Oakland RunFest Training Camp

Start Logging Miles Anytime After January 4th

Q: How do I log my miles?                                   

A: For all instructions on logging miles, visit HERE!

Q: Do I have to complete a certain number of miles each day, or can I break it up and run more on the weekends?
A: You can run or walk as much or as little as you want on a given day. We will have suggestions on how much to run each week but you can decide to follow it or set your own pace.  The Milestone Checkpoints are based on the number of workouts and the percentage of your total goal miles completed, not on when you complete them. 

Q: Do I have to run the whole way?
 A: No. You can run, jog, or walk on the road, on the trail, on the treadmill, at the gym or on the track. You can even substitute 20 minutes of cross training exercise for 1 mile.  You get to complete your own race, at your own pace, and track it yourself.  We will make suggestions on how many miles to cover each week and when to mix in cross training activities but you can chose your own plan to get ready for race day.

Q: How do I substitute exercise miles?
A: For the purpose of Training Camp, 20 minutes of exercise count as 1 mile on of training.  Many run trainers recommend mixing up your weekly workouts with Cross Training and non-running activities.  Things such as yoga, crossfit, aerobics, Zumba, Jazzercise, etc. can all count.  You are on the honor system for substitutions.  You will be asked to submit the exercise time when logging them in the results page and can note they type of exercise in the NOTES if you wish.

Q: Do I need a GPS watch/tracker? Will I need to show my watch or device for proof of running?
A: You can use one if you wish. You are on the Honor System to track and record your miles. There are many apps on the market that will help you track your mileage including FitBit, Strava or even Google Maps.  We suggest MapMyRun which is free and allows you to plot your course before or after your run/walk/bike and determine your mileage.  It also has paid features where you can track your miles while you run and a Route Genius feature that will automatically plot a course from any start location based on the number of miles you want to do that day.

Q: Do treadmill miles count? What about trail miles?
A: Yes for treadmills and  Yes for trail miles.  Its more about moving and logging miles to get you ready for the 2021 Oakland Running Festival.

Q: I'm participating in another race during the same period as the Oakland RunFest Training Camp. Can I count those miles during toward my total?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I register after January 4?
A: You can register anytime, even after January 4, but you'll have to log all your miles by March 14 at midnight.

Q: If I register after the Training Camp starts on Jan 4, can I include my back mileage to Jan 4?
A: No. If you register before or on Jan. 4, your mileage begins on Jan 4. If you register after Jan 4, your mileage begins on the date you register.  You can add daily miles to catch up to the program or do miles at your own pace.  It's totally up to you.

Q: How long do I have to complete the mileage?
A: The program is set up to cover a set distance of miles each week for the full 10-weeks.  You are invited and encouraged to follow the program for the full Training Camp emersion experience.  That said, you can do your miles as you wish and when you wish.  In the virtual world, there is no one to enforce the rules, other than yourself. You can start entering results on January 4. You have until March 14 to submit your results. In a perfect world you would follow the program, but you do have flexibility with when you start and end your tracking. If you need some extra time due to an injury or just want to take a 7 day break for vacation, that is up to you as the judge and jury in this challenge.

Q: How will I report my miles?
A: You can submit your results HERE.  You will follow these instructions. You can add multiple entries each day and make notes about that day's miles.  You can also see your progress across the map on your personal results page.  You can learn more about how to submit your mileage HERE.

Q: Do all my miles in a day count?
A: Oakland Running Festival Training Camp is a personal quest-- you against the miles ahead of you. You are on the honor system to track and record your distance. Only miles accumulated from direct physical activity intended for Training Camp should count. In other words, steps you earn in your daily activities should not count. Distance traveled via car to get to the trail you are walking on should not count. We all know some trackers tend to encompass additional motions throughout your day so use your best judgement when logging your Camp miles.  You can enter multiple entries in the same day.

Q: Where is my bib and how can I print it out?
A: See the race bib section here.

Q: Where can I access my finisher certificate?
A: Once you submit your full results, click on your name and then click on the CERTIFICATE button on the upper right hand side. You can print and/or share the image on your social media pages

Q: Can I change my zip, address, name, etc.
A: Yes, you can edit your registration information. Here is a guide on making these changes.

Q: I live outside of the Oakland, can I still participate?
Absolutely!  We will have some special activities that take place locally but you can log your miles anytime or anywhere.  We have done our best to make most of the weekly themes generic enough so that you can do them anywhere.  For obvious reasons, we will based the program around Oaktown but this should give you some local flavor as you train no matter where you are!

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