Playmakers P.E. Challenge

Mon September 21 - Sun November 1 Okemos, MI 48864 US

How do I set up an account on RunSignUp so I can register for this event?
Account set up is free and easy. Just follow this link for detailed instructions.

How do I set up a team (or group)?
You can set up a team during your individual registration process or after you have registered. Both ways are explained here.

I set up my team now how do I get the info out to my students?
Info about inviting your students to join your team is here. Info about managing your team is here.

I want to join my teacher's team. How do I do that?
Before you start, make sure you have your team name. Once you do, follow these steps to join.

How do I record my activities
Record the amount of each activity you do by 1) Clicking on "Results" from the menu on the main event webpage 2) Click on the blue "Submit Virtual Results" button at the top of the white section. 3) Next, search for yourself using your name or email address you registered with under the section "Participant Lookup". Once you are in your account you can record your activity and how much you did! You can do it daily, or you can do it once a week, whatever works for you!

Who sets the goals I see listed next to each activity?
In most cases, teachers will set the goal for each activity, so you will want to check with them. However, if you are allowed to set your own, think about how many of each activity you want to do and multiply that by the number of weeks left in the challenge- that number becomes your goal!

Can I do multiple activities or one activity multiple times a day? 
Yes, do as much as you want...all activities count! To add another entry or multiple activities on one day, go to your "Results page" (as explained above), choose "Add Another Activity." DO NOT JUST OVERWRITE THE PREVIOUS ACTIVITY OR IT WILL BE ERASED AND NOT COUNT. Each time you do a new activity/amount, you need to click "Add Another Activity." At the end of the challenge, you will see all the activities you did!

What can be recorded in the Roll/Movement activity?
You will get credit for all sorts of movement activities. Biking, skateboarding, rollerblading, yoga, Tai-Chi, dance, Pokémon Go, GeoCaching, etc. Also, everyone can participate so students with physical disabilities can record movement activities including when they use handcycles, wheelchairs, and assistive mobility devices. Any way you get your movement in, you can record it!

If I'm in another event during the same period as the challenge, can I count that activity, too? 
Yes, absolutely!

How long do I have to complete the challenge?
Individuals have until 11:59pm EST on Sunday, November 1 to record activities.

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