First Strides® - North Myrtle Beach Workshop

Fall: 8/31/22 - 11/16/22 Little River, SC 29566 US Directions
Week 10 Email

Dear First Striders,

Can you believe it’s already Week 10! Only two more workshops to go!

GRADUATION SHIRTS EARNED:  A BIG WEEK! Congratulations to the 22 striders who earned their Graduation shirt this week. There are now 42 of you who have reached that goal.  We have 24 more on deck to earn their Graduation Shirt next Wednesday. This is impressive!  Keep it up!!!

CHEETAH:  Deborah Cox, Tammie Hayes, Jill Long, Roxann Marshall, Deborah Steube, Isla Yarnell (+2 next week)
FOX:            Debra Delp, Nanette Kelly (+2 next week)
GAZELLE:   Pattie Colyer, Jacqueline Fore Condelli, Catherine Hessman, Sandra Holloway, Sarah Shepard, Donna Shortt (+8 next week)
LYNX:          Dianne Calvo, Carol Cavanaugh, Terry Haman, Kathleen Hands, Andrea Pisano, Anna Sugrue (+3 next week)       
PANTHER:  Toni Higgins Moriarty, Janice McGinnis (+9 next week)
 Congratulations Striders and keep up the great work!

     ---  Interval Minutes - (1 Easy; 7 Hard) x 5 Repetitions
     ---  Before & After - 5 min warmup.  5 min cool down.    
     ---  4 days again this week...this extra 4th day is an optional 30-min "easy pace" workout.  

TOPIC:  Race Preparation and Strategy for Your First 5K - Our own Jane Serues, founder of First Strides®, provided great advice for your first and subsequent 5K races. 

Perhaps your 1st 5K will be with First Strides NMB on Week 12. Stick to our training schedule with a day or two of rest before May 18. This may be your first race ever.  It is meant to introduce you to the basic logistics of entering a race and discovering your comfortable pace per mile with or without our easy/hard breaks (your choice). Learning pacing is difficult for some - it's called controlling your excitement and competitive instincts.  Do not add pressure on yourself this first event.

Our 5K First Strides race is meant to be a positive, learning experience and not intended to be a competitive event. You are trained to do the distance. Be conservative with your pace. We want you to "love" the race experience. Your finish time will be your benchmark for subsequent 5Ks.

In general, for any race, it is important to go into a race well-rested. Stick to eating habits your body is used to - do not change things the last few days. Arrive early before the event so you are not stressed by traffic/parking.  Orient yourself to the venue.  Plan for lines at the toilets.  Do a 5-10 minute warm up with some striding and stretching. At the starting line stay calm and avoid starting your race too fast. Proper pacing is key to success, but it is a difficult lesson because adrenalin is flowing at the beginning of a race. The principle is negative splits, that is, establish a comfortable pace during the first mile then try to improve your pace for the second mile and then again for the third mile so you finish strong rather than exhausted. Remember that in a race the only competition that matters is between you and yourself.

Two fliers are available for your review: Race Strategy (attached, and on our website here>>) and Race Preparation (on our website here>>).

FLEET FEET: This week Frank Pepp from Fleet Feet Myrtle Beach joined us to introduce two new training programs for walkers/runners:

The Freedom 5K Beginner/Walk - this 8 week training program for beginners will take place at the Fleet Feet Myrtle Beach location on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm and Sundays at 7:00 am, beginning May 11th with the goal race being the Freedom 5K with Coastal Race Productions on July 2nd. Cost is $40, not including the July 2nd race fee; and

The Freedom 5K Speed Training - this 8 week training program for more experienced walkers/runners who want to increase their speed and will take place at the Fleet Feet Myrtle Beach location on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm and Saturdays at 6:00 am (with optional runs on Thursdays at 6:30 pm), beginning May 10th with the goal race being the Freedom 5K with Coastal Race Productions on July 2nd. Cost is $50, not including the July 2nd race fee.

More information on both training programs is available at:

GRAND STRAND RUNNING CLUB MEMBERSHIP SHIRTS:  If you have not picked up your shirts for all "first-time" GSRC members yet, please see Jane on stage before or after the workshop.

Only 2 more workshops left.  You are doing great, Striders!  Keep it up!

Jane and your mentors

P.S. Don’t forget...

               *** May 11 - FS-NMB Graduation Celebration - Plan ahead!  This night will run longer than most nights. We will distribute graduation shirts to those who have attended "at least" 8 of our 12 workshops.  Most of you are well on your way to your 8 night attendance.  GREAT JOB!  We will also hand out graduation shirts the following week ... read on.

               *** May 18 - First Strides NMB 5K Stride Walk/Run - This 5K is our 12-week goal - to be able to do an official 5K event (3.1 miles). This night will also run longer than normal.  5K distance will probably take between <30 minutes to about 1 hour.  Median time last year was about 44 minutes.  Please plan to hang around, cheer on and congratulate other Striders!  This year the participants of First Strides Brunsco (Shallotte) will join us for a joint 5K. Please plan to be part of this accomplishment! 

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