Good Life Race

Sun April 30, 2023
Transgender & Non-Binary Policy

Trans and Non-binary Policies

Goal: Establish rules to encourage and facilitate the participation of transgender and nonbinary runners at the Good Life Race (GLR) with the goal of ensuring fair and inclusive practices that respect the personal rights and dignity of transgender and nonbinary entrants while preserving the integrity of competition for awards and records.

Transgender Entrants 

Transgender women can register to compete in the female category provided they have been undergoing continuous, medically supervised hormone treatment for gender transition for at least one year prior to the race, or in the male category with no restrictions. 

Transgender men can register to compete in the male or female category, unless they are undergoing hormone treatment related to gender transition that includes testosterone or any other banned substance in which case they must register in the male category.

Nonbinary Entrants

During registration all entrants will have the opportunity to select their gender category – male, female, or nonbinary. 

Policy Enforcement

A runner’s self-declared gender and results/awards category selected at registration will be accepted at face value. The sole reason for this policy is to ensure fairness regarding competition for awards. Therefore, there shall be no basis for, or tolerance of, any challenge to a runner’s self-declared gender or results/award category unless a 1st place monetary award is at stake.

The GLR shall have the sole authority to review any challenge under this policy. Any such challenge must be made in person or writing to the Race Director prior to 11:50am a.m. on Sunday of the GLR weekend, with the utmost discretion and respect for the privacy of all parties involved. Under certain circumstances the GLR may consider a challenge brought after the Sunday deadline. The GLR in its sole discretion will determine whether there is a legitimate basis for the challenge and whether the challenge was made in a timely manner.

Challenge Review Process

In the event of a challenge involving a 1st or 2nd place finish the GLR may ask to meet with the interested parties and may request documentation to help resolve the dispute. In the case of a challenge involving a transgender woman competing in the women’s 5k, the GLR may request documentation from a medical doctor or healthcare provider or other qualified professional certifying that the entrant has undergone continuous, medically supervised hormone treatment for gender transition for at least one year prior to the race. Transgender and nonbinary entrants, at their option, may provide medical or other documentation related to their results/awards category to the Race Director prior to the race. Any such medical or other personal information provided for this purpose shall be kept confidential.

The final decision regarding any dispute under this policy shall be within the sole discretion of the GLR Race Diector. If it is determined that the runner is not in compliance with the GLR’s rules for transgender and nonbinary entrants’ awards under this policy, the runner will be allowed to keep their GLR finisher’s medal, but any monetary awards shall be returned to the GLR and donated to charity.

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