Point To Point Bay Swim

Sun July 12, 2020 Avalon, NJ 08202 US Directions

Point To Point Bay Swim

3:30PM EDT - 4:15PM EDT
Race Website

Additional race information can be found at http://www.timkerrcharities.org.

Ocean Drive and 23rd Street (START 23rd Street Public Dock)
704 7th Street ( END Avalon Yacht CLub)
Avalon, NJ US 08202

What an epic day of return to swimming for 2020. Thank you to all participants, volunteers, Borough of Avalon, Avalon Volunteer Fire Department, and the Avalon Yacht Club. 

This is a perfect training swim for participants who are registered for Cedar Island 5K Swim on August 23rd!  It is a point to point 1.2 mile bay training swim with the current on the back half of the Cedar Island course. This is an event to familiarize you with the end of the course surroundings and key site locations on it, the current, and open water swimming in a group. The Cedar Island 5K Swim can be a little overwhelming with 250 swimmers. This practice swim with a smaller group of 125 swimmers will give you the confidence for a safe and successful race for both events. Please read the updated protocols, guidelines due to COVID 19 along with the swim safety tips for the event PRIOR to registering for the swim and know that you must follow these guidelines in order to to participate in the swim.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP YOURSELF AND OTHERS SAFE AND HEALTHY! 

1:30-2:30 PM: Check in at the Avalon Yacht Club. Please park in the far right side of the lot upon entering the club. You will check in by swim times by the youth club house that is located on your left when you entered the lot. If you arrive earlier than your time slot, remain in your car. YOUR time slot will be reconfirmed on FRIDAY.

SWIM TIME Under 25 Minutes: Check in at 1:30pm BIB # 1-25

SWIM TIME 26-30 Minutes: Check in at 1:45pm BIB# 26-50

SWIM TIME 31-39 Minutes: Check in at 2:00pm BIB# 51-75

SWIM TIME 40-45 Minutes: Check in at 2:15pm BIB# 76-95

SWIM TIME Over 45 Minutes: Check in at 2:30pm BIB# 96-115

*DO NOT GATHER AT THE SWIM START DOCK UNTIL 3:00PM. Volunteers will be there with their SUP and kayaks preparing to get on the water for your safety during the swim. Once the dock is cleared, you will self seed by your expected finish times, just as you did at check in, fastest times on deck on the dock and followed by the times in sequential order.

You must wear a mask when getting out of your car and practice social distancing. A quick non contact temperature check will be done before before signing in and getting a numbered swim cap and a new disposable mask.  You must wear this mask once you arrive at swim start. A bib list will be emailed July 11th after registration closes. You must self body mark your number on your left hand prior to arriving and check in at the AYC. We have a secure gear drop on site to leave for your post swim needs. There will be no nutrition or hydration provided post event. Do not linger or social gather with other swimmers after you pick up. NO restrooms. Plan accordingly. 
PRO TIP: After pick up, there is time to visit a local business for a light snack and use there rest room prior to lining up for the swim start at 3:00/3:15pm!

There will be NO SHUTTLE this year to the swim start due to COVID 19. It is just not safe and feasible to have you all packed in the jitney. How do I get to the swim start?You need to find your own way to the start. Have someone drop you at 23rd Street dock after you check in and pick up. The other option is walk (or run) to the swim start. (NYC triathlon, PHLY triathlon, and others have done this option.) We will have s sneaker/sandal drop area at the swim start and bring these back to the AYC for you!. THERE IS NO WARM UP SWIM!! Participants will remain on the dock and then down the sidewalk maintaining social distance, following signage. Masks remain ON until you remove and drop them in the trash can just prior to entering the water. No race meeting at the dock. Things will  move quickly so be prepared by having read ALL documents on the race page here and in the pre race email.  Swimmers will be counted in and cross a timing mat at anywhere from 3:15-3:25pm depending on swimmer final numbers. Swimmers will self seed according to swim time when entering the water. It will be time trial start to maintain social distancing, thus seeding the faster swimmers first so no swimmers are overtaken and passed in the water. There is a 45 minute cut off time to complete the swim and finish at the Avalon Yacht Club which starts when you enter the water so do not worry if your are near the end of the start! Swimmers will exit by a swim ladder located on the end of the large floating dock at AYC. There will be a buoy marking the dock/finish line. Keep this buoy on your right and turn 90 degrees to swim up to the dock ladder. YOU MUST REMOVE YOUR OWN TIMING CHIP ONCE YOU HAVE EXITED UP THE RAMP AT AYC.  It is recommended to keep your own time if possible to confirm times. This is a practice swim! There are NO AWARDS so please be respectful and keep your order upon exit or waiting to climb the ladder.  You may also head up into the cove on the left side of the dock to waist level water and pull yourself out up on to the dock. Maintaining social distance from other finishers. Do not gather, pick up your gear and promptly clear the area.

*3:00 pm Seeding Swim Times on the dock : Under 25 Minutes, 26-30 Minutes, 31-39, 40-45 Minutes, 45 plus Minutes. The back bay is nice and wide along the entire course. On water safety patrol will be there to guide you under the middle of the 21st Street bridge. BE AWARE of the pilings on both sides of you, as well as potential swimmers next to you. SITE and know your surroundings. DO NOT swim or make other swimmers go into the bridge pilings!! Stay in the middle, there will be room for everyone with the proper seeding times. Once you pass under the bridge you will then swim on the right side of the bay/dock side.

A commemorative beach towel will be given to each participant at the Avalon Yacht Club Finish, after you have removed and turned in your timing chip. Thank you for joining us for the event!


Race Contact Info

If you have any questions about this race, click the button below.


Most of the guidelines we have implemented this year have involved spreading out our participants on both land and in the water and removing as many touch points as possible. We have tried to stagger the arrival times of our participants so that we do not have large groups of people checking in and swimming at the same time.

Below are some of the key protocols that we have implemented: If you or anyone in your family is sick, please stay home.

If you arrive at the Avalon Yacht Club early, please do not walk up to the check-in area alongside the youth deck before 5:00 pm. Please wait in or by your vehicle in the parking area.

Please prepare yourself to swim before walking up the to the check-in area. We will have a gear drop area for you to place a small bag or backpack with your shoes/sandals, towel, cover up/sweatshirt, water bottle and mask while you swim, but please do not bring any large items with you to the swimming area. Keep all valuables in your vehicles.

Masks must be worn walking from your vehicle to the gear drop area and at check in. You will then be given a disposal mask to be worn in place of your personal one from that moment on: the shuttle to the swim start, and you will remove the mask and dispose of the it just prior to entering the water. Once you complete the swim, exit the water, you will get your finisher’s beach towel. Then go to the drop gear area to collect your things and replace your personal mask back on and wear it until you promptly return to your vehicles. No gathering post swim, please leave as soon as you have your belongings.

Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from all other athletes and staff members at all times -- both on land AND in the water

If you see multiple people walking up toward the check-in area when you arrive, please wait a few minutes before walking up to help spread things out and maintain social distancing. Follow all posted signs and marked spaces on the ground.

We are implementing a contactless check-in procedure this year. There are no in person registrations. Only entry is on line. There will be no wristbands. A bib number will be posted and emailed to you. You will self-body mark with your number on his/her left hand before arriving at the check-in
tent. Once your bib number has been validated, you will be directed to proceed to the shuttle and to the public dock and enter the water through a dedicated entry chute. Once you finish swimming, you will return to the check-in area through a separate dedicated exit chute where you MUST confirm check-out before leaving.

Please do not stand and gather with other athletes either on land by the check-in area or water access ramp or in the shallow areas of the water at the finish area
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there will be no complimentary snacks and beverages provided this year. However, you may bring your own food and water bottle, as needed..

Participants are allowed to swim with a personal safety buoy this year. These small inflatable devices provide something for you to hold onto in case of an emergency while swimming in open water and make you more visible to other swimmers, boaters and our lifeguards. Participants are also required to wear the provided swim cap.

While wetsuits are not mandatory, they are STRONGLY recommended.

The swim course is point to point and with the current. There is a 45 minute cut off once you enter the water. The course will be monitored by Avalon Fire and Rescue Squad along with volunteers on paddle boards, kayaks, and wave runners. We will also have an EMT on standby. Should you or a fellow swimmer require assistance while swimming, remove your swim cap and raise your hand above your head. If you hear a long air horn blast at any time while you are swimming, you must swim to the nearest dock and exit the water immediately.



We believe that every athlete should play a role in keeping other athletes, volunteers, staff, and spectators safe at the races.  There are four pillars that should guide athlete behavior when we return to racing. They are:
·       Athlete responsibility
·       Respect for other athletes, volunteers, staff and spectators
·       Athlete self-reliance
·       Observing rules  and athlete etiquette
As an athlete looking out for my safety and the safety of others, I will:
Be Responsible
·       Stay home if I am sick or have been in contact with someone that is sick.
·       Be Alert! Read all event communication and signage, as it could contain important information on any new procedures and policies. Follow safety instructions of the race director and borough officials.
·       Respect physical distancing and look for any visual cues like tape, signage, and chalk that mark where I should stand, and how far apart I should be from others.
·       Utilize proper health and hygiene methods for hand washing, hand sanitizing, sneezing, and coughing.
·       Wear a face cover when near others at event venues.
·       Show-up on time or at my assigned time for activities such as athlete check-in, shuttle, and swim start.
Respect Others
·       Avoid spitting or expelling any other bodily fluids near other athletes, volunteers, staff or spectators.  
·       Give myself and others space! 
Be Self-Reliant
·       Keep my distance. Give my fellow athletes plenty of space at all times
·       Utilize aid stations only when necessary – Touch only what I need and minimize touchpoints and interaction with volunteers and other athletes.
·       Minimize my reliance on volunteer assistance 
·       Encourage friends and family to stay home or spectate safely  in low-density zones, observe physical distancing and to stay home if they are sick or feeling unwell.
Observe Athlete Etiquette 
·       Thank the volunteers! They are out here to help me achieve my dreams.
·       Consider the safety of others. I will adhere to best practices to protect others.
·       Respect the host community. I am their guest during race week and I will act like it.
·       Thank you for doing your part in making sure our return to racing is safe for all.



At Tim Kerr Charities and the Borough of Avalon, we are extremely safety conscious and work hard to both educate and plan for safety on course. These tips are valuable for beginners and a good reminder to experienced athletes that learning never stops.

1. Prepare for Race Conditions

Race day should not be your first open water swim. Make sure some of your training replicates real race conditions, including water temperature, proximity to other swimmers, orientation (includes water clarity, depth, and distance perception) and wearing a wetsuit if needed.

2. Race in Shorter Events
Proper training is the best way to reduce anxiety. It's also a good idea to race shorter distance open water swims, as well as join clinics and club activities to prepare yourself for open water conditions.
For extra guidance, talk to a coach or your local swim or triathlon club.

3. Learn About Course Details
It's important to prepare yourself mentally as well as physically prior to race day. Thoroughly review the race website, event athlete guide, and pre-race communication to familiarize yourself with the course.
Keep in mind that every body of water is different—The race director will educate you on water currents and conditions.
Study the event schedule to plan for proper arrival and preparation.

4. Ensure Heart Health
As an athlete in training, you should take the proper steps to assess your health with your physician.
The American Heart Association offer suggestions for cardiac screening of competitive athletes. These include a physical exam as well as an assessment of your family history and personal heart health, and may include a recommendation of additional diagnostic studies. Wherever you live, we recommend you consult with your physician before you race.

5. Pay Attention to Warning Signs
While training, if you experience chest pain or discomfort, shortness of breath, light- headedness (dizziness) or blacking out, or have any other medical concerns or symptoms, consult your doctor immediately.
6. Don’t Use New Gear on Race Day

Focus on controlling as many factors as you can on race day.
You should never race in equipment you haven’t trained in—this is not the time to test

new gear.
Make sure your wetsuit fits properly and that your goggles, swim cap and other

accessories work properly.
Prepare for the unexpected with backups of all your gear.

7. Warm Up on Race Day
Arrive early enough on race day for a proper warm-up prior to the start.
If you aren’t able to warm up in the water, which is the case for this training swim,

spend between 5 and 10 minutes loosening up your muscles with arm swings and other gentle movements. A light jog or brisk walk can also help increase circulation and prepare your body to race.

8. Check Out the Course
Get comfortable with the course by checking out water conditions, the swim entry and exit layouts, as well as turn buoy colors and locations, if applicable.
Take part in the official practice swim if one is offered. This provides you an opportunity to get oriented with the swim course.
Identify navigation landmarks such as buildings or landscape features to use for sighting in every direction you’ll be swimming.

9. Start Easy – Relax and Breathe
Follow the race day instructions regarding the swim start format that have been provided in the event athlete guide.
This event is a rolling swim start, time trial. One by one entering the water. Don’t overestimate your ability. Please line up in the appropriate position based on anticipated finish time. Instructions to follow with self-seeding times.
Don’t race at maximum effort from the start - ease into your swim.
Relax and focus on your breathing as you settle into a sustainable pace.

10. Be Alert and Ask for Help
In a race setting always stop at the first sign of a medical problem.
You are allowed to stop or rest at any time during the swim. You can rest with the

help of the volunteer kayaks, SUP, personal water craft, or even a static object like a

raft, buoy, or nearby dock.
If you or a fellow athlete needs help, take off your swim cap, raise it above your head

and shout for help to alert a volunteer or the Avalon Fire Rescue safety personnel.


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