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Vermont Adaptive

Goal: $25,000

For 25 years, The Vermont 50 Race has been supporting Vermont Adaptive. This year we've set a goal of raising an additional $25,000 to honor our continued commitment to this organization.


Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports is a nationally recognized organization that empowers people of all abilities through inclusive sports and recreational programming regardless of ability to pay. In addition to sports, year-round programming options integrate environmental, holistic wellness, and competitive training philosophies for people of all ages with cognitive, developmental, physical and emotional disabilities.

We are recognized nationally for our client-centered programs and for providing access and instruction to sports and recreational activities with the belief that these things provide a physical, mental and social experience that is immeasurable in promoting self-confidence and independence in an individual.

We offer the largest variety of program opportunities and unique, specialized equipment. Vermont Adaptive promotes independence and furthers equality through access and instruction to sports and recreational opportunities including alpine skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports; kayaking, canoeing, stand-up paddle boarding, sailing, cycling, hiking, rock climbing, tennis, horseback riding, environmental programs, CORE Connections wellness retreats, and more.

We serve clients of all abilities with physical, cognitive and emotional/behavioral disabilities from all over the world in three locations in Vermont during the winter – Killington Resort and Pico Mountain in Killington; Sugarbush Resort in Warren; and Bolton Valley Ski Area in Bolton. Summer programs are provided state-wide. Many of our programs include environmental education, wellness, and special programs designed specifically for veterans.

With nearly 400 active volunteers, plus generous partners and sponsors, and an amazing base of clients and friends, Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports has been at the forefront of sports and recreation for those with disabilities for nearly 30 years.

Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports is committed to empowering individuals with disabilities. We promote independence and further equality through access and instruction to sports and recreational activities.

Statement of Belief
We believe sports and recreation provide a physical, mental and social experience that is immeasurable in promoting self-confidence and independence in an individual. To that end, we extend an enormous thanks to our affiliates, sponsors, and partners who believe in our mission and vision, and who afford us the opportunity to bring sports and recreation to our clients’ lives.

of $25,000


Raised By 78 Donors

$500from Anonymous
$500from Anonymous
$500on behalf of Comcast employee Jason Mosel
$500on behalf of Phil Lucey
$500on behalf of Rich Tobin
$500on behalf of Richard Gallagher
$200on behalf of Ethan Field
$100on behalf of Alicia Gibson
$100on behalf of Dan Farnham
$100on behalf of francois Pintal
$100on behalf of Jens Kasperzik
$100on behalf of Peter MacEwen
$100on behalf of Robert Falconi
$100on behalf of Rose Mulle
$50on behalf of Cary Kinross-Wright
$50on behalf of Christian Teter
$50on behalf of Craig Dupree
$50on behalf of Craig McBeth
$50on behalf of Gilman Lang
$50on behalf of Jason Oliviero
$50on behalf of Jonathan Sampson
$50on behalf of Julie Hamilton
$50on behalf of Michael Los
$50on behalf of Phil and Becky Smith
$50on behalf of Pierre Morin
$50on behalf of Robert Brungraber
$50from Anonymous
$50on behalf of Stephen Watt
$50on behalf of Tom Colley
$40on behalf of Alan Benoit
$40from Anonymous
$40from Anonymous
$25on behalf of Aaron Roux
$25on behalf of April Doyle
$25on behalf of Bryan Bettencourt
$25on behalf of David Stott
$25on behalf of Domenica Galluccio
$25on behalf of Greg Pratnicki
$25on behalf of Jonathan Palmer
$25on behalf of Keely Henderson
$25on behalf of KURT MEYERROSE
$25on behalf of Larry Manor
$25on behalf of Mark Vojtko
$25on behalf of Michael Donoghue
$25on behalf of Michael Foster
$25on behalf of Niklas Vigener
$25on behalf of Pat & Bryan Trottier
$25on behalf of Peter Tobey
$25on behalf of Rosemary Ryan
$25on behalf of Scott Tezak
$25on behalf of Tom Page
$20from Anonymous
$20on behalf of David Connery
$20on behalf of Joe Carrara
$20on behalf of Joshuaine Grant
$20on behalf of Matt Trybus
$15from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Alan Moats
$10on behalf of Bill Gause
$10on behalf of Bob Kogut
$10on behalf of Clinton Dowd
$10on behalf of Glenn Adams
$10from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Jared Katz
$10on behalf of Jim Meek
$10on behalf of Mark Garland
$10on behalf of Matthew Della Croce
$10on behalf of Matthew Lecher
$10on behalf of Mike Daubenspeck
$10on behalf of Paul Unger
$10on behalf of Richard Pike
$10on behalf of Sean Dacus
$10on behalf of stewart strawbridge
$10on behalf of Terry Livingston
$10on behalf of Todd Alexander
$10on behalf of Todd Bowser
$10on behalf of Zane Wenzel
$5on behalf of Benjamin Krasnoff

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