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Trail Tips

There is a portion of this race, the last mile or so, that is run on single-track trails. Many participants in this event are not regular trail runners. To help those who may not be familiar with the “rules of the road” for trail running, here are some quick tips.

  • Stay on the trail
    Wandering off the trail can damage the natural environment that the trail is there to help you enjoy.
  • Run single file
    On narrow trails, this usually comes naturally since there isn’t room to spread out.
  • Yield to faster runners
    If you are overtaken by a faster runner, make sure they have the opportunity to go around you.
  • Pass on the left
    We are used to passing on the left when we drive, so passing on the left on the trail should come naturally.
  • Announce your intention to pass
    If you are about to pass someone, announce your intention with a simple “on your left” to let them know you want to go around them on their left side.
  • Pack it out
    Make sure anything you bring with you (food wrappers, etc.) leaves with you or is properly disposed of in designated containers.
  • Don’t feed the wildlife
    While it may seem fun to do, feeding the wildlife disturbs the natural order.
  • Leave the ear buds behind
    Trail running requires attention to your surroundings so enjoy the sounds of nature.

All of this can be summarized by saying be courteous to your fellow runners and leave the trail in as good or better condition than you found it!

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