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To learn more about where your donations are used and what value they have to Crisis Center, Inc., please review this document: A Call Beyond - Donations to Crisis Center, Inc.


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Why fundraise for Crisis Center Inc.? 

The Crisis Center is asking people like you, “Who would you run for?” At the Crisis Center, we know that everyone who lives and breathes - at some time or another - finds themselves in crisis. You may not realize it, but you know someone who needs our help right now. Whether it’s a person who has lost all hope and is contemplating suicide, or who has experienced sexual violence, or is a lonely and indigent senior who has no friends or family left in the world, the Crisis Center is here to help when individuals in desperate need are unsure where to turn.

The Crisis Center is available to meet the needs of those in crisis through services of Crisis Prevention & Intervention, Sexual Assault Support Services and Mental Health Services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When you raise money to help the Crisis Center you are helping someone with a critical need find support that will bring hope and healing to their life.