Little D on the Monocacy 6 Mile Race/Cruise

$0 10:30AM EDT - 6:00PM EDT Registration ends April 29, 2022 at 5:00pm EDT

Little D on the Monocacy 12 mile Challenge

$0 10:00AM EDT - 6:00PM EDT Registration ends April 29, 2022 at 5:00pm EDT
START Location for both courses

Riverside Center Park
1801 Monocacy Blvd
Frederick, MD 21701

FINISH Location
Pine Cliff Park
8350 Pinecliff Park Rd
Frederick, MD 21704

Little D on the Monocacy (LDOM) is the first canoe and kayak race held on the historic Monocacy River in Frederick MD. LDOM is held in memory of Little D, who bravely fought metachromatic leukodystrophy until December 28, 2018. By gifting your sport, talent and heart, you help keep Little D's legacy alive.

THERE IS NO REGISTRATION FEE FOR THIS RACE - Those wishing to register can make a donation of their choice. Proceeds will go in support of families of terminally ill children selected by the LDOM race committee. Little D on the Monocacy is an Maryland nonprofit corporation exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. EIN 82-3761761

Little D on the Monocacy Canoe and Kayak Event Video:

Race Contact Info
If you have any questions about this race, please contact the race director at
6 Mile Race/Cruise Classes


1. Mentor Class: youth under 18 with adult 18 or over, tandem canoe or tandem kayak                                                                                                                                                                     

2. Men’s Tandem Canoe 17’6” or under                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

3. Coed Tandem Canoe 17'6" or under

4. Women’s Tandem Canoe 17'6" or under

5. Men’s Standard Solo Canoe

6. Women’s Standard Solo Canoe  

7. Men’s Kayak 12’ or under, plastic only

8. Women’s Kayak 12’ or under, plastic only

9. Men’s Kayak over 12', plastic only

10. Women’s Kayak over 12', plastic only

11. Men’s Kayak over 12', composite

12. Women’s Kayak over 12', composite 

13. Tandem Kayak, plastic only

14. Male Youth Kayak age 12-16, any type kayak

15. Female Youth Kayak age 12-16, any type kayak

16. Men’s SUP

17. Women’s SUP

All classes will be timed, with awards for first, second, and third place finishers in each class. Everyone who registers for the race will have a chance to win!

We will be having a free drawing for a canoe giveaway, just for 6 mile participants!

12 Mile Challenge Race Classes


We will have a $1000 purse for first place finishes in the 12 mile challenge! See below for more details.

1. Men's High Impact C2

2. Women's High Impact C2

3. Mixed High Impact C2

4. Men's High Impact C1

5. Women's High Impact C1

6. Men’s standard C2

7. Women’s standard C2

8. Mixed standard C2

9. Men’s standard C1

10. Women’s standard C1

11. Men’s marathon C1

12. Women’s marathon C1

13. C2 pro boat men

14. C2 pro boat women

15. C2 pro boat mixed

16. Men's plastic kayak

17. Women's plastic kayak

18. Men’s sea kayak

19. Women’s sea kayak

20. Men’s touring kayak 

21. Women’s touring kayak

22. Men’s unlimited K1

23. Women’s unlimited K1

24. K2 racing open


High Impact Canoe: any solo or tandem canoe made of aluminum or plastic, including Royalex, Discovery, T-Formex, etc. Any dimension allowed, but it can't be a roof rack queen! No fiberglass, no kevlar, no carbon fiber, none of that frilly stuff! Only boats that laugh at rocks. You would never put a cover on these.

Standard Canoe: any solo or tandem canoe with a maximum length of 18’6” and a 4” waterline width of at least 15% of the length. Minimum bow and stern height 16.5”. Competition Cruisers (4x32 specs) may enter this class. Any material allowed.

Pro Boat: a tandem marathon racing canoe with a maximum length of 18’6” and a minimum 27” width at the 3” waterline, AKA 3x27. If you have to ask, you don't have one of these.

Marathon C1: a solo marathon racing canoe with a maximum length of 18’6”, and a minimum width of 14 3/8% at the 4” waterline. You know it if you have it.

Plastic Kayak: any single kayak, sit-on-top, or surf ski made of rotomolded plastic. No restriction on dimensions, but it has to be plastic. No funny composite blend stuff. Plastic like Granny would recognize. Ex.: Epic V7, Prijon Barracuda, Ocean Kayak Sprinter, etc.

Sea Kayak: any single kayak, sit-on-top or surf ski with a maximum overall length of 18' and a 4'' waterline width of at least 8.5% of length. Any material allowed.

Touring Kayak: any single kayak, sit-on-top, or surf ski with a maximum overall length of 20' and a 4'' waterline width of at least 17''. Any material allowed.

Unlimited Kayak: any other kayak including ICF or Downriver or that goofy thing you made in your garage that doesn't fit anywhere else.

K2 Racing: maximum beam of 20”, length to infinity.

 We will award a $50 cash prize to the first place winners in any class with at least two boats entered. Cash prizes are per paddler.

Little D on the Monocacy Rules
Registration Procedures

As part of our 2021 COVID plan, we moved to a drive-thru registration model. Our registration volunteers liked it so much, they are asking if we can keep it that way. Since one of the registration volunteers is She Who Must Be Obeyed, we will be keeping the drive thru model. Not only is it a safer model from a COVID perspective, it also allows a much more orderly registration process, reducing errors and registration time. And, for those of you who aren't sure which class your boat fits into, we can immediately see your boat on your vehicle and make that determination.

We respectfully ask you to drive past the registration tent and register from inside your vehicle instead of walking up. Please see the map below.

2022 Waiver

To all LDOM participants: please consider filling out the attached waiver in advance, so you can turn it in at the registration table and expedite the registration process on April 30. 

As a reminder to 6 mile cruise participants, if you weren't sure which class number to select and you haven't already emailed a photo of your boat for us to figure it out, please try to get that done before April 30, again so as to expedite the registration process. 

These measures are part of our COVID plan, and we appreciate your assistance in keeping LDOM a safe event for everyone. Thanks!!

Click the icon below to download the attached PDF.


Both courses start at Riverside Center Park, 1801 Monocacy Blvd, Frederick MD 21701 and finish at Pinecliff Park, 8350 Pinecliff Park Rd, Frederick MD 21704. Download the 12 mile challenge course to your Garmin device here:




USGS River Gauge and How to Read the River

For current Monocacy River water conditions at Monocacy Blvd in Frederick, MD please click link:

Three feet to five feet is an excellent race level. Below two feet rocks emerge and can pose a hazard to less durable boats and fixed rudders. The race will not run at levels above 5 feet on the Monocacy Blvd gauge.

2.5 feet is the minimum recommended level for fixed rudders, skegs, or fins. Kick up rudders and skegs are manageable at lower levels. It would not be a bad idea to bring a spare if you have any concerns at all about hitting rocks.

The ability to "read the river" is a very helpful skill for the most efficient and cleanest run in moving water. Here is a video on how to read the river:


Please be advised the race will run rain or shine. Only a level above 5 feet or lightning will cause a delay or cancellation. Please see the race rules for more information. 

On May 2, 2014, doctor’s informed us our ray of sunshine, Little D, only had 6 months to 3 years left to shine. Infantile metachromatic leukodystrophy (MLD) would slowly dull the brightness of our light through a rapid and progressive timeline.

Within as little as 3 months, Little D lost the mobility of his limbs and speech. Eyesight and hearing loss slowly followed. The sadness that little d would be deprived of life’s many sweet offerings was heartrending.

To ensure he knew the peaceful surrender of welcoming a new day, the quiet sounds and sight of rainfall and the vast excitement of Disney the family complied a bucket list. Compiling a bucket list for a two year old quickly dissipated the dense haze of denial one blindly stumbles through when faced with such unbearable grief. It awakens the heart and mind to absorb the preciousness of each moment… each day.

Over the next four years, Little D's Bucket List generated a myriad of beautiful memories from throwing glitter in the air to dancing the night away at prom as his big sister's date. Each item was gifted from well wishers in our community in the most profound of ways. 

One such preflight adventure, which will continue long after he gained his wings, was Little D on the Monocacy.

Competitive paddler and family friend Steve Corbett added to the bucket list in a big way, gifting Little D, family, and the paddling community the first ever kayak, canoe and SUP race on the historic and scenic Monocacy River in Frederick, MD. Since 2014, Little D, family and compassionate paddlers have gathered from all over the East coast to join in celebration. We are forever indebted to their kindness for giving us reason to smile and cheer in the midst of such tragedy. What a gift, and one we will surely never be able to repay.

On December 29, 2018, the sweetest of smiles, the strongest of wills, and the kindest of souls joined the angels  in the loving arms of family. Little D on the Monocacy is surrounding the Sullivans with prayers for peace and humble promise to keep D’s legacy thriving. His gentle and giving spirit is carried on in the hearts of the many lives he touched, most especially the beautiful race community brought together by our little mascot. We love you always, Little D.

To follow Little D’s journey please visit Facebook Page “Little D's Bucket List”: Little D's Bucket List



Many thanks to Little D on the Monocacy sponsors who help make this meaningful event possible. If you are interested in sponsoring LDOM, simply make a donation of your choice. If you want your company logo or name on the back of a race t-shirt, just email us a black camera ready image by March 1. We will also add a link to your website here, next to the fine sponsors below:

The Nakamoto Group

L5 Tactical Training Group, LLC

Antietam Woodworking

West Side Boat Shop Kayaks



Previous Race Results

September 13, 2014
River level: 1.60 feet 
13.5 miles

Class Name(s) / Hometown / Time / Place Overall

11 Greg Hudson Frederick, MD 2:29:27 1 1

3 Hal Wilson/Alex Bechtold Chester, MD 2:29:54 1 2

19 Susan Williams Secane, PA 2:35:52 1 3

18 John Koenig Lune, PA 2:40:16 1 4

18 Jim Johnson Frederick, MD 2:45:45 2 5

3 Dan Heubner/Jim Carlisle Frederick, MD 3:01:06 2 6

3 Herb Howe/Doug Brooks Wash, DC 3:06:00 3 7

3 Brian Federline/Sean Dennis FrederickMD3:23:40 4 8

8 Barbara Switzer Brunswick, MD 3:52:37 1 9



April 12, 2015
River level: 2.74 feet
13.5 miles

Name / Class / Time

Ron Kasier Kayak 18’ & up Men 1:58:07

Susan Williams/ C2 Racing Women 2:17:20
Cathy Wenrich

Bill Kostra C1 Racing Men 1:56:28

Dave Armstrong C1 Racing Men 1:54:55

Bill Kostra C1 Racing Men 1:56:28

Dan Heubner C1 Racing Men 2:08:20

Ron Shepard/ C-2 Mixed 1:55:02
Karen Febey

Alex Bechtold/ Recreational Canoe Men 2:04:47
Hal Wilson

Colin Ek/ Aluminum Canoe 2:16:14
Herb Howe

Greg Hudson SUP Men 2:17:19

Chris Norbury Downriver K-1 1:54:21

Dave Witmer Downriver K-1 2:11:40

Brad Beckwith K1 Racing Men 1:47:20*

Dale Glover K1 Racing Men 1:49:13

*overall first place and course record


April 23, 2016
River level: 2.27 feet
13.5 miles

Class Name(s) / Place Overall / Hometown / Time

C 1 Racing Women

1st Karen Febey, Rockville MD 2:06:22

C-1 Standard Open
1st John Koenig, Lancaster PA 2:23:16

C-1 Racing Men
1st Dave Armstrong, Wheaton MD 1:58:12
2nd Steve Corbett, New Market MD 1:58:37
3rd Dan Huebner, Frederick MD 2:07:02

C-2 Racing Men
1st Hal Wilson, Chester MD
Alex Bechtold, Chester MD 2:07:31
K-2 Recreational Open
1st Dave Shields, Thurmont MD
Dave Shields Jr, Thurmont MD 2:37:09
Touring Kayak 15’-18’ Men
1st Jim McArdle, Middletown MD 2:21:31
K-2 Racing Open
1st Chris Norbury, Elizabethtown PA
Michael Warren, Etters PA 1:54:15


Results April 29, 2017

River Level 2.86 feet

6 Mile Race/Cruise




Open Canoe

Linda Lensch and Carol Rabuck / Philadelphia, PA / 54:32

Chris Brown and Herb Howe / Washington D.C. / 57:03

Chondrea Richard/  Egg Harbor Twnshp, NJ / 1:12:48


Coed Canoe

Emily Huebner and Dan Huebner/ Annapolis and Frederick, MD/ 56:27

Brett Engler and Matt Engler / Frederick, MD / 1:39:49       



Men’s Long Kayak

Denny Newborn / Pikesville, MD / 1:00:30

Gary Braught / Carlisle, PA / 1:01:40


Women’s Long Kayak

Jan Tucker / Pomfret, MD / 1:05:21


Tandem Kayak Rec

Ryan Alexander and Colleen Alexander / Frederick, MD / Frederick, MD / 1:07:05


Men’s SUP                    

Lance Proctor / Hampton, VA / 1:13:32


Men’s Short Kayak         

Tom Snyder / Severn, MD / 1:15:52


Women’s Short Kayak   

Kelly Patten / Frederick, MD / 1:16:47

Liz Tinker / Frederick, MD / 1:16:54


Women’s Sit-on-Top    

Lindsay Levine / Monrovia, MD / 1:20:56


Men’s Sit-on-Top          

Zach Levine / Monrovia, MD / 1:20:58


Women’s Shrt Kyk  

Evelyn Hubbard / New Market, MD / 1:22:58


Men’s Sit-on-Top        

Chris Turvin / Frederick, MD / 1:46:00



19.5 Mile Race


Mixed C2 Pro      

Dave Armstrong and Karen Febey / Silver Spring, MD / 2:41:06     


Men’s C1 Racing       

Bill Kostra / Transfer, PA / 2:49:12


Men’s Sea Kayak      

Brian Ammon / Hillsgrove, PA / 2:52:42

Dave Dolak / Charlottesville, VA / 2:55:27

Pat Fagan / Frederick, MD Men’s / 3:43:55


Men’s Std C2       

David Winter and Martin Johnson / Silver Spring, MD / 2:55:28


Men’s C2 Pro        

Hal Wilson and Chris Mason / Chester, MD and Washington, DC / 3:37:48

May 5 , 2018
2.57 Feet

6 Mile Race

Name Class Time Place
Chris Norbury Men’s Long Touring Kayak 53:50 1
John Koenig Men’s Solo Canoe Plastic 1:03:46 1
Ryan Alexander/ John Foley
Men’s Tandem Kayak 1:04:28 1

Andrew Morris Men’s Plastic Kayak over 14’ 1:05:30 1
Pat Morris Men’s Plastic Kayak under 12’ 1:08:15 1
Joel Hall Men’s Sit on Top 1:11:50 1
Zach Levine Men’s Sit on Top 1:18:49 2
Tom Snyder Men’s Plastic Kayak under 12’ 1:19:03 2
Lindsay Levine Women’s Sit on Top 1:19:13 1
Zac Smith Men’s Sit on Top 1:19:22 3
Charles Parrott Male Youth Kayak 1:22:06 1
Jack Parrott Men’s Plastic Kayak 12-14’ 1:22:06 1
Brian Cosgray Men’s Sit on Top 1:40:14 4
Brendan Miller Male Youth Kayak 1:47:40 2
Ryan Forrest Men’s Sit on Top 1:47:58 5
Lesley Forrest Women’s Sit on Top 1:48:17 2
Courtney Mulcahy
Women’s Plastic Kayak under 12’ 1:49:45 1
Thomas Allen
Men’s Plastic Kayak under 12’ 1:49:49 3

19.5 Mile Race
Name Class Time Place
Erik Werner/Sajan Lama C2 Pro Men 2:44:41 1
Pam Boteler/KellyRhodes C2 Pro Women 2:46:03 1
Chung Tae Ha Men’s Sea Kayak 2:50:42 1
Dave Armstrong Men’s C1 2:56:11 1
Doug Brooks/Jay Gopal C2 Pro Mixed 3:06:47 1
Chris Bashaw Men’s Sea Kayak 3:16:02 2

2019 Little d on the Monocacy Race Results
April 27, 2019 River Level 3.90 feet Winds up to 40mph

6 mile results:
Adult/Youth Tandem Canoe
1 Doyle Seiver/ Amy Seiver 1:01:36

Tandem Canoe Coed
1 Ursula Rhodes/ Eric Werner 50:42
2 Emily Huebner/ Dan Huebner 54:16

Men’s Kayak Short Rec
1 Bryce Hornicek 58:15
2 Ryan Alexander 59:27
3 Jacob Jersild 1:30:42
4 Matt Engler 1:30:44

Women’s Kayak Short Rec
1 Shelli Schinkus 1:03:19
2 Patricia Morris 1:20:53
3 Caitlyn Reuben 1:30:48

Men’s Long Touring Kayak Plastic
1 Andrew Morris 58:35

Men’s Long Touring Kayak Composite
1 Glenn Goldfarb 53:51
2 Patrick Morris 58:20

Men’s Sit on Top Rec
1 Zach Levine 1:30:31

Men’s Tandem Kayak Rec
1 John Foley/ Nick Bohn 58:55

Coed Tandem Kayak Rec
1 Becky Rogers/ Kurt Hornicek 1:15:29

Women’s SUP
1 Lynne Hasenei 1:18:20

1 Hal Wilson/ Karen Febey 50:11*

* Fastest 6 mile boat

12 mile results:

Men’s Racing C-1
1 Dave Armstrong 2:01:54

C2 Pro Women
1 Kelly Rhodes/ Pam Boteler 1:45:23*
2 Anne Armstrong/ Lisa Ramm 1:51:28
3 Rebecca Pinkus/ Cheryl Zook 1:57:35

C2 Pro Mixed
1 Matt Butcher/ Elizabeth Pennisi 1:49:01
2 Will Rhoses/ Lisa Man 1:52:58

Men’s Sea Kayak
1 Matthew Coffey 2:17:54

Men’s Touring Kayak
1 Dave Dolak 1:55:57
2 Pat Fagan DNF

* Fastest 12 mile boat

2020 Results: This was a virtual race due to COVID-19. Several racers completed runs on the courses on different days and at different levels, as shown. 

6 Mile Results

DATE   LEVEL    NAME(S)                                                       BOAT                        TIME          Place

4-4-20   3.10       Dave Armstrong/ Karen Febey         Corbin V1 Pro                      49:48           

4-4-20   3.10       Steve Corbett                                   Savage River D3X             1:31:45(reverse run) 

4-4-20   3.10       Steve Corbett                                  Savage River D3X                52:31             2

4-19-20  3.50      Ryan Alexander                              Pelican 100                          1:04:27           1

4-19-20  3.50     Dave Armstrong/Karen Febey        Corbin V1 Pro                      1:31:00 (reverse run)

4-19-20  3.50    Dave Armstrong/Karen Febey        Corbin V1 Pro                          49:42            1

4-22-20  3.00    Emily Huebner/ Kyle Dalton            Wenonah Escape                   1:08:00          1

4-22-20  3.00    Dan Huebner                                   Wenonah Jensen C1-W           56:25           1

12 Mile Results

4-5-20   2.95    Dan Huebner                                    Wenonah J203                      2:07:08           2

4-5-20   2.95    Steve Corbett                                   W/S Arctic Hawk                    2:06:11           1

4-11-20  2.80   Steve Corbett/ Karen Febey           Corbin V1 Pro                          1:54:15          1

4-11-20  2.80   Dave Armstrong                              Savage River D3X                  2:04:54          1

4-25-20  4.00   Steve Corbett                                  Savage River D3X                 1:50:45*

*The race organizer reserves the right to discard his own result due to the outlying river level.

April 24, 2021 Results, 2.49 feet, our best attendance ever!

6 mile results- 35 boats/44 people:

Mentor class

1.      Jack and Joe Przyuski 1:07:12

2.      Michael and Luke Skena 1:22:20

3.       Melvin and Marlee Thomas 1:59:00


Coed Tandem Canoe

1.      Emily Huebner/ Kyle Dalton 1:11:47

Emily won the drawing for the free canoe.


Men’s Standard Solo Canoe

1.      Dan Huebner 1:02:30

2.      Joel Hall 1:14:05


Men’s Kayak Under 12’

1.      Doug McKalip 1:02:25

2.      Robert Hoffmaster 1:06:36

3.      Patrick Morris 1:07:21

4.      Ryan Alexander 1:08:58

5.      TIE Chris Clark/ Dave Snyder 1:11:45

6.      Glenn Douglass 1:17:57

7.      John Roche 1:22:13

8.      Joe Morris 1:22:40

9.      Tom Coe 1:27:07

10.  Dave Coe 1:27:16

11.  Matt Carrado 1:53:02

Women’s Kayak Under 12’

1.      Marilyn Park 1:20:37

2.      Ruth Woollett 1:25:19

3.      Patty Morris 1:31:00

4.      Rebecca Carrado 1:53:12

5.      Delores Altamirano 1:56:45


Men’s Kayak Over 12’

1.      Andrew Morris 1:06:15

2.      Jerry Bonfiglio 1:09:10

Men’s Composite Kayak Over 12’

1.      Robert Horlacher 1:04:14

2.      Jeremy Johnson 1:14:54


Tandem Kayak Plastic

1.      David Hu/ PamMonteon 1:25:18


Male Youth Kayak 12-16

1.      Sam Rhodes 1:02:10


Female Youth Kayak 12-16

1.      Hayden Carrado 1:52:51

2.      Isabella Altamirano 1:56:35


Women’s SUP

1.      Lynne Hasenai 1:25:35



1.      Team Outrageous 52:42*

Dave Armstrong, Sophie Leahy, Marie Quizon, Anne Schuind


Open Class

1.      Erin Rhodes/Becca 1:00:27

2.      Paul Landon 1:34:17


*Fastest 6 mile boat

12 mile results- 16 boats/26 people:

Mixed Stock C2

1.      Doug Brooks/ Stephanie Kiefer 2:24:08

2.      Jay Gopal/ Mike McErlean 2:24:54


Men’s Racing C1

1.      Brian Palmer 2:03:26

2.      Case Kittel 2:11:12


C2 Pro Women

1.      Carol Rabuck/Chynna Chan 2:40:35


C2 Pro Mixed

1.      Kelly Rhodes/Dan Havens 1:57:58

2.       Lisa Ramm/Will Rhodes 2:02:44


Men’s Sea Kayak

1.      Dave Segars 1:58:04

2.      Rob Hainan 2:09:04


Women’s Sea Kayak 

1.      Valerie Christoff 2:19:20


Men’s Unlimited K1

1.      John Redos 1:48:46*

Dave Dolak 1:58:50

Women’s Unlimited K1

1.      Stephanie Schell 2:04:16


K2 Racing Open

1.      David and Peggy Novak 2:06:11

2.      Chris Norbury/ Graeme Biggin DNF



1.      Team Notorious 1:55:59

Karen Febey, Monica Monteon, Sharon Goodall, Masako Ohashi


*Fastest 12 mile time

For Frederick, MD weather please click link: Weather.Gov

For history of the Monocacy River please click link: FrederickCounty.Gov


Discover historical downtown Frederick's 200 retail and restaurant establishments in what has been named one of Forbes Magazine's U.S. Greatest Neighborhoods following the race. Please utilize the link attached (

Photo Credit: Frederick Downtown Partnership

Race Website

Additional race information can be found at

Additional Fees
Donation : $0.00

River & Trail Outfitters

604 Valley Road

Knoxville, MD 21758


Phone: 301-834-4173










Bed and Breakfast 

10 Clarke

Address: 10 Clarke Pl, Frederick, MD 21701

Phone: (301) 660-6707



Hill House Bed & Breakfast

 12 W 3rd St, Frederick, MD 21701

 (301) 682-4111

Website: http://www.hillhousefrederick. com/ 

Hollerstown Hill Bed and Breakfast

Address: 4 Clarke Pl, Frederick, MD 21701

Phone: (301) 228-3630

Website: http://www.hollerstownhill. com/



Hampton Inn & Suites Frederick-Fort Detrick

1565 Opossumtown Pike, Frederick, MD 21702

(301) 696-1565

Website: en/hotels/maryland/hampton- inn-and-suites-frederick-fort- detrick-FDRHSHX/index.html


Hilton Garden Inn Frederick

Address: 7226 Corporate Ct, Frederick, MD 21703

Phone: (240) 566-1500

Website: http://hiltongardeninn3. hilton-garden-inn-frederick- IADFRGI/index.html


Homewood Suites by Hilton Frederick

Address: 4950 Westview Drive, Frederick, MD 21703

Phone: (301) 663-9600

Website: http://homewoodsuites3.hilton. com/en/hotels/maryland/ homewood-suites-by-hilton- frederick-FDKBPHW/index.html


Residence Inn by Marriott Frederick

Address: 5230 Westview Dr, Frederick, MD 21703

Phone: (301) 360-0010

Website: hotels/hotel-photos/wasrf- residence-inn-frederick/ 

Photo Credit: 10 Clarke Bed and Breakfast - Frederick, MD 


START Location for both courses

Riverside Center Park
1801 Monocacy Blvd
Frederick, MD 21701

FINISH Location
Pine Cliff Park
8350 Pinecliff Park Rd
Frederick, MD 21704


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