Perpetual Motion

Sat December 7 - Sun December 8, 2019 Directions
Pre-Race Emails 2018
RACE WEEK (2) (sent 11/29/18)

The  race is in 3 days! Here's a bunch of last-minute information.
1) The Transfer and Deferral window is now closed.
2) Packet pickup: Friday 4P-6P; Saturday 6A-8A at the race site. Yes, a friend can pickup your packet! Send us an email telling us who will pick it up for you. Make sure you send the email from the address you used when you registered!
3) Update on construction: Fairway Drive in Grapevine is still closed, going over the dam. So if you are coming from the north side of the lake, you'll want to go around it via Long Prairie Rd in Flower Mound or exiting 121 at Bass Pro drive/ Highway 26 exit. ALSO, if you are heading northwest on 26, there may be cones in the left turn lane at Fairway Drive; ignore them and turn left anyway. The road is closed to "Thru Traffic" but it's open for us!
4) Our MCM race timer has changed! Instead of Mike Melton, we'll now be timed by Dan Melton! Dan's been working with his dad in the family business since he was a teen, so he knows the ropes. Same timing company, same standards, same equipment, just (as his Dad says) "younger, better looking & better music!"
5) Online Results: Follow the race at We'll also post the link in the following locations on Facebook: the WRATH Racing page, the Perpetual Motion group & the Perpetual Motion 2018 event.
6) Ship My Swag! Can't make it? There's SO MUCH amazing stuff in the goody bag, it would be a shame to miss out! We can ship it to you! Just go to the race's Store page, and choose Ship My Swag! It'll cost you $10 (plus any RunSignup fees.)
7) Shop Our Store! Want to thank someone who helped you to run Perpetual Motion, such as your spouse/SO that put up with your training schedule, or your crew? We'll have some logo items for sale at the race; they'll be added to the race's Store page after the race.

RACE WEEK IS HERE! (sent 11/26/18)

Race week is here! There is a lot of information to cover, so we alphabetized it for easier reference.
- There will be Heed, Water, and a limited number of gels on a table near the timing mat.
- This is a “low cup” race. Please bring your own bottle; it can be left on the table so you have easy access to it every 0.5 miles
- The aid station will have the usual ultra foods and drinks (chips, cookies, candy, sodas, potatoes, etc).
- There will be a small number of gluten-free snacks. Please plan your own nutrition accordingly.
- The aid station will have also have hot foods at mealtimes (see below) and Hot Broth, Hot Water, Coffee and Ginger Tea after dark.
- Each participant receives a custom laser-cut medal.
- 1st, 2nd, 3rd place receive a crystal award. (Engraved label with placement and mileage will be sent later.)
- 6-hour Awards ceremony at the race site at ~ 2:30 PM
- 12-hour Awards ceremony at the race site at ~ 8:30 PM.
- 24-hour Awards ceremony at the race site at ~ 8:45 AM.
 Camping / Personal Shelters:
- You may set up your tents and or personal shelters anywhere on Sunfish Drive, starting at 4:00 PM on Friday, November 30.
- All tents and shelters should be removed by 4:00 PM on Sunday, December 2.
- We recommend that all personal aid stations be located in the infield.
- Stake your tents well, there aren’t many trees to break the wind.
- No open fires, please.
- There are no RV hookups.
- We will switch directions every 4 hours:  12:00 PM; 4:00 PM; 8:00 PM; 12:00 AM; and 4:00 AM.
- If you leave the course at any time, please complete the lap you are on in the same direction before switching.
- There are 4 trashcans on the course; please use them :)
Friends and Family:
- Your friends and family are welcome to come cheer you on or crew for you.
- Your friends and family may run/walk up to one lap with you. Any more than that, and they should sign a pacer waiver.
- Friends and family will be driving on the same road as we are running on. Please ensure they drive courteously.
- Aid Station food and drinks are for registered participants and registered volunteers only.
- Sunset 5:22 PM; Sunrise 7:15 AM; Moonrise 1:26 AM; Moonset 2:12 PM
- Headlamps or other lights are recommended; 12-hour and 24-hour runners will receive a flashlight in their goody bag.
- There are street lights along the upper straight-away, but no other lights on the course.
All hot meals are vegetarian, with the option of adding meat.
- Lunch 12:00 PM (Cajun Rice & Beans; Potato Soup; Optional smoked sausage; White Bread).
- Dinner 7:00 PM (Mushroom-Barley Risotto; Thai-style noodle soup; Optional shredded chicken; Challah Bread).
- Midnight: 12:00 AM (Mac N Cheese; Italian Vegetable Soup with Pasta; Optional mini meatballs; Focaccia Bread).
- Breakfast: 7:00 AM (Breakfast Burritos; Raisin Bran Bread).
- Volunteers may also make Cheese or Bean Quesadillas to order.
Packet Pickup:
- At race location Friday, Nov 30 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
- At race location Saturday, Dec 1 starting at 6:00 AM
- Please park head in against the metal railings on the *outside* of the course or in one of the two parking lots.
- There is no infield parking.
- Parking on the loop is reserved.
Pre-Race / Post Race:
- There are a few people camping the night prior to the race; we’ll probably all go eat dinner somewhere, TBD
- Any leftover food from the race will get put out at the aid station after the race – take what you want, it’s not going home with us
- Showers – sorry, there are no showers on site. We’ll see what we can rig up during the event.
Timing & Records:
- The race will be chip-timed with an ankle strap.
- There will be two timing mats on the course.
- Runners will need to wear their race bib, which has timing chips on the back, at all times. They will also need to wear the ankle strap timing chip as well. The race bib timing chips are keyed to the online live results, while the ankle strap is our backup system.
- Please yield the inside lane to faster participants.
- If you are seeking to break a record, please let the RDs or Mike Melton (timer) know so we can make sure all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed.
- We will count partial laps. About 10 minutes before your race ends,  you will be given a flag with your number on it. Plant it where you are at the time the race ends (as signified by a blast of the airhorn.)
- The weather will be good for running!
- High of 63 on Saturday, with a chilly overnight (43).
- It may be a bit windy, but almost no precipitation in the forecast!

GOOD NEWS! (Sent 11/3/18)

We have two pieces of good news to share.
The  flooding at Lake Grapevine has not affected us much. One of our parking lots is under water, but the course and the inner loop (camping area) are both high and dry! Access to the course is closed one direction; we'll update you in the next pre-race email.
Instead of long-sleeved hooded tees, we are giving away hoodie sweatshirts! The Gildan sweatshirts are sized the same as their tees. Check/change your size by logging in to RunSignup, and choosing the Swag! tab on the race.