WRATH 24/48 Texas Endurance Runs

Fri August 6 - Sun August 8 Fort Worth, TX 76179 US
** PRE-RACE EMAIL ** 2021

We’re so excited for the 9th year of this crazy race, which will hopefully be the first of MANY years at Coleson’s F.R.O.G. Camp! This email should cover everything you need to know, but if something is missing, it's probably in the FAQs: https://runsignup.com/Race/WRATHEnduranceRuns/Page-4
LOCATION:  1824 Staree Lane, Ft Worth, 76179
PACKET PICKUP: Starting at 4 PM on the day of your event
PURPOSE: To raise money for Pediatric Cancer while helping us maintain or improve our fitness over the summer. And to have fun by meeting other crazy people!
COLESON’S F.R.O.G. CAMP:  The facility's family-friendly rules state “no cursing, no alcohol” and clean up after yourself. They are letting us use the property at no charge, so we ask for your cooperation in leaving the property as clean as when we got there. In addition, the Property Managers live in the Barndominium, so we ask that you be quiet in that area at night. 
COVID:  USA Track And Field's COVID protocol requests that runners, volunteers and guests be masked in the Aid Station area, and that runners carry a mask on the course & announce themselves/mask-up before passing another runner. WRATH Racing asks that you wear a mask when you will be within 6 feet of a volunteer or another runner for more than a few minutes or so, unless mutually agreed otherwise. If you don't feel well, please skip the race!
MANDATORY REFLECTIVE GEAR:  Our agreement with the Sherriff’s office requires that every runner needs to wear something reflective. If you don’t have anything, we have reflective duct tape, and we can figure something out.
TIMING:  Every runner will have 2 timing chips:  one on the ankle and one on the bib. Both chips should be worn at all times for best results. The ankle chip MUST be returned at the end of the event. No Ankle Chip, no results. 
CAMPING & SHELTERS  Please see map.
SETUP: Starting at 4PM on the day of your race
HOME BASE:  This is the area for active shelters/ personal aid stations, etc
QUIET CAMPING:  This area is just what it sounds like. If you are going to be hanging out, talking and/or frequently coming and going, please don’t set up in this area. Also, no bright lights, please.
START/FINISH:  Each loop begins and ends underneath the canopy in front of the Gathering Place
CARS:  If you challenge a car, it will win. Please be safe.
COURSE MARKINGS:  The grass will be marked with landscape flags for day. At night, there will be glow lights with reflective flags; the turns will blink. The turn-around on Staree Lane will blink too.
CONES:  Please stay within the coned area for your safety. Staree Lane residents aren’t used to pedestrians on their street.
THE GATHERING PLACE:  We will define socially-distant Rest Spots large enough for a camping cot. Please do not set your gear anyplace but the designated spots. Spots will be given to 48-hour runners on a 1st-come/1st-serve basis.
THE LODGE:  The Lodge is off limits for runners.
TOILETS:  There are two portolets at the start/finish. There is a flush bathroom in the Gathering Place.
FOOD:  Sweet/sour/savory/salty/bland: something for every tastebud, plus hot & cold options. Please see the FAQs for more detail.
- Coffee, sodas, Heed sports drink, etc
- Crazy Water is donating 125 gallons of water! Bring your own handheld bottles and/or camelbaks.
ELECTROLYTES:  We’ll have Hammer Endurolyte capsules
ICE: There will be an ice chest at the start/finish, and more in the Gathering Place. Please use the ice scoops.
ETC: Pickle Juice donated by the Pickle Juice Company!
SHARING:  This is a Running Party, so if you want to bring something to share (chips, cookies) please make sure it's pre-packaged.
COVID CONCERNS:  We will have masks, gloves, and sanitizer on a table inside the Gathering Place for those who want them.
MEDICAL:  Be aware of your body. Please hydrate properly, take in enough electrolytes, and use sun protection. Please take advantage of shade when you can. This event has NO on-site medical support.
MASSAGE:  Scott Losoya of Natural Dynamics Massage will be donating his time. (Tips appreciated but not required.)
Trail Toes has donated anti-friction and sports tape!
LIGHTS: The course is not smooth, so you will need a light of some sort at night.
BUGS:  Yes, there will be bugs. (Maybe lots of them.) And some of them will bite. So bring a great bug spray!
SUN:  We exaggerated, there’s actually a little bit of shade, depending upon the time of day. But half of the course has no shade at all, so make sure you bring some sort of sun protection, such as a high-SPF sunblock, light-colored clothing, sun sleeves, a hat and/or umbrella.
WEATHER FORECAST:  High 94*-97*, low 74*-76*, no rain, light breeze on Friday/Saturday, a bit windier on Sunday.
- Non-participants will be requested to sign in with the timing table.
- Race food and beverages are for registered Runners and Volunteers only.
- Please, no congregating in the building. 
VOLUNTEERS:  Registered volunteers are welcome to consume any of the food and/or drink, and should feel free to bring home something from The Exchange, too!
SUMMARY: If your friend/family wants to come watch, have them volunteer! 
ALSO, runners will be sharing the driveway with vehicle traffic, so please encourage your family and friends to drive slowly!
PARKING:  Please see the course map. Parking head-in along the fence, and along the gravel driveway. No parking on the “Home Base” side of the driveway
STARTERS:  Every runner will get a Trail Toes Sample pack, and a choice of RunRag or Trucker Hat!
FINISHERS:  Do at least 1 lap and you’ll get a hand-made ceramic medal. Runners with 100 Miles or more get a hand-painted Acme Brick. DFW Stickers is donating window stickers for the furthest distance milestone each runner hits: 50K, 50 miles, 100K, 100 miles, 150K & 200K.
WINNERS:  Winners will get an award in the mail, but they get to take home a fabulous gift set from Trail Toes!
THE EXCHANGE! (Idea stolen from Run Woodstock.) Runners can bring lightly-used surplus running gear and put them in a designated area for other runners to take if they want. Anything left over at the end of the event will be donated. Examples: gels/electrolyte drinks/other nutrition (unopened, please); lightly-used clothing (socks, buffs, hats); those extra water bottles, etc. 
WRATH Racing will bring leftover swag from our races, and sample swag that we get from our vendors
BLING FOR BRAVERY:  We are an official drop-off location for Bling For Bravery. If you want to learn more about this wonderful organization, that repurposes your race medals for pediatric cancer patients, read here: https://www.facebook.com/blingforbravery/ 
- 'Thank You' to Julie and Regi Young of Coleson’s F.R.O.G. for letting us use the Coleson’s F.R.O.G. Camp FREE for the weekend! Also 'ThankYou' to F.R.O.G. Camp Property Managers, Ashley and Jeffrey, for all their help!
- 'Thank You' to Clarence Hosey of Run2Win Timing Services for donating his time!
- 'Thank You' to Scott Losoya of Natural Dynamics massage for donating his time!
- 'Thank You' to our wonderful sponsors! Acme Bricks, Crazy Water, DFW Stickers, The Pickle Juice Company, RunRags, and Trail Toes are all donating race supplies!

We’re looking forward to this weekend!
Kay & John


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