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Registration (11)

Are discounts available?

All-Out provides many ways for you to save money when participating in our events!

  1. Register early
  2. Earn free entries volunteering
  3. Refer friends and get a refund
  4. Register as a group
Register Early

When you register early, you can really save! Add on the $5 off coupon you get on any race bib and you’re talking serious savings!

  • Super-early bird: closes 6 months before the event, save $20
  • Early bird: closes 3 months before the event, save $15
  • Advance: closes 2 weeks before the event, save $5
Earn Free Entries

Volunteer with All-Out and you can earn credits towards free events. Volunteer for a full day and get enough credits for 2 events, or work the shifts that work best for your schedule and accumulate credits.

Refer Friends

Once you register for an event, you will get a referral URL in your confirmation email that you can share with friends. If you get 4 or more friends to sign up with that URL, you get a refund of up to $25!

Team Registration

If 5 or more athletes register together as a group in a single registration, you automatically get $5 off every registration.


Can I switch to a different distance?

Yes! You can decide to race either longer or shorter right up to the start of the distance you originally registered for. If you make the decision before online registration closes (10 minutes before your original distance closes), just login using the instructions in your confirmation email to make the switch through RunSignup. Or, tell the folks at packet pick-up so they can make the switch for you. IMPORTANT: If you switch to a different distance and you don’t let us know before you start running, you will be disqualified. (…nobody wants to see that happen, this is for your safety on the course!)


Can my child participate?/What are your age limits?

Yes, absolutely, we love having your kiddos join us, and because we choose to leave parenting decisions to the parents, there is no age limit for any distance… that’s entirely up to you. Children who will be participating on foot must be registered just like everyone else, but there’s no need to notify us about the kiddos out for a ride in their stroller. However, children under 5 must be accompanied on course.


Do you offer package pricing?

We do! Check out the season bundles, available before the first event of the season starts, where you can get 15% off each event.


Do you offer virtual racing?

Yes! For athletes with scheduled work, travel plans keeping them out of the area, important family commitments later in the day, limited options in their home town, want to feel connected to a far-away friend, or when the weather conditions don't match your training goals or running style, we’ve got you covered. Your virtual event entry gets you all the SWAG and a finisher medal shipped to you. Virtual athletes also qualify for the Run Amok season awards and Championship. See the virtual racing entry under General Info for more details.


If I am unable to race, may I give my entry to a friend or family member?

Yes! Details for how to request a transfer are included on our Rules & Policies page… just please be sure to let us know as early as possible. IMPORTANT: Giving your entry to a friend or family member without officially processing a transfer is against both AMP and USATF regulations. Doing so will subject you to disciplinary action including but not limited to a full-year ban from all AMP events.


If I’m injured, can I get a refund?

Sorry, no. Although refunds will not be given under any circumstances, you can defer your registration up to 2 weeks before an event to a future event (see our Rules & Policies page). If it is less than 2 weeks before the event, you still have the option of transferring, downgrading your distance, changing to a virtual event, or having us hold/ship your SWAG to you.


May non-binary and transgender athletes compete?

Definitely! Please register with the gender that you currently identify with, or non-binary. Please note there will be no awards in the non-binary pool. If you identify as non-binary but would like to compete for place awards, we ask that you sign up with the male or female gender pool that you most closely identify with.


Strava shows a different distance than the advertised distance, why?

We use a dual-GPS device on course and the shortest-path method to determine our courses and the turnaround locations. Strava estimates distances off of digitized trail routes, which explains the differences. Our courses are always accurately measured on the ground, multiple times, so you can have confidence that the course you're running is the expected distance.


What am I getting with my registration fee?

Not only do we typically have to pay to get the appropriate permits, sanctioning & medical support that ensure you will be participating in a safe, quality event, but use of the venue itself, timing, awards, announcers, restrooms, and believe it or not… volunteer support all cost money. There’s also all the water, electrolyte replacement, energy supplements, chocolate milk, fruit & breakfast burritos. Then there’s that sweet SWAG, right? Shirts, towels, stickers, finisher medals & race pics. Whew!


Why can’t I defer within 2 weeks of the event?

The vast majority of all the stuff used/consumed in the event is purchased two or more weeks in advance. Because at that point we’re still expecting you to be there, you get counted into all orders and your entry fee is spent in preparation for your race, so moving you to another event would mean we purchase everything on your behalf twice. (Don’t worry though… you still have options! Check out our transfer policy on Rules & Policies page.)


Why do you charge an registration processing fee?

It’s not us, it’s them. The processing fee you pay when you register is a necessary evil of having registration available online. All online registration partners (the guys with the SQL gurus on staff) charge a processing fee so they can continue to provide events with quality services for their athletes.

Packet Pick-Up (4)

Can someone else pick up my packet at early packet pick-up?

Yes! As long as you registered online and you’ve already agreed to the waiver, the person picking up just needs your name, so by all means… save some gas & have one person pick up for your whole group!


Can someone else take care of getting me registered at race day packet pick-up/registration?

Sorry, no… not even your spouse. Unless you are under 18, you must sign your own waiver. (Minors must have a parent or guardian present to register and sign their waiver.)


Why do you hold early packet pick-up on Thursday?

Because it takes time to mark the courses & distribute equipment from one end to the other, and because we would be at risk of theft or vandalism leaving it all out there for very long, we reserve Friday nights for Saturday events to focus on race set-up, ensuring that you can count on the ‘no brainer’ we promise.


Why don’t you start early packet pick-up earlier/stay later?

If you’ve ever organized an event of any kind, even a birthday party… you can probably imagine how many last-minute details there are surrounding an endurance event. With just one full-time staff member, I have to be careful not to neglect the other details you’re counting on. We hold early packet pick-up during the hours that we do to serve the majority, then on-site race day packet pick-up for the convenience of everyone else.

Race Day (21)

Can I race with a stroller?

Absolutely… all are welcome! We just ask that you start at the back of the pack to prevent blocking the course for your fellow athletes and make sure to take a look at the event page for trail surface materials to ensure they are compatible with your stroller.


Can I race with my dog?

We love our 4-legged participants! Please be sure to line up behind those who are ‘in it to win it’ and please be sure to lock your retractable leash to a short lead. Oh, and be ready for our staff to love on them a bit… or a lot!


Can I walk the course?

You betcha. Beginners and veterans alike are welcome at all AMP events. Please feel free to participate as competitively as you feel comfortable. We don’t have a time limit on any distance.


Can I wear headphones?

Yes, however, for your safety, please be sure to keep the volume at a level where you can still hear announcements and course instructions.


Can you accommodate mobility, hearing or visually impaired athletes?

Absolutely. Please get in touch with us directly, as far in advance as possible, so any necessary arrangements can be made.


Do I need to wear my race bib?

Yes! Please wear the number provided so it is visible from the front at all times. This will not only help us in a case of emergency, it will also assist our timers, allowing for more accurate results, and our photographers, so they may identify you in your photos later. You also need to properly wear it so your timing chip works, else we won’t have a time for you!


Do you offer meal choices for dietary restrictions?

We’re proud to offer more to our athletes for post-race meal. Athletes with dietary restrictions of any kind are just as important to us as everyone else. Although we can’t possibly offer a full spread for each and every health concern (at least not without a significant increase in registration fees), we make it a point to include an item or two that will be safe for anyone & everyone during their post-race recovery, including vegan breakfast burritos.


I run for a buddy with special needs, can I get a second medal?

Absolutely yes! To be certain all registered athletes receive a medal when they finish we ask that you wait until the end of the event, but then if you approach the Race Director with your request… she’ll be sure to get you taken care of. If you can’t stay for the last finisher, no problem… just contact us. Although we’ll need to ask you to cover postage, we’ll be happy to get a medal out to you as quickly as possible.


Is there a limit to when I start?

YES. First off, make sure to look at the schedule for the event for when packet pickup/registration opens and closes. We must close it in advance for timing. Then for safety reasons, we do not allow athletes to start after 5 minutes after start time. We need to know when and where athletes will be on the course. If you arrive after these cutoffs, we will give you your race SWAG but you will not be allowed to run the course as a supported athlete.


Is there a time limit for me to finish?

Permits to use parks & trails are set to end at a certain point, yes, but we do our best to allow plenty of time and will always have a course sweep so we can support those who might fall a bit behind the pack and will not cut you off for 5K, 10K or half marathon distances. We find most all half marathon athletes finish within 4 hours, even walking the whole distance.


It’s SO hot in the summer… why don’t you start earlier?

Unfortunate for sure, as most of us are cool weather/crack of dawn runners too, but the decision to start at 7:00a is out of respect for the sleeping families in those nearby homes. We would imagine that it could be different if we had races on roads in more urban areas, but because we know you guys love Colorado’s suburban groomed trails, and because most suburban cities have noise ordinances with very specific ‘quiet hours’, we’re already pushing it when we start pre-race announcements a few minutes in advance. If we went All-Out (ha… pun intended) with the louder music/higher energy excitement of multiple race starts as early as 6:00 or 6:30a, we would very likely get a ton of complaints from the residents, which would put our permits in jeopardy.


What can I do if I won a place in my division but I wasn’t at the award ceremony?

If you couldn’t stay until the award ceremony or finished after your award ceremony, don’t fret! Just contact us and we’ll hold your award until your next event or ship you your award with a small shipping fee. If you finish after your award ceremony, you can also head over to the awards tent and we’ll be happy to get a fresh copy of the standings and hand you the award right there!


What, no beer at expo?

Although both events in Golden are on public school property (NAAC Stadium) so we’ll never be able to offer alcohol at those, it’s certainly not off the table for the others! Because the process to license/permit the service of alcohol to a mixed-age crowd in such an open atmosphere is crazy demanding and would require additional staff… not to mention the equipment & security that would be required on race day, we’re holding off until our events are big enough across the board that we can absorb these costs without raising prices. (This is probably the one question/comment we hear most often so trust us when we say… we won’t forget when the time comes.)


Why aren’t you zero-waste?

Honestly, we care more about our runners than the environment. We want to be inclusive of runners of all abilities and experience levels, and for those just starting out, endurance events are hard enough to get into without also worrying about how you’ll sustain yourself. Even for our experienced runners, have you ever waited in line after finishing at a cupless event just to get some water, or have you missed your PR because you were waiting for some electrolytes at an aid station? We don’t want that for any athlete, so we are a “cup-full” event. We actively recycle all plastic bottles and cardboard that are used at our aid stations and our meal tent, and are investigating ways to make it easy for athletes to recycle the plastic they use.


Why do you bother with 5K medals?

To us, finisher medals are not about awarding what other runners or the endurance sports community have decided is a respectable effort, but instead about awarding the ‘never quit’ or ‘refuse to fail’ attitude each individual must have to cross that finish line. Because there’s no way for us to know the perspective of each athlete, we provide finisher medals to all. (If you are of the mindset that medals aren’t really necessary until you go a bit longer, there are some great charities out there you can donate it to.)


Why do you repeat the same stuff before each race?

We love that you’re an alumni and have been to our events before! However, somewhere around half of all who are standing there in the chute with you are joining us for the first time, so we feel it’s important to make sure we announce the most important stuff. (Aren’t you glad we don’t read the all the details from the website?)


Why don’t you have more loop courses?

Very few Colorado trails have been designed with loops that create the perfect 5K, 10K or Half Marathon. What this means is that to provide you with an accurate distance on a loop course, we would likely need to put you on roads either open to traffic and far less safe, or closed to traffic and far more expensive. (FYI… since less safe is not an option in our opinion, more expensive would mean higher entry fees, and nobody wants to see that happen.)


Why don’t you paint your markings on the ground like everyone else?

You’re right… they’d be bigger and easier to see, but can you imagine what our beautiful Colorado trails would look like if all races did that? Eeesh! All-Out Multicourse has a very strict ‘Leave No Trace’ policy so we use gaffer’s tape that can be easily removed.


Why don’t you put the date of the event on the SWAG?

We always include the year for keepsake purposes, but as those who registered for our 2013 Spring Fever will understand… you just never know when something is going to happen to cause a postponement. Had we printed ‘3/23’ on everything, several hundred pieces of SWAG would have been trash and it was far too late to get a reprint that said ‘3/30’ in time to hand out on race day. (Stupid blizzard!)


Why don’t you wait for everyone to finish before you start the awards ceremony?

This is a tough call at every race. The earlier we start the more late finishers there are that miss out, and the later we start the more early finishers there are that can’t wait around. To us, scheduling the start of the award ceremony for right in between the two seems the fairest.

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