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Peacock Strides for Babies 5K Run/Walk

Donation Goal: $20,000

Please support our fight to eliminate the tragedy of babies dying suddenly and unexpectedly by making a donation. All proceeds benefit CJ First Candle and are designated for research. Thank you.

of $20,000


Raised By 108 Donors

$2,000Donation from: Textile Rubber & Chemical Co. Inc.
$1,000Donation from: Baldor Electric Company
$1,000Donation from: Day & Zimmermann International, Inc.
$1,000Donation from: Greenville Health System
$1,000Donation from: Jane Horsford
$500Donation from: Sanco, Inc.
$500Donation from: The Roper Family
$300Donation from: Matthew Ware
$300Donation from: Matthew Ware
$250Donation from: Mom and Dad
$250Donation from: Peacock Sweets Bake Sale
$225Donation from: Connie Bryan
$200Donation from: Michael Offik
$200Donation from: Wayne Alderman
$150Donation from: Tyson Cox
$120from Anonymous
$100Donation from: Albert Gardea
$100Donation from: April Welborn
$100Donation from: Bob Chiddister
$100Donation from: Calvin Cooper
$100Donation from: Charles Secrest
$100Donation from: Dan Stelzner
$100Donation from: David Scoggins
$100Donation from: Diane Wingard
$100Donation from: Dr. Bud and Starr Herndon
$100Donation from: Gordon Lydic
$100Donation from: Jean Scoggins
$100Donation from: Kenneth Norris
$100Donation from: Kenneth Norris
$100Donation from: Matthew Ware
$100Donation from: Michael Lignos
$100Donation from: Nancy Hetrick
$100Donation from: Noveita Roe
$100Donation from: Sandy Triplett
$100Donation from: Sara Meadows
$100Donation from: The Nikolovs
$100Donation from: Tom Rucker
$100Donation from: Tracy Long
$100Donation from: Tyson Cox
$100Donation from: Wendy Jacobs
$80from Anonymous
$75Donation from: Susan and Edward Nichols
$50Donation from: Adam Danos
$50Donation from: Amy Amy
$50Donation from: Amy Stevens
$50Donation from: Brad Chrudimsky
$50Donation from: Debbie Spillers
$50Donation from: Donna Donna
$50Donation from: Donna Donna
$50Donation from: Hal Long
$50Donation from: Holly Mccall
$50Donation from: Janet Swanson
$50Donation from: Kenneth Hullender
$50Donation from: Kyle McKenna
$50from Anonymous
$50Donation from: Leigh Grant
$50Donation from: Linda Frost
$50Donation from: Liying Liying
$50Donation from: Meg Davis
$50Donation from: Michelle Horgan
$50Donation from: Mike Mike
$50Donation from: Norman Kuebel
$50Donation from: Peggy Bassett
$50Donation from: Rick Huggins
$50Donation from: Sara Adelman
$50Donation from: Sarah Sinclair
$50Donation from: William Policicchio
$40Donation from: Debbie Carey
$40Donation from: winnifred dolde
$35Donation from: Debbie Carey
$30from Anonymous
$30Donation from: Michelle Prigge
$30Donation from: Sara Sara
$25Donation from: Bethany Phillips
$25Donation from: Corbin Belknap
$25Donation from: Evan Goldstein
$25Donation from: Jessica Jessica
$25Donation from: Judy & Lee Patrick
$25Donation from: Judy Green
$25Donation from: Marcia Wright Black
$25Donation from: MATTIE DENTON
$25Donation from: Nicole Stansell
$25Donation from: shannon woodward
$25Donation from: Terri McCloud
$25Donation from: Will Gruber
$25Donation from: Yingchi Wong
$20Donation from: Ashley McGraw
$20Donation from: Emilie Arnold
$20Donation from: Laurie Jewell
$20Donation from: Marissa Marquez
$20Donation from: Pam Lin
$20Donation from: Shannon Donohue
$20Donation from: shawn traylor
$20Donation from: Shelley Gager
$15Donation from: Mary Yearwood
$10from Anonymous
$10from Anonymous
$10Donation from: Dana Reid
$10Donation from: Kanshukan Rajaratnam
$10from Anonymous
$10Donation from: Lacey Cobb
$10from Anonymous
$10Donation from: Susan Hiers
$10Donation from: Wendy Jacobs
$5from Anonymous
$5from Anonymous
$5Donation from: Russell Harper
$5Donation from: Sharon O'Bryant

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