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The Farmers Almanac (48 Hour)

$95 $85
($0: Ages 0 - 8) ($25: Ages 9 - 17)
04/05 - 04/07 6:00PM EDT - 6:00PM EDT Price increases after January 2, 2024 at 11:59pm EST
There can only be one

The Last Outlaw...

$95 $85
($0: Ages 0 - 8) ($25: Ages 9 - 17)
04/05 - 04/07 6:00AM EDT - 6:00PM EDT Price increases after January 2, 2024 at 11:59pm EST
Spend the morning in the fields

Strawberry Patch 5k

$30 $25
($0: Ages 0 - 8) ($15: Ages 9 - 17)
04/05 6:00PM EDT - 7:00PM EDT Registration ends April 5, 2024 at 6:00pm EDT


The Country Mile

Beechwood Farms

The Race That Brings You Back Home

The Beechwood Family Farm has invited us to host one of the biggest Ultra Running Festivals in the state of South Carolina. We are proud to bring all of our favorite runners to this little farm in the Upstate of South Carolina. This will be a festival of races with a focus on getting you across the finish line of your first or fastest 100 mile finish! And you have 48 hours of fun filled frolicking with friends! I grew up in the cornfields of Indiana so 90% of my running was on dirt roads in the middle of nowhere. I hope you all have the same feeling next weekend that I had when I was a kid. This event is hosting 300 runners trying to tackle goal distances from 50k all the way to 150 miles. While I might not be the best race director out there I can at least say we have some of the best volunteers and of course the best participants. Members of our two clubs and our race/volunteer staff know what weekends like this mean for the running community and the individual stories that we all share on race day (or weekend in the case of a 48 hour event).  I am going to try to front load some sleep on Wednesday and Thursday so I can get out there and enjoy some miles with you all on Friday through Sunday. I am sure there is something I forgot in this email so expect 12 more emails by Friday! If you have any questions or feel my race sites are lacking some general information please let me know!

History of the Farm

Eva "Elizabeth" Guest and Billy Ledford graduated from Slater-Marietta High School in the spring of 1961.  They married shortly thereafter on November 21, 1961.  They both got jobs (Billy at Slater Mill and Elizabeth at Stone Manufacturing Plant) in order to support themselves.  Elizabeth decided to pursue nursing, so she attended classes at the Greenville School of Nursing. About that time, Billy decided that sleeping was not all that productive.  So, he worked the third shift at JP Stevens' Slater Plant in Marietta and started farming in the daytime.  That was the spring of 1963.  Elizabeth graduated as a Licensed Practical Nurse in December of 1963.  She began working as a nurse as well as helping with the farming ventures.  They began growing 50 acres of field corn on rented land near the North Saluda River.  
In just two miraculous years, the Ledfords' farming ventures grew to 300 acres.  After much hard work and strict saving, the Ledfords were able to purchase 136 acres of rental land, including a house, when they became available in 1967. Within three years, Billy diversified and added pole beans.  His sister, Judy Best also joined the operation.  All the while the farm was growing, the Ledford family grew some, too.  A daughter, Donna, was first, then Brian.  In 1973 the Ledfords bought another 123 acres in Marietta - this being the beginning of the location of today's Beechwood Farms.  That same year, a second son, Brad, was born.  When the U-Pick operation of pole-beans, tomatoes, and half-runners started in 1979, the reputation of the family farm really began to spread.  In the 80's, a roadside market was built to serve the community in addition to a sizeable greenhouse that would allow the farm to produce vegetables earlier in the season.  
Today, Beechwood Farms is known for fresh, quality produce that includes (but is not limited to) strawberries, polebeans, sweet corn, tomatoes, squash, bell peppers, and eggplant.  Locally-grown, high-quality vegetables can be purchased at Beechwood's Certified Roadside Market from May through the end of October.  Beechwood produce can also be found at local restaurants, farmer's markets, and large-scale grocery chains such as Ingle's Supermarkets.
Upstate Race Series - Upcoming Events HERE
Join us for one of our 30 events throughout the year. With something for everyone we have races that extend throughout the Upstate of South Carolina. From Lake Hartwell through the Foothill Mountain Range. Locations that cover all of the State Park systems into the Streets of Anderson, Greenville, Travelers Rest, and Spartanburg. We have events that offer opportunity to every level of runner looking to take on their next challenge!
Donations & Club Membership Discount - 15% OFF
All club memberships to the Upstate Running Club and/or the South Carolina Ultra Marathon Club fund the Upstate Running Club Youth Team with over 200 members. The club provides FREE training services, training equipment, race uniforms, and comped race entries to our series throughout the year. All donations directly fund the club to help cover the costs of facility rentals, insurance, post practice snacks, team socials, and awards! The program is comprised of athletes of all abilities from ages 6-12 years old


Event Details

  • What: Last Outlaw, 48 Hour, 5k)
    • Buckles for 100 Mile Finishers
  • Where: Beechwood Farms - 204 Bates Bridge Rd, Marietta, SC 29661
  • When: April 5th 2024
  • Packet Pickup: Will begin 1 hour prior to your race start time near starting line
  • Overall Awards will be given out at the conclusion of the top 3 finishers.
  • Age group winners will be recognized in the online results tab and our Age Group Series
  • Food: Meal tickets can be purchased during registration for designated meal times during the weekend
  • Our events are 
    • Youth 8 & Under Race for Free 
    • Walker Friendly (Most of us will be walking)
    • Dog Friendly 
    • Stroller Friendly
  • Tap Truck GVL will be on site throughout the event serving some tasty cool beers!
  • Silva Coffee will be offering complimentary coffee
  • Travelers Rest HS Cheerleading Squad will be serving meals as a team fundraiser
  • Pacers Must Register
Volunteer for a FREE Race Entry or a Future Race Entry by Upstate Race Series - HERE
  • Set-Up
  • Packet Pickup
  • Course Monitor
  • Meal/Aid Station Prep
  • Cleanup
  • Parking

Race Schedule: All Races State at 6pm on Friday April 5th

  • THE LAST OUTLAW - Starts @ Friday April 5th at 6:00pm
    • This is a 45 minute per 5k elimination race
    • Outlaws will have 45 minutes to complete the 5k loop
    • Every 45 minutes and thereafter outlaws must complete consecutive 5k loops
    • Failure to finish a loop within the 45 minutes disqualifies you from the standoff
    • Failure to report to the starting line disqualifies you from the standoff and also makes you "chicken"
    • The cowbell will ring and cowboys and cowgirls will complete 5k loops until only one outlaw remains. 
    • If no Outlaw manages one more lap than the others, then all athletes receive a DNF and there is no winner
    • Belt Buckles for 100 Mile Finishers (33 laps to 100 Miles)
      • Outlaws: we are permitting you to park (if car only) right next to the U-pick stand to stage yourself for your Saturday 6am start. We are also allowing you to set your gear inside the U-pick stand as in previous years. 
  • 48 Hour Starts @ Friday April 5th at 6:00pm
    • Complete as many full 5k laps in 48 hours
    • Start and finish anytime you want in that time frame
    • Belt Buckles for 100 Mile Finishers (33 laps to 100 Miles)
    • Lap Distance References
      • 5 Laps - Half Marathon
      • 9 Laps - Marathon
      • 10 laps - 50k
      • 17 Laps - 50 Miles
      • 20 laps - 100k
      • 33 Laps 100 Miles
  • 5k Starts @ Friday April 5th at 6:00pm
    • Complete a single lap around the farm



During registration you will be offered the option to select your parking or camping needs for the weekend. 100% of the Camping/Parking funds go directly to the host family of Beechwood Farms. No Power/Water at campsites. Primitive Only. ALL CAR & RV CAMPING MUST BE SET UP BETWEEN NOON & 5pm FRIDAY. Race Starts at 6pm. All late arrivals will be permitted to use the day use parking field 
  • Day Use Parking Lot will be located adjacent to the Beechwood Park Entrance (not located on the course so if you are running a longer distance it is advised to choose the car camping option) This option is advisable for the 5k runners that do not need to go by their car. There will be a drop bag location near the starting line to have personal food/items but no pop ups. That is designated for the Car Camping area. 
  • Car Camping Lot will be located right on the course and you will have room for one car and a 10 x 10 canopy spot.Car camping will primarily be located in the grass field at the entrance of the farm adjacent to the U-Pick Stand. Once this lot is field participants will be permitted to follow the RV/Trailer parking signs to the back of the farm (directions below). The grass field will have a marked off area where our course will run through so all participants will be right on course. ALL CAR & RV CAMPING MUST BE SET UP BETWEEN NOON & 5pm FRIDAY
  • RV Camping Lot will be located right at the entrance of Beechwood Farm and the course will begin and finish its loop right at your location. There are only 40 RV spots available. Trailer/RV camping will be along the course. PLEASE follow our parking attendants and RV/Trailer parking signs that will take you literally, "A Country Mile" to the back of the farm where you will be able to loop around and have your camper facing the exit. Please do not make any tight turnarounds in the first few rows as there are very soft shoulders and you will get stuck.  Please do not "reserve" spots for others coming in. If you want to be parked next to another participant please make plans to arrive on site at the same time. ALL CAR & RV CAMPING MUST BE SET UP BETWEEN NOON & 5pm FRIDAY
    • Portable Fire Pits are acceptable (Gas & Wood)
    • Generators are acceptable during daylight hours


Race Swag

  • Finisher Medal
  • Custom Race Logo Sticker
  • Upstate Ultra Sticker
  • Complimentary Race Photos
  • Camping is offered 
  • Race Specific Socks


Timing, Results, & Race Awards

  • Top 3 Male and Female will receive a custom hand made award!
  • Each finisher will receive a finisher medal that will be branded with the race logo and custom lanyard.
  • This event will be chip timed with a reusable timing chip attached with an ankle strap. The timing chip will correspond with your bib number at packet pickup. The chip will be read by our timing hardware at the finish line and timing software. Results will be updated online periodically throughout the event. Please return your timing chip & strap at the conclusion of your event. 
  • We will also publish our age group results that will coincide with our Race Series.
  • To learn more about our race series and awards please visit our results page here: HERE
    • 0-9
    • 10-12    
    • 13-16
    • 17-19
    • 20-29    
    • 30-34    
    • 35-39    
    • 40-44    
    • 45-49    
    • 50-54    
    • 55-59    
    • 60-64    
    • 65-69    
    • 70-79    
    • 80+


Chip Timing Protocol

When you arrive for packet pickup you will be given a bib and a timing chip that corresponds with your bib number. The timing chip with a neoprene strap will be placed on one of your ankles (depending on the finish line antennas you will have to place the timing chip/strap on a specific ankle). During the event, each time you cross the finish line your chip will be read by one of our antennas and recorded by our reader and timing software. Your name will then appear on our timing clock and TV indicating that you have completed a lap. Our timing software will also indicate how many laps (if it is a multiple lap race) you have completed. In the event that someone is not near the timing table and you do not see your name on the list of runners who have recently crossed the finish line please inform one of our staff members. At the conclusion of the event or when you are done running during the timed event please return the timing chip and strap back to the packet pickup area where you found it. This is a self service task and failure to return the chip will result in a $10 replacement fee. Thank you


Country Mile Course Description

The Country Mile Course is a 5k loop with 25 feet of gain per loop on 95% packed clean and WIDE dirt paths that runners will be able to select a camping spot right on the course. There is a small section of grass and larger gravel. The course will have a series of directional arrows that will be placed  at various intersections. Please follow all directional arrows to stay on course. In the event that you make a wrong turn please backtrack to your original spot of confusion. 


Meal Option

Upstate Race Series will be offering a meal options for runners looking to grab some grub post run! We will not be selling meal tickets on race day due to pre-ordering enough supplies for our event staff, volunteers, and the runners who pre-ordered a meal. You can always come back to the "Meal Ticket" tab on the race website and purchase a meal ticket up to race day. If you would like to purchase multiple meals for yourself, your crew, or spectators please indicate the number in the quantity box. At packet pickup you will receive a meal ticket to be given to our volunteer cook during the designated serving timeframe.
  • Friday Night Dinner (3 to 6pm)
  • Saturday Breakfast (9am to 11am)
  • Saturday Dinner (5 to 7pm)
  • Sunday Breakfast (9 to 11am)

Breakfast - diced potatoes, three sausage links and three pancakes
Lunch - diced potatoes, pasta salad and choice of (1) burger w/wo cheese, blacken burger, 2 hotdogs
Dinner - grill meal (same as lunch) or grilled chicken breast with a scoop of steamed rice and side of veggie mix (peas & carrots)

Ala Cart Menu
  • burger $4
  • cheeseburger $5
  • black bean burger $5
  • hot dog $2
  • diced potatoes $3
  • quesadilla $2
  • 4 pancakes $5
  • 3 sausage $5
  • fruit cup $3
  • soda $1


Aid Stations

There will be one aid station at the start/finish of the 5k loop for this race format. Items may include: pickles, cookies, chips, Little Debbie snacks, assorted candy, chicken/veggie broth, fig newtons, & pretzels. Liquids will include water, Tailwind Nutrition, coke, and ginger ale. If you would like to donate an aid station supply of something that we do not offer or that is homemade feel free! 
  • Cup-less Event: Please provide your own hydration vessel for use at our aid stations 


Race Partners

Upcoming Events with Upstate Race Series - See Upcoming Races HERE
  • 25 Annual Races with a wide variety of events including 5ks, Relays, Youth Events, and Ultra Marathons
Without Limits Coaching - Contact Our Coaches HERE
  • Coaching Services that include training plans and/or race specific race plans and consultations for your next event
Upstate Running Club - Join & Donate for $5 OFF 100+ Local Races HERE
  • Non-Profit club that funds the Youth Running Club in the upstate with a variety of events and club runs for adult
South Carolina Ultra Marathon Club - Join for 25% OFF Races HERE
  • Trail & Ultra running club that helps support its members and races throughout the state of South Carolina
Jay Baker Photography Race Photos - See Photos HERE
  • Complimentary race photos, music, and of course engagement with the crowd to bring you to the finish
Go Green Events Timing & Registration - More Info HERE
  • Partnering with RunSignUp to bring you an easy registration process and accurate timing on race day. 
Refund Policy

100 Mile Belt Buckle


204 Bates Bridge Rd
Slater-Marietta, SC US 29661

Race Contact Info

If you have any questions about this race, please contact the race director at

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Valued Sponsors

Race Website

Additional race information can be found at


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