In today’s busy and unpredictable world self-care is all too often shoved to the bottom of the priority list. Truthfully, it belongs at the top. It is far better to show up as a healthy, focused, well-nourished and well-rested individual than to muddle through our many responsibilities at a fraction of our potential. Your friends, your family, your peers, your teammates and yes, your baristas will thank you for taking on the self-care challenge.

Take the Challenge

This event is generously supported by Tom Love, CFP, of The Main Street Group

Learning Opportunities

Expand your knowledge of self-care this week by following our social media channels as we share tips throughout the week. Additionally, Join Us for CKG Yoga for Teens and Families via Zoom – September 16, 2020 5pm
Gentle. Family-friendly. 45-minutes.

Self-Care Ideas

1. Take a few quiet moments each day and try this mindful breathing practice.   
2.  Slow down.  Try your morning coffee or tea a whole new way. 
3.  Schedule a 15-minute mindful walk outside alone, without your phone.    
4.  Connect with your favorite animal; a pet, the birds outside your window, or take a trip to the zoo.  
5.  Take a field trip to your local farmer’s market. Select items for creating a healthy and nourishing meal. 
6.  Prioritize exercise.  Move your body for a minimum of 30 minutes at least 4 times this week.  Luxuriate in relaxing yoga poses. Run or walk briskly to elevate the heart rate.  Engage in a session of your favorite sport.   
7.  Make a date to spend time with a friend.  We are wired for connection. 
8.  Select and write down a personal go-to expression for positive affirmation.  
9.  Take a social media sabbatical.  
10. Say ‘no’. 

Welcome to Self Care Challenge

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