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Movin' 4 Missions

Wed May 1 - Fri May 31, 2024


How do I log my steps?
Go to the Results page and click Submit Virtual Results. Then search for your registration.  Click the Log Activities next to your name.  If you aren't logged in, you can quickly verify yourself by phone number or email.  Click Add an Activity and then enter the date and number of steps of your run/walk. Note: If you had multiple runs/walks in a day, you can enter each new run/walk by clicking the "Add Another Activity" button or you can aggregate them together for the day. Either works fine.  Don't forget to hit submit results when you are done.

I just logged some steps...why aren't the results updated?
It takes a few minutes for the results to update after you enter in a new activity.

I can't find myself in the participant list or the results?
Most likely you've checked a box on your RunSignUp profile that hides you from any public lists.  To change this, go to your profile and click the edit button. Then scroll to the bottom and uncheck the checkbox that says "Show as anonymous in public participant lists and race results." For more information, please see this helpful article.

How often do I need to log my steps?
As often as you want, but it's best to log them daily or every few days so you don't forget.  It's also cool to see your progress!!

What happens if I step MORE than my goal?
Your steps keep adding up!  If you reach your goal...then keep running or walking!  See how many steps you can accumulate during the challenge!

How do I modify or delete an activity I entered?
You can edit any of your entries at any time.  The easiest way is the next time you add an activity in RunSignUp look at the bottom of the entry screen. You will see "Previous Entries" and "Manage Activities."  Select manage activities and there is a button to edit any activity.  

Can I walk or hike to meet the distance goal?
Yes, absolutely!!

Can I complete more than one run/walk in a day?
Definitely.  For example, you could run/walk in the morning and then again in the evening and report them as two separate activities.  Or you could run/walk in the morning and go for a hike in the afternoon and report them as two separate activities.

Can I run or walk on a treadmill?
Yes, absolutely!!  

Do I need to run/walk all the steps at once?
No.  This challenge is NOT meant to be accomplished in a single run/walk (although you could), but rather in as many runs as you need.

How do I create or join a team during registration?
During registration, you will be asked if you'd like to join or create a team.  Simple select yes and follow the instructions.

How do I create or join or manage a team AFTER I've already registered?
Log in to RunSignUp --> Select Profile (top right) -->  Select the Manage Registration link in the Virtual Challenge section under upcoming races --> Select Group/Teams in the top navigation.  Then use the options on the page to create, join, or manage your team.  You can do all sorts of cool things like add members (if you are the captain), invite others to register, etc.

Do all team members have to have the same challenge goal (e.g., 125,000 steps)?
No.  Team members can have different challenge goals.  For example, one team member can do the 125,000 step challenge while another does the 175,000 step challenge.  RunSignUp gives you a great roll-up of a team's total steps in the Groups/Teams page.

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