West of the River Series (June Jaunt, The Potato Run, and Barbecue Bash Quarters)

Thu May 18 - Sun November 5 Rochester, NY 14626 US


Individual Races without Training

06/18 - 11/05 8:45AM - 7:30AM EST
Races: June Jaunt 5K The Potato Run 10K Barbecue Bash Quarters, 1/4 Marathon Barbecue Bash Quarters, 2/4 (Half) Marathon Barbecue Bash Quarters, 3/4 Marathon Barbecue Bash Quarters, 4/4 (Full) Marathon

Individual Races with Training

05/18 - 09/02 6:00PM - 7:30AM EDT
Races: June Jaunt 5K with Training The Potato Run with Training Barbecue Bash Quarters, 1/4 Marathon with Training Barbecue Bash Quarters, 2/4 (Half) Marathon with Training Barbecue Bash Quarters, 3/4 Marathon with Training Barbecue Bash Quarters, 4/4 (Full) Marathon with Training

Series Options without Training

06/18 8:45AM EDT
Races: 3-Race Series with 1/4 Marathon 3-Race Series with 2/4 (Half) Marathon 3-Race Series with 3/4 Marathon 3-Race Series with 4/4 (Full) Marathon

Series Options with Training

06/18 8:45AM EDT
Races: 3-Race Series with 1/4 Marathon with Training 3-Race Series with 2/4 (Half) Marathon with Training 3-Race Series with 3/4 Marathon with Training 3-Race Series with 4/4 (Full) Marathon with Training


See registration page for addresses
Rochester, NY US 14626


Obatron Productions' exercise arm, Obatron Fitness, is proud to offer the fourth year of our race series, West of the River Series! Enter the whole series or choose individual races. Walker and mobility-impaired friendly. Diet sensitive. Training available.

Keep scrolling for an overview of options and more information! If you're on a phone, that might take a bit. When you're ready to register, click the grouping for what you want to go only to those options (Individual Races, Series, Races Including Training). Otherwise, click the "Race Info" tab to see all options at once.

NEW for 2023!

  1. This year we will have 5-year age group awards for 1st places instead of surprise 10-year AGs as we have in the past in addition to our overall winners (one for each gender designation for which at least one person is entered) and our final finisher (independent of gender designation instead of one for multiple gender designations). Please note, AG awards are small tokens such as keychains. 
  2. June Jaunt will be hosted by Studio 22, not far from the original location, and uses most of the original course. It also starts earlier!
  3. There's a short training option for June Jaunt the three weeks leading up to the race and it is included at no charge for those registering for the Series with Training, which means only substantially reduced pricing for The Potato Run and Barbecue Bash Quarters is added to the Series with Training price.
  4. The Potato Run joins June Jaunt as a Rochester Runner of the Year race! It also starts later than 2022 and has been pushed out a week to not conflict with another RROY race, Oaktree Half Marathon, a week earlier and goes back-to-back with Heritage Hero, the day before. Also, June Jaunt is part of another back-to-back RROY weekend occurring the next day from Stache Dash.
  5. Anyone who joins Obatron Racing Team prior to registration gets a discount off each individual race, the series, or the races (individually or as a series) with training.
  6. Each race will have very modest awards, which must be claimed BEFORE leaving. None will be held. They will be ready no earlier than 45 minutes after the start of each race and will be later for longer races. Watch event messages for details closer to each race. See "Awards" below for more information.
  7. We have suspended virtual race offerings for at least 2024. Until I can catch up on everything that is still outstanding from past years (virtual and in person), I cannot provide the level of service I want every racer to have.
  8. Series registrants will be able to pick their shirt options for June Jaunt in the Giveaway section and will be asked about their preferences in another section for questions for the other two races.
  9. We are offering packet pick-up the day before every race! If you register within three days of the race, your packet will not likely be ready until race morning.

Special Component of Barbecue Bash Quarters

You can choose to run 1, 2, 3, or all 4 quarters of a marathon (6.55 to 26.2 miles) for Barbecue Bash Quarters (BBQ), formerly Barbecue Bash Half. What's more is that you can adjust down during the race if you need to, so if you started out with the idea of getting a marathon done and it's just not in the cards that day, you will not DNF your race; instead, you'll be bumped down to the last quarter you did finish. On the flipside, you can't decide to upgrade while on the course; that has to be done by the end of packet pick-up on race day so you can pay the appropriate difference in cost and so that Hourglass Works can re-map your timing chip attached to your bib.

When to Race and Related Details

June Jaunt, 5K
Race Date/Time/Location: Sunday, June 18 (Father's Day), 8:45 a.m. (an hour earlier than 2022) at Studio 22, 67 Old Hojack Lane, Hilton, New York 14468.
Shirt Cutoff: Register on or before June 1, 2023
Cutoff Time:
1 hour, 15 minutes (8:45 am. to 10 a.m.) with a pace of 24:12 per mile or faster
Course: https://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/5556356155/
Packet Pick-up
Day 1:
June 17, 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. @ Greece Canal Park, Millennium Lodge Parking Lot (RD's Car or Picnic Table, depending on weather); only for those registered by 4 p.m. on June 15
Day 2: June 18, 8:00-8:30 a.m. @ Studio 22

The Potato Run, 10K
Race Date/Time/Location:
Sunday, September 10, 8:30 a.m. at Greece Canal Park (GCP), Towpath Shelter (near the Canal Path) 241 Elmgrove Rd., Rochester, NY 14626
Shirt Cutoff: Register on or before August 23, 2023
Cutoff Time: 2 hours, 15 minutes (8:30 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.) with a pace of 21:46 per mile or faster
Course: https://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/4803075880
Packet Pick-up
Day 1: Cancelled

Day 2: RACE DAY! September 10, 7:45 a.m. to 8:15 a.m., GCP, Towpath Shelter

Barbecue Bash Quarters, 1/4, 2/4 (Half Marathon), 3/4, or 4/4 (Full) Marathon
Race Date/Time/Location: Sunday, November 5 (Daylight Savings Time Ends), All start at 7:30 a.m. at Spencerport Depot and Canal Museum (SD&CM), 16 East Ave, Spencerport, NY 14559
Shirt Cutoff: Register on or before October 17, 2023
Cutoff Time: 7 hours (7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.) for all options. 1 Quarter Pace: 1:04:07; 2 Quarters Pace: 32:04; 3 Quarters Pace: 21:22; 4 Quarters Pace: 16:02
Course: https://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/5223577984 
Packet Pick-up
Day 1:
November 4, 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., SD&CM, Top Floor; Updated: We'll have everyone's bibs who have registered before 10 p.m., 11/3, in their bags. Due to the way we've structured bib assignments, anyone registering after that will have to wait until race day to get their packets as the bibs will not be in them.
Day 2: November 5, 6:45 a.m. to 7:15 a.m., SD&CM, Top Floor

Race Gift Giveaways: Again, this year we are giving away shirts with entries. The sizing cutoffs are June 4, August 21, and October 17, respectively. If you miss the shirt cutoff, if time and supplies allow, you will be given a substitute race gift. Due to the high cost of shirt production, we do not order extras at this time. If you check in on-site after the race is over, we may have shirts from people who don't show up.

Series Information

Registration for or upgrading to the whole series should be done before June 18. If you do all three races, but do not register for the series, we cannot guarantee you will get the gift due to administrative logistics of tracking participants. 

When you register for the series, there's only one spot for choosing a giveaway cut/size, so that will be applicable only to the first race, June Jaunt. You will see questions for your cut/size preference for the other two races in a separate question section along with other registration questions to help us shape the race. When it's closer to the race time, the RD will transfer you to each individual race. If you miss the giveaway cutoff, you are not guaranteed a shirt for June Jaunt. If time and supplies allow, those who miss the shirt may be given a substitute race gift. 

What You Get

  • pacers and/or lead bikes for select races and paces, including a final finisher escort for whoever is the last person on the course
  • medal on race day
  • medal tag personalized with your name for the back of your medal for each race delivered at the conclusion of the series (ETA January following the final race, whether you race one or all in the series)
  • technical race shirts, if registered in time, and an alternate gift while supplies last, if not
  • food-themed kits appropriate to each race
  • series participants get a preparation and recovery kit with their June Jaunt packet pick-up (late conversions will get theirs while supplies last)
  • series scoring, if applicable
  • value priced training, should you choose to register for it
  • opportunities to earn more swag and chances to win random prizes on race day
  • personalized bib if registered by each race's giveaway (shirt) cutoff
  • chance to make a donation to our Charity Partners for any of three food-related charities on the west side of Monroe County
  • 20% discount on any order at Foot Kinetics
  • connectivity to other racers via the Obatron Fitness Conversation Space Facebook group
  • Sundae & Frozen Fruit Bar for June Jaunt, Salt Potato Bar for The Potato Run, and Barbecue Bar for Barbecue Bash Half
  • generous cutoff times (June Jaunt: 1 hr., 15 min., The Potato Run: 2 hr., 15 min., Barbecue Bash Quarters: 7 hrs.)


You might have surmised there is an emphasis on food! I grew up hungry until I could earn money myself to buy food, and while my company, Obatron Fitness, isn't a non-profit, each race will include three charitable components: 1) fundraising drive via registration for each host town's food program for those in need; 2) a food drive for the same organization on race day; and 3) a portion of proceeds after expenses are covered will be donated to the organization.

Discount Offers & Referrals
Entering the series rather than individual races gets you pricing equal to or less than the total of the individual race fees (depending upon when you register), a lower RunSignUp fee than the sum of the fees when registering separately, and a series gift. The training offered through the series registration page is at a much reduced price from when we train folks for races other than our own. If you are a member of GRTC or Obatron Race Team, you get a discount at checkout for that. Additionally, you may earn back some of your registration by having other racers use your personal referral link, generated after you register. See the "Referrals" section for more information.

Awards & Raffles
We provide modest awards for the first-place finishers in each gender designation for overall placements and in age groups (AG). Our age group awards are meant to be fun tokens of acknowledgement and in the spirit of the races. We've had keychains, seasonings, and phone holders, among other prizes, in the past. Winners Race Prizes or Raffles must be present or have someone as their proxy to claim their awards at the race day presentation or they are forfeited, likely being raffled off to volunteers at the end. There will be a modest prize for the series winner sent December or later, after the whole series concludes.

Additional Details
We will post additional details as they occur. Any changes will be updated here, on the Obatron Fitness Facebook page, in our Facebook group, and communicated through RunSignUp messaging. Please note, as the pandemic has proven, life is unpredictable! It is possible that changes in time and location could occur for reasons beyond our control. Keep an eye on your email for race communications to ensure you know all you need to know about the race(s).

Race trainees meet at Greece Canal Park (241 Elmgrove Rd., Rochester, NY 14626) on Saturdays at the Millennium Lodge parking lot at 7:30 a.m. (8 a.m. when it's too dark at 7:30) and Tuesdays/Thursdays at or near Towpath Shelter's parking lot at 6 p.m. (nearby when it's too dark in the fall). There are some dates where group trainings will not occur.

Event Contact Info

If you have any questions about this event, click the button below.

Rochester Runner of the Year

Series Sponsor

June Jaunt Sponsor

The Potato Run Sponsor

Barbecue Bash Quarters Sponsor

Future Race Dates


June Jaunt - 6/16

The Potato Run - 9/8*

Barbecue Bash Quarters - 11/3


June Jaunt - 6/15

The Potato Run - 9/7*

Barbecue Bash Quarters - 11/2


June Jaunt - 6/21

The Potato Run - 9/13*

Barbecue Bash Quarters - 11/1


*May revert back to the Sunday before Labor Day. Decision to be determined after 2023's race.


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