Location: Visalia, CA US 93291 Directions
Type: Run or Run/Walk, Walk Only


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Visalia Emergency Aid Council "Race Against Hunger"

Donation Goal: $10,000

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Visalia Emergency Aid Council has a rich history of support to families, children, seniors and individuals in our community. VEAC was founded in 1931. Fast forward over 85 years and VEAC remains a constant source of food support for low-income households. Each month over 1,100 families visit our main pantry or two mobile pantries in Ivanhoe and Goshen. Our firm belief that "no child should go to bed hungry" fuels our passion to help low-income households stabilize the family environment by relieving the stress of food insecurity. Partnering with like-minded social service agencies such as Family Services, Family HealthCare Network, CSET, Proteus, Community Food Bank, Foodlink and others, we are able to offer critical assistant to hard-working families by providing food, clothing and household goods at little or no cost. 

We would also like to give you a gift as a thank you for your donation.
$50.00 Beanie
$75.00 Beanie & Scarf
$100.00 Beanie, Scarf & Insulated Mug


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Turkey$500from Anonymous
Turkey$250on behalf of Robles Family
Turkey$100on behalf of David and Beth Arnold
Turkey$100on behalf of David Bartlett
Turkey$100on behalf of FARLEY'S MARTIAL ARTS
Turkey$100on behalf of Gail & Jack Solorio
Turkey$100on behalf of Hayley Entabi
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Turkey$100on behalf of Jeanette Grimmius
Turkey$100on behalf of Lavada Metzger
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Turkey$100on behalf of Marco Rinaldi
Turkey$100on behalf of Mathes family
Turkey$100on behalf of Michel Deleage
Turkey$100from Anonymous
Turkey$100on behalf of Olson Trading Company
Turkey$100on behalf of Perine and Dicken
Turkey$100on behalf of Robert Babcock
Turkey$100from Anonymous
Mashed Potatoes$75on behalf of Christine Toy
Mashed Potatoes$75on behalf of Natalie Mata
Mashed Potatoes$75on behalf of Pam Montgomery
Pumpkin$50on behalf of ALLISON SOTO
Pumpkin$50on behalf of Andy Mota
Pumpkin$50from Anonymous
Pumpkin$50on behalf of Bob Allen
Pumpkin$50from Anonymous
Pumpkin$50on behalf of Carla Khal
Pumpkin$50on behalf of Chad Lenaburg
Pumpkin$50on behalf of Christi Boudakian
Pumpkin$50on behalf of Christian Aldaco
Pumpkin$50on behalf of Christina Corvera
Pumpkin$50on behalf of Clayton Sargent
Pumpkin$50on behalf of Debbie Singleton
Pumpkin$50on behalf of Deborah Acosta & Chris Sullivan
Pumpkin$50on behalf of Don Demyan
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Pumpkin$50on behalf of Joseph Arieas
Pumpkin$50from Anonymous
Pumpkin$50from Anonymous
Pumpkin$50on behalf of Lori Rossiter
Pumpkin$50on behalf of Maria Rusch
Pumpkin$50from Anonymous
Pumpkin$50on behalf of Matthew Fowler
Pumpkin$50on behalf of Monica Bolton
Pumpkin$50on behalf of nathan houck
Pumpkin$50on behalf of Richard Rossiter
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Gravy$25from Anonymous
Gravy$25on behalf of Christopher Bolin
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Gravy$25from Anonymous
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$8on behalf of Abel Gutierrez
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