Cap Trail Summer Challenge

Wed June 2 - Mon September 6, 2021 Richmond, VA 23219 US

Conquer the Capital Trail: 51.7 miles

$25 Price increases after July 20, 2021 at 11:59pm EDT

There and Back Again: 103.4 miles

$25 Price increases after July 20, 2021 at 11:59pm EDT

Birthday Challenge: 310.2 miles

$25 Price increases after July 20, 2021 at 11:59pm EDT

Conquer that quarantine cabin fever and join us outside for a challenge this summer! Choose a distance goal for your summer activities and run, walk, bike, and/or skate your way to an awesome and active summer! You can...

  • Aim to complete all 51.7 miles of the Virginia Capital Trail. Whether all at once or a mile at a time, this challenge is about passing each and every mileage post between Jamestown and Richmond!
  • Double down for 103.4 miles. You still need to pass every mile post on the Capital Trail, but the other miles can be completed wherever you like! Of course you could just keep it on the Trail... not that we're biased or anything.
  • Go for 310.2 miles. Random number? Not at all! In honor of the Virginia Capital Trail's upcoming 6th birthday, this is 6 times the length of the Trail! Again, aside from passing every mile post at least once, where you log the rest of these miles is up to you.

While you do need to pass all of the VCT mile posts and complete the Trail in its entirety for each challenge, this will be on the honor system. But why wouldn't you want to see the whole Trail?! 

Complete your miles between June 2nd and September 6th (result submission will stay open for 48 hours after the challenge ends). There will be a $5 price bump on July 21st, and registration closes September 3rd. Upon completing your Summer Challenge, you will be sent a t-shirt and sunglasses on the next shipment date (below). 

Share your Summer experience on social media with #CapTrailChallenge

All proceeds benefit the Virginia Capital Trail Foundation.

If you donate at least $100 DURING REGISTRATION, $25 will be deducted from your registration fee.

If you start a fundraiser that reaches $100, you will be refunded $25 from your registration.


How do I participate?       However you want to! The Cap Trail Summer Challenge is about having an active summer, not how you do that. You can run, walk, bike, skate, or unicycle! See below for how to submit results.

Where does the Challenge take place?     At least partially on the Virginia Capital Trail. For each challenge, you will need to complete all 51.7 miles of the Trail. After that, it's up to you!

What is the Virginia Capital Trail? The Virginia Capital Trail is a 51.7 mile multi-use trail running from Jamestown to Richmond along the scenic Route 5 corridor. Get more info here

When do I get my t-shirt?    Registration for the Cap Trail Summer Challenge does not guarantee you a shirt! Once your submitted results reflect that you have completed the distance goal you set for yourself, your shirt will be sent in the next applicable wave (see below).

Can I purchase additional t-shirts for other people?    You cannot. The shirts are available only for those who have completed one of our Challenges.

My shirt doesn't fit, can I exchange it?    You cannot. However, you can make a $10 donation to the VCTF here and note in the comments section that you need a different Summer Challenge shirt size (make sure to enter the size you need). The shirt will be ordered and sent with the next wave with the same submission deadlines in effect (see below). Please note: If you haven't finished the challenge this will not get you a shirt! 

I completed my challenge and want to keep going! What do I do?     That's awesome! You have a couple of options. 1) Continue to log your miles as you have been. We won't be sending you anything additional after you've completed your Challenge, but you can continue to track your progress with us! 2) Sign up for another Challenge! You will need to register again, but this is the way to another t-shirt. You can log the miles you already completed this summer or start from scratch. Your call!



How to Participate

Step one is to pick a goal for your Summer Challenge. Then you will need to complete the entire Virginia Capital Trail, and any additional miles needed to reach your goal! Log the results to move towards completing the Challenge. 

How can you complete the entire Trail? You've got options!

If your goal is 51.7, you'll only need to cover each mile in one direction. This means you will want a drop off and pickup system. Sign up with a friend and shuttle vehicles (one at each end of the section you intend to complete) or ask somebody to pick you up when you're finished!    

Note: You could go 26 miles out and 26 miles back, thereby doing 52 miles on the Trail but still not have completed ALL of the miles of the Trail. Think in terms of passing every mile marker! 

If you are aiming to do one of the longer challenges (103.4 miles or 310.2 miles), you can park in different places along the Trail and go out and back to your vehicle each time! 


To submit your mileage do the following:

  • Make sure you are logged onto your RunSignUp Profile
  • On the right-hand side, select "Submit Virtual Results"
  • Enter the date, mileage, and any comments you want to include
Shipping Dates

Once you have logged enough miles to complete your Cap Trail Summer Challenge, you will be sent a pair of sunglasses and a t-shirt. Submission cutoffs and the corresponding shipping timelines are listed below.

Results submitted by 11:59PM on June 30th: Shipped July 16th

Results submitted by 11:59PM on July 31st: Shipped August 16th

Results submitted by 11:59PM on September 8th: Shipped September 22nd


Upon completion of the Summer Challenge, each participant will receive a t-shirt celebrating their accomplishment! The number on the back will reflect the completed distance of 51.7 miles (pictured), 103.4 miles, or 310.2 miles. Participants will also receive a pair of Summer Challenge Sunglasses.

Refund Policy

In any case, fees are non-refundable. Once we have received payment, you will not receive a refund and you may not transfer/sell your registration to someone else.

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