Empire State Race-Off presented by the Boilermaker

Wed September 16 - Sat October 31 Utica, NY 13502 US Directions

How does this work?

  • It's very simple! When you register, you'll be asked which of 10 regions of NYS to represent. All mileage you record throughout the challenge will then be reflected in that region's overall score. The region with the most mileage at the end of October will win bragging rights as the best running community in New York State...at least until 2021.

How long does the challenge last?

  • From September 16 - October 31

How do I report my mileage?

How often should I report my mileage?

  • It's entirely up to you but we encourage you report your mileage after each outing. That will us to create the most accurate and up-to-date regional, sub-team and personal leaderboards

Do bike miles count?

  • No! Only "foot on ground" mileage counts. Running, walking and hiking miles all count. Biking, swimming, rowing miles DO NOT count.

Do treadmill and/or indoor miles count?

  • Yes, treadmill and indoor miles both count. 

How is the Empire State Race-Off scored?

  • The most important metric is total mileage accumulated. That is how the regional, sub-team and personal leaderboards will be sorted and how the winning region will be determined. 
  • You also have the ability to report times and this data can be viewed for entertainment purposes.

Can I form or join a team within my region?

  • Absolutely, we encourage it! It is free to create or join a "sub-team" and there is a $5 discount for all members of teams with 10 or more members.

Can I join more than 1 sub-team?

  • No you can only participate on 1 sub-team. 

How do you know I'm being truthful?

  • We don't. But we believe that all runners and active enthusiasts abide by a moral code that won't allow us to lie about our workouts. There is no cash prize, only bragging rights at stake. In the end, you would only be cheating yourself.

Is there an app I should use to track my mileage?

  • The challenge does not employ one particular app. You may use your favorite activity app to track your mileage.

What do I get for participating?

  • All runners receive a lightweight, performance, long-sleeve hoodie/tee customized with your region on the back as well as a medal complete with refrigerator magnet and bottle opener.
  • You also receive access to an exclusive Facebook community to share your experiences and maybe talk smack with competitors from across the state.
  • Downloadable finisher's certificate with total mileage included
  • Discounts to other Boilermaker events
  • Most importantly, you get to represent your favorite region of the state and help earn bragging rights as the best running community in New York State  

When will I receive my SWAG?

  • Runners will receive their SWAG in early November, right after the conclusion of the challenge on October 31st. 



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