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Going Virtual with RunSignup

Virtual Results - How to accept them and how your participants can post them:

Virtual races approach virtual results in many different ways, including:

  • Actually completing the race is optional! It's more about the swag.
  • Results are available but posting is optional. No awards.
  • Everyone is encouraged to post results, and awards are mailed.

We can't tell you what your results policy should be, but we do have tools that make submitting and publishing results an process easy for your race and your runners. Virtual Results are an optional feature, and you are not required to enable them to host a virtual race on RunSignup.

Free Virtual Results with an Enhanced Virtual Race

There are multiple options for participants to submit results. 

  • Submit via Form: Participants can submit their results from their user profile, on the registration management screen, or directly on the results page.
  • Submit via Email: Email results allow participants to submit their results through email. Participants are sent (at least) two emails, the first of which includes a link to the virtual event details, and the second of which provides instructions for posting results. These emails are customizable for you to add additional language.
  • Submit via Text: Text results allow participants to submit their results via text message. The setup for this is similar to the email setup, with an added requirement of creating a code that participants can use to report results.
  • Submit via RaceJoy: Races that enable RaceJoy can now have results auto-submitted from the app. More information about this option can be found here
Setting up Virtual Results

Navigate to RaceDay Tools >> Enhanced Virtual Race >> Virtual Results.

The landing page will list your virtual events and allow you to "Request Enhanced" features to turn on Virtual Results. Once Enhanced Features have been enabled, this landing page will allow you to edit or remove the enhanced features. The email and text notifications are setup under "Messaging and Notifications". 

A few things to note:

  • 2-Day Approval Time. RunSignup manually approves Enhanced Virtual Races to ensure that they are set up correctly. Please start this process 2 days before your start date to leave time for review.
  • No Bibs, No Results. Participants cannot submit results unless they have bib numbers, and bib numbers must be assigned before the first message is distributed, or results will not work. We recommend turning on automatic bib assignment.


To Text or Not to Text?

The first decision on the page is whether or not to turn on the Text Messaging option. Text Results are FREE, and are an easy way to technology to make your race more fun. But make sure you also communicate other ways to submit results (like the form option) - texting (and email) are opt-in, and may confuse some participants.

Text Message Keyword

If you enable text messages, you'll need to create a short keyword (3-8 characters) that participants will use when texting their results. This cannot be changed after setup, so chose wisely.


Registration Instructions

Add custom messaging that will show during registration when participants are directed to opt-in for emails or text messages. You can customize this to match your race.


Results Settings

This section of setup covers several items.

  • Results Dates: Set your dates based on the time range for completing your race.
  • Results Set: This is the results page that this event's results will appear on. For most races, this is the same name as the Event (for example, Virtual 5K). You can create a new results set from the dropdown.
  • Time Allowed: Set the minimum and maximum time the race should take to prevent mis-reporting (such as 30 seconds instead of 30 minutes). Remember to account for walkers!
  • Require Race Director Approval: Checking this means you will need to go in and review all results (RaceDay Tools >> Enhanced Virtual Race >> Approve Resultsbefore they are posted. The two reasons you may turn this on are to provide a secondary check for any results that look "off", and/or to post all results at the same time, after the race has concluded.
  • Allow Finish Without Time: Enabling this option allows participants to acknowledge their finish without publicly posting a time (people can still choose to include a time!). This is a good option if your race is geared towards beginners and walkers.
  • Virtual Race Detail Page: When you turn on Enhanced Virtual Races on, RunSignup automatically creates a page with details about submitting results. If you create your own page, or video, you can link to it from the RunSignup page. Be cautious if you opt to replace the RunSignup page entirely!


Setup Messaging

Participants will be sent between 2-5 messages (email, as well as text if opted in) to help guide them through results submission. There is some automated text in the first two (represented in the replacement tags), but you can customize the rest of the message.

  • Message 1: This is a welcome message, letting people know what to expect from their virtual race day.
  • Message 2: This is an instructional message, detailing how participants should submit their results.
  • Message 3-4: These are optional, but can be used to remind participants to submit their results or congratulate them on their finish. You can set up separate messages depending on whether or not they have submitted their results.


Educate Participants! 

Clear instructions for your participants are key. The link below is a thorough How-To you can share with participants to ensure they understand the process - make sure you've read it and understand it yourself, as well!

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