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Location: West Palm Beach, FL US 33405 Directions
Type: Run or Run/Walk, Virtual Race

Make sure to come early even if you are doing the Color Run. You will be getting your Color Run group wave start time as you arrive and sign up on race day. Please come as a group if you want to run together in the same color sticker wave time for your bib.

There will be a board with approximate times for each wave start by color. Listen for color being announced in front of the stage to indicate the color coming up next.

When you cross the finish line you will get a color packet, please wait until the Color Blast Count Down at 9:15 so we can create a color explosion together.

Please wait until we count all the way down to 1 before you throw your color so we can have a huge Color Blast!!!

As long as runners wear shirts that are mostly white, you are all set. Shirts can include team logos and any other image you see fit. You will want to make sure that your shirt has been washed at least once before the run in order to keep as much of the powder color in after you do your run. Getting the color thrown at your shirt is like getting into a flour fight while cooking with your sister. Although the “color” does mostly wash out after the event, as with anything dirty, if you don't want to keep the color in the sooner you wash it the better. We suggest wearing items that you wouldn’t mind getting colorful. If you would like to preserve the color in your running shirt, you can spray it with vinegar and iron it before you wash it. The Color Me Run Station “bursts” are basically food grade cornstarch and are 100% natural and SAFE. As with any substance, you want to keep it out of your eyes and our “professional” color throwers make sure to aim below your face as you pass by. Some “Color Me participants” will want to opt to wear glasses or goggles for your eyes and use a bandana or dust mask for your mouth. You will want to bring some towels for the inside of your car, just in case. It’s like driving home from a run with sweaty clothes. We recommend covering cameras/phones with plastic wrap if you plan to take pictures while running/walking.