First Strides® - North Myrtle Beach Fall Workshop

Fall: September 1 - November 17, 2021 Little River, SC 29566 US Directions
Week 10 Email

Dear Striders,

GRADUATION SHIRTS EARNED:  Congratulations to the 7 striders who earned their Graduation shirt this week!  There are now 34 graduates  of you who have reached that goal.  13 more are on deck to earn their shirt next Wednesday or at our final workshop.

     CHEETAH:    Janine Pietila
     PANTHER:    Tammy Davis
     GAZELLE:     Nancy Arnott
     FOX:              Kelly Reynolds
     LYNX:            Judy Beckwith, Allison Fanelli and Michele Mate
 Congratulations Striders and keep up the great work!

WEEK 10 HOMEWORK: (May 5th - May 11th) 
     ---  Interval Minutes - (1 Easy; 7 Hard) x 5 Repetitions
     ---  Before & After - 5 min warmup.  5 min cool down.    
     ---  4 days again this week...this extra 4th day is an optional 30-min "easy pace" workout.  

TOPIC:  Race Preparation and Strategy for Your First 5K - Mentor JoJo Terragna is co-owner of Coastal Race Productions and provided great advice for your first and subsequent 5K races.

It is important to go into a race well-rested. Stick to eating habits your body is used to - do not change things the last few days.  Arrive early before the event so you are not stressed by traffic/parking.  Orient yourself to the venue.  Plan for lines at the toilets.  Do a 5-10 minute warm up with some striding and stretching. JoJo said proper pacing is key to success, but it is a difficult lesson because adrenalin is flowing.  She suggests staying calm, knowing that the only competition that matters is between you and yourself.

JoJo also mentioned tapering/cutting back on your training before an event relative to the distance you are competing in. Tapering refers to cutting back on your usual training schedule before an upcoming race in order to be well-rested and ready to perform at your best.  So racers usually cut back on their workout intensity (distance/time) and/or frequency.  This taper period is longer for someone entering a 26.2 mile marathon (maybe 2 weeks out) versus someone entering a 5 mile event (maybe 2-3 days out).

For our upcoming 5K race (May 19th), stick to our training schedule with a day or two of rest before Wednesday.  

This may be your first race ever.  It is meant to introduce you to the basic logistics of entering a race and discovering your comfortable pace per mile with or without our easy/hard breaks. Learning pacing is difficult for some - it's called controlling your competitive instincts.  Do not add pressure on yourself this first event.

Our 5K Strides race is meant to be a positive, learning experience and not intended to be a competitive event. You are trained to do the distance, if you are conservative with your pace.  We want you to "love" the race experience.  It can be a great motivator to your continued improvement and for entering future races.

HANDOUTS: This week we have two handouts for your review, Race Preparation and Race Strategy for your first 5K. Both are available under Workshop Topics on our website. Race Strategy is also attached to this email.


               *** May 12th is our Graduation Celebration - Plan to stay a bit longer this evening to celebrate!  (Shirts will be distributed the last 2 weeks.)

               *** May 19th is our First Strides NMB 5K Stride Walk/Run - Completing a 5K (3.1 miles) is our 12-week goal. Plan to stay longer to celebrate!  

Only 2 more workshops left.  You are doing great, Striders!  Keep it up!

Jane and your mentors

P.S. Mark your calendar for July 3rd and register for the Freedom 5K race presented by Coastal Race Productions. First Striders receive a discount by using the promotion code STRIDERS15 when registering!

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