Cancer League of Colorado Race for Research Miracle Mile Campaign

Thu September 10 - Sat September 12 Denver, CO 80202 US Directions

Cancer League of Colorado Race for Research Miracle Mile Campaign

Donation Goal: $35,000

The Race for Research raises money for the Cancer League of Colorado, an all-volunteer operated charity that funds cancer research and cancer patient support services in Colorado. Although the Race for Research 5K won't be held as a live event in 2020, please support its ongoing fundraising campaign by donating or starting an individual or team fundraising campaign. To enter a poster in the Morton Publishing Miracle Mile to be displayed September 10-12 at the Over the Edge rappelling event in downtown Denver, donate or raise a minimum of $150.

Cancer doesn't shelter in place! Cancer touches everyone somehow, whether it’s you, a loved one, a friend or a co-worker who has been diagnosed. Now more than ever, cancer researchers and patients are relying on local fundraising dollars to continue the important mission of curing or containing the effects of cancer. Cancer League has been on this mission since it was founded in 1969. It has no paid staff or offices so that 100% of donations and fundraising proceeds go to the cause. Join us in the fight!

If you prefer to mail a check please make out the check to Cancer League of Colorado, Inc. with "Race for Research" on the memo line and mail to: Cancer League of Colorado Race for Research, P.O. Box 5373, Englewood, CO 80155.


Raised of $35,000


Top Donors

$21,435 Raised By 143 Donors

$5,000 on behalf of Vivian and Peter Teets
$3,000 in support of Lin's Let's Fight Cancer
$850 in honor of Benton and Johanna Clark
$600 on behalf of Martha Jentz
$500 on behalf of and in honor of Nancy Skoda
$500 on behalf of Paige Garnett
$300 on behalf of Joanne Blum
$250 on behalf of Stew Barnett’s memory
$250 in honor of Beuthel and Reid Families
$250 on behalf of Carrie Gundersen
$250 on behalf of Cynthia Hansen
$240 from Anonymous
$200 from Anonymous
$200 in honor of Melissa Croswhite
$160 on behalf of Arnold Fox
$150 in honor of Castellano
$150 on behalf of David Weisberg
$150 on behalf of Janet Clark
$150 on behalf of Jeanine Owen
$150 on behalf of Kathryn Jamison
$150 on behalf of Lemont “Uncle Beaky” Garrett
$150 on behalf of Marilou Bonavida
$150 in honor of Marily Hallberg
$150 on behalf of Roberta Giunto
$150 on behalf of Rolf Gundersen
$150 on behalf of Rosalind Watkins
$150 on behalf of Ruth Martin
$145 in honor of Wish Gifts
$125 in support of Sherin Sakr
$100 in honor of Barb Doer and Bill Robinson
$100 in honor of Bernadine Rupel
$100 from Anonymous
$100 in support of Bonnie Hartman
$100 on behalf of Chris Unger
$100 in honor of Christine Robinson
$100 in honor of Cindy Schulz
$100 in honor of Claudia Knox
$100 from Anonymous
$100 in honor of Dolores Hernandez
$100 in honor of Donald Mullins
$100 in honor of Doris Lee's 80th Birthday
$100 on behalf of Dr. Michael Callahan
$100 in honor of Erin Gardiner
$100 in honor of Gary and Ingrid Howard
$100 on behalf of Greg and Denise Gibbons
$100 in support of Holli Hartman
$100 on behalf of In Memory of Arnold Fox
$100 in honor of James Arraj
$100 on behalf of Janet and John Hormuth
$100 on behalf of Joanne, Dolores, Edward, Jr.
$100 on behalf of Joseph Levy
$100 on behalf of Judith Lustig Stanford
$100 on behalf of Karen and Don Abbott
$100 on behalf of Katheryn Zeeb
$100 on behalf of Katheryn Zeeb
$100 in honor of Kristen Francis
$100 on behalf of Laura and Mike Richards
$100 from Anonymous
$100 in honor of Lin McHaley
$100 on behalf of Livie Grogan
$100 on behalf of Lori Thornley
$100 on behalf of Lou Pupich
$100 on behalf of Mark Bennett
$100 on behalf of Matt & Rhonda Teets
$100 in support of Melissa Christoferson
$100 on behalf of Patrice Chandler
$100 on behalf of Ruth N Schenck
$100 in support of Stephanie Engels
$75 in support of Holli Hartman
$75 in honor of Vivian Herrmann
$55 in support of Holli’s Team
$55 in honor of Wendy Klein-McGee
$50 in honor of Amanda Terrell
$50 on behalf of Andrew and Kimberly Cairns
$50 in support of Barb Finnin
$50 in memory of Bill Stevens
$50 in honor of Carey Overstreet
$50 on behalf of Carol Lovelace
$50 on behalf of Catherine and David Higgins
$50 in support of Dana Downing
$50 on behalf of Deena Rocks!
$50 in honor of Diane Knapp
$50 in honor of Dianne Patrick
$50 on behalf of DON SCANGA & KIM KENNEDY
$50 in honor of Edmund Orsini
$50 in honor of Gloria Morgan
$50 from Anonymous
$50 from Anonymous
$50 on behalf of Jennifer Wilson
$50 on behalf of JoAnn Draper
$50 on behalf of JoAnn Salmon
$50 in honor of JoAnn Salmon
$50 on behalf of Jon, Bev, Shirley
$50 on behalf of Katherine Gray
$50 in honor of Kelly Murray
$50 on behalf of Kurtis Roose
$50 on behalf of Lin McHaley
$50 on behalf of Melvin and Paul Kielas
$50 in honor of Michael McGee
$50 in honor of Pamela Croswhite-Yocum
$50 in honor of Rochelle Poland
$50 from Anonymous
$50 on behalf of Sandy Davis
$50 on behalf of Susan Hayden
$50 on behalf of Susan Hayden
$50 from Anonymous
$50 in honor of Venus Veroneau
$50 on behalf of You Rock, Deena!
$50 on behalf of You Rock, Deena!
$40 in honor of Andrea and Jay Jung
$40 in honor of Beverly Baugher
$40 in honor of Carol Lovelace
$35 in honor of Karen Turner
$30 in support of Bill Lee
$30 in honor of Dawn Reynolds
$30 in honor of Thomas and Vicky Naymik-Klein/McGee
$30 in honor of Valerie Neitzel
$25 in support of Bill Clarke
$25 in honor of Christine Lewman
$25 in honor of Elizabeth Saunders
$25 in honor of Harvest Yocum
$25 on behalf of Jan Megrdichian
$25 on behalf of Janice J Freiberger
$25 on behalf of Joanne Oliver
$25 on behalf of John and Karen Walker
$25 in memory of Kim Ricks
$25 on behalf of Laura Von bulow
$25 on behalf of Laurie Von bulow
$25 on behalf of Mark Bennett
$25 on behalf of Ned Barbee
$25 in support of Suddenly PINK Foundation
$25 on behalf of Tana Lane
$25 on behalf of Yvette Allen
$20 on behalf of Della Howarth
$20 on behalf of Eva Hartley
$20 in honor of Robert Trujillo
$20 in honor of Tana Lane
$10 on behalf of Holli Hartman
$10 from Anonymous
$10 in support of Holli Hartman
$10 in support of The very awesome people at Suddenly Pink Foundation
$5 in support of Fleta Johnsen
$5 in memory of Virginia Conwick

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