2017 Ohio Challenge Series 5K 2nd Half

2017 Series

Series Leaderboard

Male Results

Name Gender Age Hometown Points
1 Mark Tournoux M 63 Louisville, OH US 234
2 Fred Craig M 62 North Canton, OH US 219
3 Jim Warner M 69 Louisville, OH US 217
4 Jim Marthey M 61 Wooster, OH US 209
5 John Francis M 54 Stow, OH US 189
6 Tim Hertel M 46 Akron, OH US 184
7 Stanley Jackson M 45 ALLIANCE, OH US 173
8 Joe Dudek M 60 Akron, OH US 158
9 Andrew Beckel M 46 Massillon, OH US 156
10 Anthony Bartiromo M 13 Hartville, OH US 152
11 PETE FICKERT M 75 Akron, OH US 143
12 Bruce Fowler M 47 North Canton, OH US 140
13 Dick Rutledge M 70 East Rochester, OH US 124
14 Bob Chittenden M 74 Wooster, OH US 109
15 Gary Pritt M 58 Louisville, OH US 107

Female Results

Name Gender Age Hometown Points
1 Maria Prinzo F 45 BARBERTON, OH US 284
2 Renee Brenner F 63 Canton, OH US 283
3 Teresa Ferguson F 49 Akron, OH US 200
4 Sabrina Donatelli F 39 New Franklin, OH US 196
5 Dianne Fowler F 48 North Canton, OH US 178
6 Stephanie Irwin F 50 Canal Fulton, OH US 168
7 Michele Warner F 69 Louisville, OH US 164
8 Carla Sturm F 50 Massillon, OH US 161
9 Mary Fetzer F 54 Creston, OH US 153
10 Debra Zellers F 56 Mogadore, OH US 148
11 Rebecca Foldi F 55 Kent, OH US 135
12 Jann Coates F 59 East Sparta, OH US 111
13 Jennifer Pritt F 35 Louisville, OH US 111
14 Heidi Benson F 27 Rocky River, OH US 100
15 Brittany Farber F 29 East Sparta, OH US 100

About this Race Series

As in 2016, the 5K Series will be divided into 1st Half & 2nd Half due to the large number of 5K events.   Please consult the hard copy calendar to see the dividing time line between the 1st & 2nd Half.

There will be a Series of 5K or less events, over 5K and up to and including 10K Series, over 10K and up Series, & a Walking Series.   The 5K Series will have two halves.   Individuals can be scored in one, two, three, or all of the Series.   You just must complete the required number of events necessary in each grouping.   For the 5K Series your top 5 scoring races will count.   You may run as many as you wish, but only the top 5 will count in your total.   Each event part of the 2017 OCS will only have one distance included when multiple distances are offered.   (All official walking events that are scored will be included).

Points have been simplified and you are scored ONLY in your Gender and your Age Group (no overall-this is to make women & men scored equally).   For Gender the top 100 in each gender will be scored and the top 25 in each age group will be scored.   100 for first, 99 for second, 98 for third, etc.   For the age groups 25 for first, 24 for second, 23 for third, etc.     

Contact Information

If you have any questions about this race series or it’s scoring, please use the following E-mail address:

Included Events

Twins Day 5K for Melanoma Education Initiative
Individual 5K Run & Fun Walk

Sunday August 6, 2017
Twinsburg, OH US

Steppin' Out for Hospice 5K Run/Walk
5K Run

Saturday August 26, 2017
Alliance, OH US

Jeep Davis Memorial 5K
Jeep Davis 5K Run

Saturday September 2, 2017
Barberton, OH US

Madhatter 5K
Madhatter 5K

Saturday September 16, 2017
New Franklin, OH US

Beach City 5K Run/Walk
5K Run/Walk

Saturday September 16, 2017
Beach City, OH US

Maize Valley Beer Run 5K

Sunday October 1, 2017
Hartville, OH US

Hale Harvest 5K
Hale Harvest 5K Run/Walk

Saturday October 7, 2017
Peninsula, OH US