Susan G. Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure

Sun May 13, 2018 Directions
Why We Race

Race day may be over, but the 2018 fundraising continues until July 31! Please consider making another donation and encourage others to do the same.

Because too many people are dying from breast cancer.

This is the obvious and simplest reason for our community to participate in this Race for the Cure. But, sadly, not everybody realizes this. Sadly, more and more people act on the misconception that breast cancer is “well in hand” and that “the breast cancer cause has all the support it needs.”

Certainly, we have achieved great things in the breast cancer movement. Since Susan G. Komen began its groundbreaking work in the 1980s, the number of breast cancer deaths in the U.S. has decreased by 39 percent. But the reality remains, this year in the U.S. alone, approximately 40,000 people will die of breast cancer.

 40,000 deaths. In a single year. In a single country.

Because increasing the number of survivors requires increasing the support.

Saving lives from breast cancer takes funding. It’s as simple as that. Funding for:

  • Research: Leading to more effective, less invasive treatments and, hopefully, one day prevention
  • Research: Leading to greater understanding of how metastasis works and how to stop it
  • Equal access to care:  Whether or not a person can afford a mammogram, treatment and support services, he or she must be connected with the quality care that will save lives
  • Educational programs and grassroots outreach:  Mobilizing all women—of all ages—to practice early detection and act immediately if something is wrong with their breasts
  • Male breast cancer awareness programs
  • Removal of barriers:  language, cultural myths and practices, financial limitations cannot stand between any person and lifesaving services

Every dollar you help us raise this Race season will support all this and more through the mission of Komen Philadelphia.

To increase awareness.

Yes, we are Racing to raise vital dollars. But we also Race because, as stated above, too many people have “pushed breast cancer to the low-end of their priority list.” Together, all Race participants share a message loud and clear:  

“This fight against breast cancer is far from over. We are taking action to save lives. This fight… the tens of thousands of men and women who will be victimized by breast cancer… needs us… needs ALL of us!” 

Lastly, because WE ARE FAMILY! 

We’ve all heard countless, inspiring—and sometimes heartbreaking—stories of women and men who’ve faced breast cancer. Some are members of our own family, others are friends and acquaintances, others virtual strangers. Regardless, their fight belongs to all of us. Every dollar we raise together helps people like them, as well as the loved ones you work, interact and share your life with every day.

Thank you for your participation—for joining the family!

Elaine I. Grobman
Chief Executive Officer