Assist Pregnancy Center's Walk Run Ride For Life 2020

Sat May 9, 2020 Directions
How to Recruit Sponsors


Sample Fundraising Email or Letter:

(Here's a sample email you can personalize to send to your friends and family!)

Dear Friend,

On May 9th, I am participating in a special fundraising event to benefit Assist Pregnancy Center. 

Assist Pregnancy Center is a local, life-affirming clinic that helps women and men experiencing an unplanned pregnancy with practical medical care, counseling, and relational support. Because of Assist, families are empowered to choose life for themselves and their unborn children. All of their services are provided at no cost and benefit our community. (Learn more about Assist at

Assist Pregnancy Center ministers in many ways:
• Pregnancy testing
• Ultrasound consultations
• Options counseling, covering abortion risks and alternatives, adoption, and parenting
• Pregnancy and parenting education programs
• Material resources
• Men’s mentoring and fatherhood coaching
• Post-abortion counseling and abortion recovery Bible studies
• Referrals for medical care, adoption placement, housing, and community social services
• Connections to local churches for discipleship and spiritual support

I am participating in Assist’s upcoming fundraiser, the Walk Run Ride for LIFE, so they can continue serving all who walk through their doors!

I am writing to invite you to sponsor me. Every dollar I raise will help Assist Pregnancy Center provide life-changing services. My goal is to raise [list goal amount]. Will you help? Your donation of $25, $50, $100 or more will directly support families and children. It’s easy to make a tax-deductible donation and sponsor me on my personal fundraising web page here: [enter your page URL here]

Thank you for sponsoring me and making a difference for life!

[Your Name & Contact Information] 




Personalize your fundraising page and connect your page to your social networking sites. Uploading a photo, explaining why you care about life, and why you are participating will help your sponsors connect with you. Make sure to email your page to your friends and family as well.

Set a goal. Enter the amount on your personal fundraising page. Be sure to let your sponsors know that their contribution helped you reach your goal!

Dedicate your participation to someone you know who has been touched by an unplanned pregnancy, or to someone who has been impacted by abortion.

Donate personally. Others will appreciate that you are devoting both your time and your own finances when you make a personal donation towards your fundraising goal.

Be enthusiastic when asking for sponsorships! Let people know that their money makes a real difference.

Use special occasions. If you have a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion coming up, ask for Walk for Life sponsorships instead of a gift.

Make an announcement at your social club, service club, or church small group. Invite others to sponsor you and remember people can give cash, checks, or donations online.

Contact everyone who sponsored you last year. Thank them for their donation and ask for their support again. Ask for a specific amount, such as $50 or $100; if they can’t donate that much, they will offer what they can. Be sure to direct your sponsors to your personalized fundraising page!




DAY 1      Sponsor yourself for $50.

DAY 2      Ask two family members to sponsor you for $25.

DAY 3      Ask five friends to sponsor you for $20.

DAY 4      Ask five people from your church to sponsor you for $10.

DAY 5      Ask five neighbors to sponsor you for $10.

DAY 6      Ask two other family members to sponsor you for $25.

DAY 7      Ask your boss or company to sponsor you for $25 or see if your company will match the amount you raise.

DAY 8      Ask five social media friends to sponsor you for $20.

DAY 9      Ask one business you frequently visit to sponsor you for $25.

DAY 10    You’ve done it! Great job! Ask a friend to join you at the Walk and celebrate life together!







Thanks to CPC Tidewater for these fundraising ideas. 



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