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Guardian One Mile Challenge

Sat October 1 - Tue November 1 Beacon, NY 12508 US

Weight Divisions


There are four weight divisions for the 2022 Guardian One Mile Challenge. 

Note: acceptable kg error margins have been provided for those using kettlebells or kg plates.


Champion: 0-10 lbs / 0 - 5 kgs

We all start somewhere, and we salute those who choose to sign up for the Champion Division. This division does not require participants to carry any weight; we do, however, encourage you to try when you feel that the time is right at any point during the month. We often find that our guardians begin their careers feeling “weightless,” only to find the job quickly weighing on them in a short amount of time. The Champion Division symbolizes this weightless experience our guardians often have when first entering service.


Elite: 20 lbs / 9 - 10 kgs

Take your challenge to the next level in the Elite Division. Participants must carry 20 lbs for all 31 one-mile walks. The Elite Division represents the first time a guardian experiences a deeply traumatic event in their career. The sensation is felt, just as the 20 lb weight is. The Elite Division also reflects the tragic daily average veteran suicide rate.


Ironman: 40 lbs / 18 - 19 kgs

Ironman Division encompasses a career’s worth of trauma, physical and emotional stress, and the damage these wounds often have on the families of our guardians. For this division, participants must carry 40 lbs during all 31 one-mile walks to represent the condition our guardians are often in when transitioning back into civilian life.


Juggernaut: 60 lbs / 26 -28 kgs

Juggernaut Division reflects the literal and figurative symbolism of when a guardian is faced with an overwhelming and constant weight to bear, from years of trauma, emotional distress, and the perils of service. At this point, guardians have very little to turn to, as the weight is so paralyzing and the stigmas and barriers are too big to negotiate in order to find help. For this division, participants must carry 60 lbs during all 31 one-mile walks.


Carrying the weight

More information available in the Challenge Rules, along with all the rules & regulations for the challenge. 

Weight is to be carried as a single “weight” or “unit,” meaning you cannot use two different weights totaling your prescribed weight to be carried. For example, if a participant is registered in the Juggernaut division, they cannot use two independent 30 lb dumbbells carried in both hands totaling 60 lbs. They must use one single 60 lb weight.

Acceptable weights to be carried by the participant's hands ONLY:

  • Dumbbell
  • Kettlebell
  • Barbell Plate
  • Adjustable dumbbell (e.g., Bowflex)
  • Fatbell (dumbbell-kettlebell hybrid)

The only acceptable form of carrying weight is the “suitcase carry.” The suitcase carry is a single-handed side carry (as if you were walking with a suitcase) that targets the muscles in your core, shoulders, upper back, and arms while also working the lower body, specifically the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, and calves.

You are allowed to switch hands as many times as possible.

Acceptable resting methods during the one-mile walk: resting on the shoulders, head or neck, chest carry, or a double hand hold (like a kettlebell swing).

While resting, you are NOT allowed to be walking and must remain stationary until ready to begin your suitcase carry again. You are not allowed to drop, rest, or hang the weight on ANYTHING at any point in time - you are to remain weight-bearing the ENTIRE mile.

NO rucks, backpacks, straps, ropes, or any other fixture apparatus to aid weight bearing - HANDS ONLY.

Grip tape is allowed on the weight handle.

Please use your best judgment for what you are capable of to ensure your safety and avoid injury.

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