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1000 Mile Brady Heart Foundation Virtual Race

Mon January 1 - Mon December 31 Logandale, NV 89021 US

Event: 1000 Mile Brady Heart Foundation


How can I accumulate miles?
Our preference is that miles are accumulated by either walking or running. However our ultimate goal is to get people moving so if you ride a bike, hike, row, spin, paddle board, whatever! you can count it. We don't want you to feel limited in your way of getting to the goal.

Where do I post miles?
You can post miles on our Facebook events page Which can be found here.
Or you can email your miles to

How do I enter the raffle?
Raffle entries are earned by reaching the monthly mile goal and then posting those goal on the Facebook events page at or via email to the race director

If I run/walk or hike how many raffle tickets do I earn each month?

Each month that you accumulate 80 miles you will receive 1 raffle entry.
If you are doing the challenge on your own you will receive and additional raffle entry.
Once you get 10 or more miles over the required 80 miles you log you will get another raffle entry.
If you reach 80 miles before the last day of the month and post your status on the events page or email them you will receive an additional raffle entry.

Each runner, walker, hiker, cyclist has the opportunity to receive 4 raffle entries.

What if I bike all my miles?
Great if you are biking your miles especially if you’re starting out. Typically a cyclist can ride 2-4 times as many miles in a day than a runner can run. Because you can earn miles faster than a runner or walker your miles (for the raffle only) will be cut by 50%. You can still earn raffle entries exactly as a runner earns them but to keep it fairly even only 1/2 of them will be counted for the raffle. Your over all mile total will not be affected. So if you bike 160 miles in a month you can count that as your total for the month but only 80 will be counted for the raffle.

I joined a team. Do I still get raffle entries?
Being on a team is a bit more complex but as long as your team accumulates 80 miles or more every month each team member will receive 1 entry into the raffle.

What if I get to 1000 miles early, do I get my medal early?
You finished early!! You’re amazing! Congratulations! But no, you won’t be receiving your medal any earlier. You will however still have raffle entries every month as long as you keep posting your progress. If you are a team that has finished early each team member will receive 1 additional entry for a possible total of 2 ticket entries. Solo runner, walker, or hiker participants can receive an addition ticket to make a possible total of 5 entries because you finished early.

Where can I run/walk/hike/cycle/swim?
Anywhere you want to. That's the great thing about a virtual race. You can literally walk out your front door and get to work or go somewhere fun. Races you register count as miles and go toward your ultimate goal. There is literally no rules about where you can get miles.

Can I count miles on the treadmill or spin bike?
Yes! If you have an accurate way of gaging miles on any gym equipment then of course it can be included in your miles.

Do I get a medal?
Yes! All participants who register and finish 1000 miles will receive a medal. Individual or team participants will receive a medal if they finish the 1000 mile goal.

When do I get my medal?
All medals will be delivered by USPS and will go out the first week in January of the following year.

Do I have to do all the miles by myself?
No! You can register a team and split the miles with up to 4 of your friends. So if 1000 miles seems too overwhelming don't worry we have your back (or at least your friends do)! You can register with your neighbor or a friend across the country. And there is no wrong way to divide your miles. You can divide them evenly or unevenly. For example if you have a 2 person team you can each do 500 miles or if you have a 4 person team 1 person can do 500 miles while the other 3 do approximately 167 miles each. There’s literally no wrong way to play!

If I do a team will I still get a medal?
If your team finishes all 1000 miles by December 31st every member of the team will receive a medal.

Where does my registration money go?
100% of your registration cost is used for charitable purposes. Brady Heart Foundation is dedicated to helping women who suffer from heart disease and bringing awareness to women's number one killer. Your registration fee helps us reach out to those that need it most and to bring more educational services to the public.
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