Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon & Half Marathon

VIRTUAL: OCT 16 - NOV 1, 2021 Anywhere, NJ 99999 US

New Jersey Marathon Race FAQs


Where and when does the race start?

The 2021 NJM race offers both in-person and virtual racing. 
The Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon & Half Marathon begin at the Monmouth Park Racetrack on Sunday, October 17th, 2021 at 7:00AM.
The RWJBarnabas Health 5K starts at The Great Lawn at Ocean Promenade in Long Branch on Saturday, October 16th, 2021, at 9:00AM.
All Virtual events are on your own "Anywhere" favorite course and are to be completed between October 16 and November 1 on the day and time that works best for you.

How do I register?
2021 online registration will open on January 1st, 2021!  Online registration will close at the end of the Race Exposition on Friday, October 15th, 2021. 

I successfully Deferred my 2020 NJM entry.  How do I register for 2021?
If you have confirmed in your RunSignup profile that you are a successfully deferred 2020 NJM registrant, you will be contacted directly with details on the process of redeeming your 2020 defer entry.  We'll provide a code for you to apply in creating a new 2021 entry record -- updating your contact information, waiver, add-ons. Your custom code will be emailed to you from the RunSignup email server in mid-January.  Please be sure to look for the message, and to allow incoming messages from RunSignup.  Once the code invitations have been sent to all provided email addresses in mid-January, you can also find your code in your RunSignup profile. 
For any specific/unique 2020 Defer questions, complete your 2021 NJM October entry and then email with details.

Can I register for the RunItForward entry program? 
Yes - please look for the link to the runner application on the main registration and web pages. 

How can I make a contribution to the RunItForward program? 
Runners can make a contribution at the time of entry.  Additionally, the same form as race entries can be used to make a contribution-only for non-runners.  The button for RIF will be on the top navigation line - thank you for your support!

Can I add purchases after registration for Pre-Mail packet, Sunday packet pick up, the NYC race-day bus, and/or finish line parking space?
Add-on purchases can be made by accessing your RunSignUp profile and managing your add-ons.  Deadlines and sell-out quantities apply to all add-ons. 

Can I add race-day Sunday packet pick up past the deadline?
We know that emergencies arise.  Contact and provide your details.  We can share an offer of cash - Fee & Charity Donation - for a pre-arranged exception.  Sorry, absolutely no un-planned race day PPU. 

If I can't race can I get a refund?
New in 2021, the NJM race will offer in-person events the opportunity to purchase a No Questions Asked Refund Ticket to new entries at the time of original registration. This policy is not applicable to the Virtual events and outside of this Refund Ticket purchase, refunds are not offered. 

What is the NQA Refund Ticket?
The 2021 NJM is pleased to offer a NO QUESTIONS ASKED REFUND TICKET (NQA Refund Ticket) add on purchase to anyone registering for an in-person race, including the Marathon, Platinum Challenge, Half Marathon, or Gold Challenge.
At the time of your initial registration, purchase a NQA Refund Ticket for the Marathon, Platinum Challenge, Half Marathon, or Gold Challenge events for $25 AND if needed you may request and receive a FULL refund of purchased entry and add-on items (not including the NQA Refund Ticket) for ANY reason. Refund requests must be made before midnight on Monday, October 11, 2021.  Refund requests should be emailed to
NQA Refund Ticket RULES:
A NQA Refund Ticket may only be purchased at the time of your initial registration.
A NQA Refund Ticket is a $25 add on purchase.  This add on purchase is not refundable.
Refund requests must be made before midnight on Monday, October 11, 2021.
Refund requests must be emailed to for consideration.  
The NQA Refund Ticket is not refundable.  
The NQA Refund Ticket is not available to 2020 Defers.
The NQA Refund Ticket is not available for the in-person 5K.
The NQA Refund Ticket is not available for any virtual race distance.

Can I switch my event choice/distance for the NJM?
Yes, the NJM has enabled online Event Transfers (Switches) between distances and between In-person and Virtual events.  Go to your RunSignUp profile, upcoming events to change your race.  There are no refunds for switching down. You will need to pay any difference to switch up. 
The Transfer Event option can be found by logging on to RunSignup, navigating to Profile > Upcoming Events > Manage Registration > Transfer Event. 
On the Transfer Event page, you will see your Event Transfer Information. Please confirm that the information is correct: Registration number, name, and current event.
*** Redeemed 2020 Defer entries need to email to complete an event distance switch.
Click on the Start Transfer button.  You will see the standard registration process where you can select the new Event distance for your Transfer. Click Continue and if any payment is needed for an up-switch, make your online credit card payment for the entry cost and processing fees. * There are no Event Transfer-switch fees, just entry cost difference and any applicable processing fees.
Once payment (if needed) is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email for the new event.
Please email for any additional instructions. 

Can I transfer my paid entry to another runner?
Transferring is a paid participant finding a second runner to take over their race spot. The NJM has enabled online Runner to Runner Transfers for In-person racing.  The Transfer to Another Runner option can be found by logging on to RunSignup, navigating to  your Profile > Upcoming Events > Manage Registration > Transfer to Another Runner.  On the Transfer to Another Runner page, you will see your transfer Information, please confirm that the information is correct: registration number, your name, and NJM event. (Please note that the recipient can only register for the same event distance that is being transferred to them.)  After reviewing the Transfer information, you will enter the Recipient First Name, Last Name, and Email address and note the Pacers transfer offer choice of Registration Gift Transfer which incurs a $30 Transfer Fee to be paid by the recipient.  The recipient will receive an email notification with a unique link which they must use to claim this transfer, pay the $30 fee, and complete their online entry. 
NOTE: Pacers Running does not assist registrants in finding transfer candidates. Any financial transactions involved in registration transfers are strictly between the immediate parties and are not the responsibility of Pacers Events LLC (Transfer at your own risk!).

Can I Defer my entry to a future NJM?
Yes, the NJM offers In-person race entries the opportunity to Defer to the one-next following year.  The deadline for completing a defer is midnight September 12, 2021. The Defer Registration option can be found by logging on to RunSignup, navigating to  your Profile > Upcoming Events > Manage Registration > Defer Registration. On the Defer Registration page, you will see your Deferral Information and Total Payment. Please confirm that the information is correct: Registration number, name, and event. Make your online credit payment for the $30+ Defer Fee + Processing and click on the "Confirm Deferral" button.  You will receive an email notification of your successful deferral. We will reach back to you with details on how to get set for the next NJM race.
*** Redeemed 2020 Defer entries need to email to complete an event distance switch.

Can I update my basic bio info in my registration like address, name spelling, and new email?
Yes, go to your RunSignUp profile, update the information there, and also select the NJM in MyRaces and update there as well. If you have an error in an NJM field that is not allowed to user-edit (DOB), email with the details.  

Can I change my other registration details like predicted pace and shirt size?
Yes, by logging on to RunSignup, navigating to  your Profile > Upcoming Events > Manage Registration > and edit your add-ons
*  Pre-Mail packet edits must be completed by midnight August 22 to be accommodated. 

What is the age limit for the in-person Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon & Half Marathon?
There is a minimum age limit of 18 for the marathon and 14 for the half marathon.  For any special consideration on age parameters please email specific information to 
Age requirements are based on regulations by IMMDA. For further information and background visit the IMMDA Advisory Statement on Children and Marathoning. Entering any false information in a race registration can be cause for withdrawal of race entry without refund. 
For the kids races we rely upon the common sense of the parent/legal guardian for anyone 17 years old or younger interested in participating. If there are any questions about the suitability of any race for a particular child, we strongly suggest that the child’s pediatrician be consulted.

Is there a time limit for the in-person race?
The in-person Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon & Half Marathon is open to all participants of age who are able to finish in the following time frames: The course closes after 6 hours and 30 minutes for the full marathon and 3 hours and 15 minutes for the half marathon (chip time). Participants wishing to complete their event within that time frame will need to maintain a 15 minute/mile or faster pace. After the time limit has been reached, streets will re-open to vehicular traffic, and participants on the course will be asked to move to the sidewalks or re-route. On-course support (aid stations) will close at this time.
Specific timelines for each distance will be posted in the Athlete Guide.

Are Strollers Allowed?
Strollers are not allowed in the in-person marathon or half marathon BUT they are allowed in the RWJBarnabas Health 5K. We ask that all stroller participants stay near the rear of the corral to begin the race in order to avoid runner interference. 

What are the course details for in-person races? 
The courses are USATF-certified, which allows runners to use the full marathon course to qualify for the following year’s Boston Marathon. Qualification is NOT required for entry into the Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon or Half Marathon.
The marathon and half marathon course starts in Oceanport at Monmouth Park (location of central parking) and ends on the oceanfront Promenade just north of Pier Village and opposite the stage on The Great Lawn. The marathon features a point-to-point course that includes areas of Oceanport, Monmouth Beach, Long Branch, Deal, Allenhurst, Loch Arbour, Asbury Park and Ocean Grove. The half marathon is a 13.1 mile run which travels through many of the business districts and neighborhoods of Oceanport, Monmouth Beach and Long Branch. The courses have no significant hills and are virtually flat (with a few very gentle rolling stretches and bridge crossings). They are very fast and flat courses, affording many runners PRs! 
The 5K course is described in their Lineup pages.

Is there an official race Expo?
Yes, the Race Exposition for the Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon & Half Marathon will be held on Friday, October 15th and Saturday, October 16th at the Great Lawn in Long Branch.   This two-day expo is free and open to the public as well as all participants of the Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon events. If we have not sold out, we will be accepting last-minute race applications during the Exposition on Friday for all races and Saturday for the marathon and half marathon distance races.   (Saturday races can register onsite in Long Branch, Sunday registrations can only be taken through the end of the Saturday Race Exposition. Visit our Fees page to view race prices. 
The Expo hours are scheduled for Friday from 3:00PM – 7:00PM and Saturday, from 9:00AM – 5:00PM
Official Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon & Half Marathon merchandise will be available for purchase at the Exposition and also on race day.

How do I receive my bib, timing chip, T-shirt and clear gear bag?
* For the in-person 5K packets can be picked up on Friday at the Race Exposition, or Saturday early - 7:30 AM.  
* New in 2021, in-person racers can purchase a Pre-mail packet opportunity for $25 up through midnight September 5, 2021.
* For marathon and half marathon athletes not arriving until race day, the NJM offers a Sunday Race-Day Packet Pickup Program for a $25 cost paid during registration.  Advance purchase is REQUIRED for Sunday packet pickup and will be the only packets available on Sunday morning. Pickup starts at 5:30 AM in a tent in the Monmouth Park Racetrack open space across from the main track building. Sunday packet pickup will be bib-only pre-race, and all Sunday PPU race tees will be available at the finish line festival post-race. 
*  Without the Pre-mail or Sunday PPU options, for the Sunday marathon and half marathon, packet pickup items MUST be collected at the Race Exposition on Friday, October 15th or Saturday, October 16th
* Race Packets may be collected for all races by another person.
* Sunday NYC Bus Riders $35 ticket includes the Sunday packet pickup in that purchase.

How are the events timed? 
The Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon & Half Marathon in-person events will be electronically tag timed - look for the strip on the back of your race bib and be sure not to crimp it.   
Virtual events are self-timed. 

Where should I park on race day? 
* Parking for the Saturday races is located at Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park in Long Branch. Parking is FREE on Saturday and first come, first served.
* Primary parking for the Sunday races will be at the Monmouth Park Racetrack, at 175 Oceanport Avenue, in Oceanport, the location of the start line. Parking at Monmouth Park Racetrack on Sunday is FREE. 
* General access to the main parking areas is via Rt. 36 (the main access route from either Exit 105 of The Garden State Parkway, Exit 13B of Rt. 18 or Rt. 35). Race Day parking at the Monmouth Park Race track is free to all participants in 2019! . For both safety and  convenience plan to arrive at least 90 minutes prior to your race start (and use carpooling!)
* Sunday Finish area parking does NOT provide transportation to the Monmouth Park start area.
* Free looping shuttle service is provided AFTER the race start throughout the day for spectators (and finishing runners) between the start and approximately mile 9.5 of the race course, four blocks from the finish area.

Will there be a gear check or bag drop? 
* Sunday races will have a gear bag drop-off area near the start line and a bag pickup area near the finish line. Look for signs for “Bag Drop” and “Bag Pickup.” Bags will be transported from the start area to the finish to be  available after finishing.   For security reasons, the race issued, clear plastic given out in the race packet will be the ONLY accepted gear bag! 
* Note - Please DO NOT leave valuables in your clear Gear bag as we cannot be responsible for the contents.  Be sure to leave your clear gear bag  ONLY in the designated areas  Bags left outside or unattended may be confiscated due to Homeland Security requirements. Any items dropped at the start line or along the course will either be donated to charity or destroyed by the authorities. 

Will there be Pace Teams on Sunday for the marathon and half marathon?
* We have the BEST! The official pacers will be wearing race singlets and have bright pacing bibs on their front and back.  They will carry pennants showing the group pace time. The Pace team runners will be matched to the projected run times for each corral, look for the leaders in your corral on race morning.
* Members of the marathon and half marathon Pace Teams will be available to answer your questions at their booth at the Race Exposition.

Can I run with my headphones on?
For safety reasons, the Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon organizers STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you DO NOT use your headphones during the races. We all need to be aware of our surroundings, including fellow runners and the possibility of errant traffic or emergency personnel traffic on the course. Please take time to notice spectators, bands and the beautiful scenery.

Can I run with my own hydration pack?  
Yes- it must be a bladder-bottle-nutrition style only, it cannot be a style that functions as a general backpack as it will not be allowed in the start or finish secure areas. 

How can I learn all of the details of race preparation?
* The website pages are meant to provide information for the full range of 2021 New Jersey Marathon weekend.  Please be prepared to read the Athlete Guide - all sections - for the details that you will want to know to be prepared to have a successful race NJM experience. 
* The 2019 Athlete Guide is available now. The 2021 Athlete Guide will be published by summer 2021. 

Are walkers or athletes with disabilities welcome?
We are happy to announce that athletes in wheelchairs are welcome to register for both the marathon and half marathons.
* Athletes in wheelchairs (push rim and hand crank) are welcome to register for our marathon.  To ensure that a safe distance is kept between the marathon and half marathon groups and that the road and intersections are prepared and properly closed to outside traffic at the appropriate times we do require a maximum  average pace of 5:45 minute/mile and the standard  finish within 6 hours and 30 minutes. The Athlete Guide will include details on the specific checkpoints and the required timeline. 
* Assisted athletes are welcome to participate as Duos and the NJM offers a complimentary entry to Pushers/Guides.  Please email with any questions.
* Walkers are welcome if they can finish the race in the specified time limit for each race. The limits are 6 hours and 30 minutes for the full marathon and relay and 3 hours and 15 minutes for the half.

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