Suffer Better Ride n' Tie

Sat May 15, 2021 Pine, CO 80470 US
20-mile Run n' Ride
Staunton State Park
12102 S Elk Creek Rd
Pine, CO US 80470

Grab a partner and join the fun!

When the first ride and tie was organized, back in 1971, to promote Levi Strauss of all things, it involved two trail runners and a horse, with the team members alternating running and riding over the lengthy mountain course.  Runner and rider made the decision when to switch on their own, depending upon the terrain and the strengths of each participant.  While ride and ties, two runners and a horse, are still offered, the two runners and a mountain bike option is now also becoming more popular.  Our Suffer Better Ride ‘n Tie is of the Run & Mountain Bike variety; we just don't know that many horses.  And rather than have the team determine when and where the transitions take place, we will have designated transition spots, where the runner switches to the bike and the rider becomes the runner.  Each segment will be approximately 5 miles, the total course measuring 20 miles, with 3 distinct transition points.  The team will start together and finish only when both the runner and rider cross the final finish line.

Teams can be all male, all female, or co-ed.  We'll be giving awards to the top team in each category.  

Our new Ride 'n Tie will take place on the beautiful run and ride-friendly trails at Staunton State Park, with the start and finish at the Mason Creek parking lot.  



This is a team race, each team having 2 members.  Teams can be all-male, all-female or co-ed. Each team member registers separately and the registration fee is $60/person or $120/team.

When you sign up, if you are the first member of your team, you select "Create a team." You get to get things rolling for your teammate and give a name to your team.  Remember: We'll be giving a prize for best team name!  And remember to tell your teammate what the team name actually is!

If your teammate has already registered, you pick "join an existing team" on the team option.  

Once the two of you are all signed up, you're good to go.


COVID - It sucks, but it's still here.

In light of the current state of the pandemic and wanting to keep us all as safe as possible, we'll be implementing a variety of health protocols for race day.  Mind you, these things can change by May, but for now we'll be adhering to the following:

No pre-race or post-race congregating.  Folks in the Start/finish area should wear masks and maintain the appropriate social distance.

Racers should stay well away from the start line – until 5 minutes before their wave is scheduled to start.

Masks must be worn while checking in, awaiting the start and at all times when around the group. Masks should also be worn on the trail when within 6 feet of other trail users.  Staunton is a busy place, and there will also be other trail users, so be respectful of them too and use your mask when others are in the vicinity.

Runners/riders must provide their own masks and bottles.

Aid stations will be no contact. Water and hydration drink will be available and our volunteers will be responsible for filling your bottles. 

We'll be doing a wave start, with waves of 10 teams starting every 10-12 minutes, with the first wave starting at 7 am.  Waves will be assigned randomly prior to race day.

Basic Rules

The Suffer Better Ride n’ Tie is a 2-person, one bike race.

The rider and runner alternate their positions throughout the race. In each wave, the riders will start approximately 2 minutes before the runners.  Waves will start at 7 am and continue every 10-12 minutes. 

Mandatory switches occur approximately every 5 miles over the 20-mile course. If the runner is ahead of the biker – the runner will have to wait for the biker to come to the switch area. If the rider arrives first, s/he can leave the bike and helmet at the transition area and begin running to the next transition area.

The course is all trail, some quite steep, with the possibility of ice/snow/mud patches based on the weather.

Helmets are required while on the bike.

Participants must be over 14 years of age.

Each team will receive two race bibs, a bike sticker and a pair of bike helmet numbers.

There are 3 aid stations on the course, where water/hydration drink will be provided by race volunteers.  Runners and riders must provide their own bottles.

The bike starts prior to the run by 2 minutes. The official time is the run start time.

Teams must cross the finish line together. There is a waiting area prior to the finish line chute to wait for your partner.



Race Contact Info

If you have any questions about this race, click the button below.

A Note about Fundraising

As always, we use our events as a way to raise both funds and awareness for organizations and causes that are meaningful to the endurance community. The first week of May is Air Quality Awareness Week, not that we shouldn't be thinking about this more than 1 week a year.  With that in mind, along with the idea that so often our summer air quality is less than good, we're thinking it makes sense to focus on air quality issues. Too often we forget that as beautiful as Colorado is, we have to recognize that our bluebird skies aren't always giving us that crisp clear mountain air.  Along the front range, we have almost daily "Ozone Alerts" - when low-lying ozone is high enough to present very real health risks.  We all have a role to play there, and we can all do things to be part of the solution.

Bottom line here is that we are asking each of you and your teammate to be fundraisers for Conservation CO's air quality efforts.  They are consistently fighting the good fight to improve our air and can always use our support.  We'll be giving an award to the team that raises the most green.  Our goal is $5000, and you can help us get there.  


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