The 14th Annual Tipperary Hill Shamrock Run

Sat March 9, 2019 Syracuse, NY US 13204 Directions


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St. Patrick Hunger Project Donation

The mission of the St. Patrick Hunger Project is to help support our community network of hunger-related agencies in meeting the food needs of the individuals and families they serve. By educating Central New Yorkers about “An Gorta Mor”* (the Great Hunger) in Ireland, we hope to focus the efforts of fellow Syracusans, on the need to fight hunger year round—especially during the month of March when food supplies at the agencies are lower.

We are asking this year's race participants & spectators to bring either a food donation of non-perishable canned or boxed food or a monetary donation to the:
“St. Patrick Hunger Fund” c/o Food Bank of CNY
7066 Interstate Island Road, Syracuse , NY 13209 (315) 437-1899

Food Wish List :
instant potatoes
baby cereal
peanut butter and jelly
macaroni & cheese
tuna fish
canned vegetables
dry or shelf-stable milk
spaghetti sauce
canned meat
pancake mix and syrup
canned fruit
Donations will be distributed through the Interreligious Food Consortium and the Food Bank of CNY.

The St. Patrick Hunger Project is sponsored by the Syracuse St.Patrick Parade Committee.

* During the famine years in Ireland, one million men, women and children starved to death even though resources were available that could have prevented one of history’s worst tragedies. In our own community, we have the resources to make a difference, and to make sure that no individual goes hungry in Syracuse in 2018.


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