21st Annual Turkey Trot 5K Run/Fun Walk

Donation Goal: $5,000

Attention a link to your personal fundraising page by doing the following:  from your fundraising page click on the white tab at the end of the social media widgets.  Copy and paste your link onto your favorite social media sites.  


Raised of $5,000


Top Donors

$210 Raised By 11 Donors

$50 on behalf of Ann Bransford
$50 on behalf of Lisa Schmoldt
$50 on behalf of Paul Lioon
$10 from Anonymous
$10 on behalf of Katelyn Brickey
$10 on behalf of Roland Frank
$10 on behalf of Thomas Wilson
$5 from Anonymous
$5 on behalf of John Thompson
$5 from Anonymous
$5 on behalf of Tom Moore

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