STRAWS 4 PAWS. PROVIDING FREE STRAW FOR OUTDOOR DOGS. We are in upstate NY - the Finger Lakes region. 

We go directly into the community and help chained and penned dogs who are suffering from isolation, poor shelter, and lack of food and other necessities. Our goal is to prevent dogs from living their lives on a chain or in a pen -- far away from human contact. Every dog deserves to know freedom, love, and safety. We do not advocate for dogs to live outdoors/chained/penned and we do our best to provide shelter and as much comfort as we can for our dogs. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for dogs in need. That is why we go out and find dogs who need straw, food, treats, bones, shelter, and any other comforts we can afford to provide. Some of the dogs we help have loving guardians who just need a little extra assistance and some of the dogs rely very heavily on us. We do all we can to provide for the dogs and people in our program. Our long term goal is to make it legally and socially unacceptable to chain your dog. Thank you for your support.

If you want to support us: We take donations using paypal - - We have an Amazon wish list under Gordy and Friends - if you have supplies to drop off, PM us with your location and we will try and give you a close drop off point. AND WE NEED VOLUNTEERS too! THANK YOU!!