' finish times to be missed. If your question is truly urgent, look for me (Scott). 

Jogging Strollers are NOT allowed in the Relay or 5k.
There will be too much activity and running will be too fast to safely use a jogging stroller. If your child would like to participate, please consider the Kids 1-Mile Fun Run. 

Are not allowed in the race. 

Once we are within 15-days of the race, no refunds can be considered. 

The March Mile Madness may be cancelled in the event of a threatening and/or hazardous occurrence, either natural or manmade. The decision to cancel the race will be made by the Race Director in collaboration with the Somers Mass Gathering Command. Information regarding race cancellation will be disseminated via forms of media, including email and social media. There will be no postponement of the race. Monies from the race will be given to charity after the race preparation expenses have been paid. 

In the event of a short term delay of the start of the race, announcements will be made by loudspeakers at the start/finish area. The decision to delay the race will be made by the the Race Director in collaboration with the Somers Mass Gathering Command. 

There have been several recent incidents where "bandits" or runners who did not sign up for the race but run anyway, jump into our races. We understand that the SNEAA races can sell out in advance and you might miss your opportunity to run. However, we need to make sure that the people that did appropriately register receive the experience that they paid for. Additionally, bandits create an enormous liability issue for all involved. Therefore, bandits will be immediately removed from the course, as well as potential prohibition from future SNEAA-hosted events. 

The UConn Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team will be supporting the race - checking you in, handing you water, and generally allowing the race to happen. Please thank them!

Be Cool
Leave the day behind. Put on a smile and some running shoes. Come run with friends. 

Did we miss an important detail? Let us know, so we can share it with the crowd! Email Scott at with your question or suggestion.

If you haven’t already done so, please “Like” our Facebook page to stay up to speed on future race updates: Looking forward to seeing you all at the starting line! Cheers!

-Scott & Ben, Your March Mile Madness Race Directors

COVID Protocol

The Connecticut Department of Public Health sets the COVID protocol we must follow. As we have come to learn, these protocols change regularly. Be flexible. Be cool. Be respectful. Be safe.

Regardless of whatever precautions we all take, COVID is contagious. We, the race directors and officers, cannot guarantee your health. When you sign up for the Somers Great Escape, you recognize that you are responsible for your health. 


Race Contact Info

If you have any questions about this race, click the button below.


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