BFit Heroes Cup Hockey Tournament

Fri June 9 - Sun June 11, 2023 Marlborough, MA 01752 US Directions


Civilian position:

Each team will be allowed 1 rostered civilian, that is the only civilian allowed to play for the tournament. You may use this civilian as a skater or a goalie, but only one civilian is allowed on a roster. 

There will be spot checking done of teams throughout the tournament, please keep a valid form of identification with you to your designated occupation (Fire, Police, Military, EMS). The Captain or coach will identify who is the rostered civilian for each team.

In the event a team is found to have more than one civilian playing during the tournament, than that team will forfeit the game they are in violation for. 

Prior to all playoff and championship games, all teams will be checked by a Hero’s Cup Foundation Board member to assure compliance with these rules. 


All teams must upload their rosters on to Game Sheet prior to puck drop of game 1 of the tournament, not game one of individual teams,  no adjustments will be allowed after this time. All members of the team who may possibly play should be listed on the roster. Your civilian must be identified on the roster. Prior to each game the captain or coach will then use the Ipad assigned to the rink/scorekeeper to mark the members present for the game, this will assure that all skaters are fully accounted for. 

Tournament Rules:

● 3 12 minute periods, stop time


● Minor penalty= 1:30 minute, Major=4 minutes, Misconduct=10 minutes

● 2 Major penalties will be a disqualification

● Disqualification is remainder of game and suspension from next game

● Game misconduct is just remainder of current game 

● 4 penalties will be a game misconduct

● In the event of a “fighting” penalty, that player will be ejected from the tournament


● Automatic icing, no touch up, no race to the dots/circle

● Icing will be at the defensive blue line not center red line


● Delayed offside

● Shot on goal will not occur in a whistle, if the puck is to go in the net a goal will not be allowed

Additional Rules:

● Hand pass outside of defensive zone will result in a faceoff in the defensive zone of the offending team

● Puck leaves the playing surface due to striking the post from a shot, faceoff will be conducted in the offensive zone, so not to penalize the fore-checking team

● One timeout per team per game

● Slap shots are okay

All game sheets and penalties will be reviewed by “Head Official.” If you are ejected from a game or issued DQ further investigation will be made, by Head Official and potential ejection from tournament may occur.  

Tie Breaker:

● All non-playoff  games ending regulation in a tie will enter directly into a 3 minute 3v3 sudden death where the teams will switch defending zones from the 3rd period. In the event the game remains tied at the end of the 3 minutes, the game is declared a tie and each team will receive a point

● In the event of a tie in the standings, a tiebreaker will be decided based on these parameters:

o       Head to head

o       Penalties in minutes

o       Goals against

o       Goals for

o       Coin flip
In the event of a tie in the playoffs or championship, a 12 minute 3v3 sudden death overtime period will take place. The teams will switch defending zones from the conclusion of the 3rd period, and will continue to switch for each additional OT period in the event no winner is determined. No time outs are allowed, in the event of a penalty the teams will play 4v3, or 5v3 if a second is called.

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