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Delta Sigma Theta - Philadelphia Alumnae

I am helping to create a world without breast cancer
Supporting Charity: Susan G. Komen Philadelphia Fundraiser Goal: $750

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When I first heard that one in every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, I began to list in my mind all of the women I know and love. My heart sank when I imagined one out of every eight of them facing breast cancer. Then I began the line of “what if’s

What if one of those loved ones is diagnosed with an aggressive form of the disease that made her chances of survival slim to none?

What if one of those friends is out of work and can’t afford the treatment that would make her journey easier or, worse yet, successful?

What if somewhere in the future my own great-grand-daughter loses her life to this disease simply because she isn’t aware of why or how to practice early detection?

All these “what if’s” represent real scenarios that happen in our world every day. When I realized this, it brought tears to my eyes to think this horrible disease very well could take someone I love away from me. But it also inspired me to TAKE ACTION to stop breast cancer in its tracks. And this is why I’m fundraising for the Susan G. Komen® Philadelphia MORE THAN PINK Walk™.

There’s no other breast cancer organization I’d rather support because there is no organization that does what Komen Philadelphia does—from funding breakthrough research, to providing free services to my neighbors in need, to supporting survivors and metastatic breast cancer patients on their journeys after diagnosis and treatment—to address every aspect of the fight against breast cancer.

I know, without a doubt, supporting Komen Philadelphia is the very best action I can take to protect all the women I love, today and in the future.

So please, take action with me to destroy this disease before it destroys the lives of the people we love. Please use the form below to make a donation to my 2019 fundraising.

Thank you!

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$100Donor C Gloria Akers
$100Donor Hope Janerette-Crocker
$100Donor Lynda Donaldson Burke
$50Donor Anita Green
$50Donor Deborah E Butler
$50Donor Dee Ermin
$50Donor Edna Hartranft
$50Donor Emily Peden
$50Donor Marie Young
$50Donor Nichole Bethel
$50Donor Robin Wheeler
$50Donor Valerie Christmas
$29Donor Aitiya Hobson
$29Donor Karin Schweier
$29Donor Rhonda Robertson
$29Donor Trisha Ingram- Lee
$25Donor Geraldine Cooper
$25Donor Regina Canty
$25Donor Victoria Mosley Rivers
$20Donor Kia Baker
$3Donor Joanne Wright

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