Referral & Swag Program Best Practices:


  • TAKE THE TIME:  RunSignUp has built "set & forget" features which allow you to promote your referral program so it runs smoothly. However, you should still take the time to built your swag referral program, decide what to offer and make sure it is clearly highlighted and displayed before, during and after registration. 


  • SOCIAL SHARING:  Make sure to customize your social sharing text & images. These are the text and images that are shared on social media. These social settings allow your program to grow and become successful. Does your social sharing image make you happy when you look at it? If not, you should probably choose another image.


  • STACK YOUR REWARDS:  We see the most success when referral refunds & swag rewards are used together! The most common settings are refunds first, then swag in additional tiers. However, you can mix and match the tiers and options however you would like.


  • KEEP IT SIMPLE: Stacking your rewards and thresholds is great! However, make sure it's easy for people to understand at a quick glance and even easier for people to share. If you can't remember what you are offering in your swag program because there are so many tiers, then you should probably come up with a different program.


  • GIRL POWER: Keep it female friendly! The RunSignUp Race Trends Report shows that 60% of event attendees are currently female, while only 4% of the shirts ordered across all races are sized for females. Keep this in mind when you plan your swag referral program- since over 70% of referrers are female. This doesn't mean every race needs to promote Tutu's and Tiaras, but make sure your swag options and swag program keeps females in mind with your apparel options. 


  • EXCLUSIVITY: Don't offer swag rewards that you are also selling during registration. Why would someone go through the effort of sharing and promoting your event for a t-shirt that they could just purchase for $15-20? Make sure your swag rewards are "limited" or "special" edition items that your registrants must refer to receive.


  • MAKE IT FUN: Give your program a name that ties in with your race to make it fun! People like being part of a group. The Dog Squad, River Run Ambassadors, etc.


  • REGISTRATION FOLLOW UP EMAILS ARE A MUST: Use registration followup emails 1-10 days after someone has registered. This is when people are still very excited about registering for your event, so they are more likely to share after receiving a reminder. You can also use registration followup emails on specific days before the race- this is another time when people really want to recruit their friends and family member to join them.


  • PROMOTE EARLY- DON'T ADD REWARDS AFTER REGISTRATION IS OPEN: If your race is open for registration and you already have registrants, we don't recommend adding a swag reward program now. When referral refunds and rewards are added after registration is open, there can be complications with rewards being skipped or refunds that aren't issued. However, if you are aware of that and you would still like to set-up a referral program, reach out to your account manager so we can give you some guidance on the best process. 

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