When does the Race for Open Space take place?

You can submit your daily mileage and times for any completed race courses between Saturday, April 4 at 12:00am and Sunday, April 25 at 11:59pm.

I'm confused how to register for multiple events. How can I learn more?

We've created a tutorial video that helps take you through the registration process. It's 2 minutes long and a helpful resource! Click here to view. Note that it's only $10 for each additional in-person Land Trust course you add on to your initial registration, but you must do this while you are doing your initial registration. It will not work if you register for one course and then later decide you want to add on an additional course. Adventure Courses are not included in the add-on discount feature and are priced separately at $50 each.

What do I get when I register?

All participants will receive a digital race bib and finishers certificate that you can print and show off. Participants may also opt-in to receive a commemorative participation medal and goodies. Big Sur Land Trust swag is available at an additional cost.

What the Community Trail Mile Challenge? / How does it work?

During the Community Trail Mile Challenge, the idea is to run, walk, or hike as many miles as you can during the three-week Race for Open Space period, no matter where you are in the world. Participants submit daily mileage online to be tallied and displayed on a leaderboard. (If you decide to use the RaceJoy app, your activity will automatically be submitted to the results.) We will recognize the people and team who accumulate the most miles during the Race for Open Space. In addition, if we as a community reach specific milestone goals together (such as 10,000 miles), we can unlock even more support for Big Sur Land Trust from our generous sponsors and community partners!

Do I have to sign up separately as a virtual participant so I can log miles for the challenge if I also want to run in-person on Land Trust properties?

Nope! When you register for any of the courses on Big Sur Land Trust properties, you are automatically signed up as a virtual participant as well so that you can participate in the trail mile challenge. Note that you will need to submit two results forms if you want to submit both a time and mileage for the course you run.

Do I have to race to participate?

No, you do not have to race! You can participate in our community trail mile challenge by submitting the daily mileage you walk/hike/run, which will add to our overall community total and your own personal total. Even if you don't want to race, if you want to access Big Sur Land Trust's properties you must select a specific property, course, and date/time.

Do I have to do the trail mile challenge to participate?

No, but it is highly recommended! You can choose to do the race component alone by submitting only your race times when you complete the courses your register for.

If I want to do both the race and the trail mile challenge, how do I submit results?

On each day you race a designated course, you will need to submit two sets of results. First, submit your result for the race course you complete. Then, submit your daily mileage.

I signed up for three events and got a different bib number for each one. Which bib number should I use?

When submitting any timed results, please use the bib number assigned to you for that specific race course. When submitting any mileage results, please pick your favorite bib number and stick to it for the entire duration of the Race for Open Space event period. If you use RaceJoy, please enter in the same bib number each time you sign in to the app so that your results are automatically uploaded and tracked properly. Any timed results for the Glen Deven Ranch, Mitteldorf Preserve, and Palo Corona courses much be submitted separately with the bib number you received during registration.

What is RaceJoy?

RaceJoy is an app available for Apple and Android devices that provides an interactive race-like experience, including the opportunity for your friends and family to track you and send you cheers, as well as GPS progress alerts and pre-recorded messages and announcements from Big Sur Land Trust. Anyone who has registered for the Race for Open Space can download and use RaceJoy as part of their Community Trail Mile Challenge experience. Each activity you complete using the RaceJoy app will be automatically uploaded to our results (you won't need to manually add it). Please note that this app will not function well in areas with poor cell service, and you will need to carry your phone with you during your activities. You will also want to download the mobile app well in advance of the Race for Open Space so that you have time to set up your profile, enter your bib number (assigned during registration; check your profile if you aren't sure where to find it), invite your friends and family to track you and send you cheers, and familiarize yourself with the app. Click here to view the RaceJoy how-to guide, and click here to download the app on your phone.

Can I participate on a bike?

No, this particular event is strictly a run/walk/hike event. If you are keenly interested in getting out on your bike, we encourage you to check out some of the other organizations and clubs in our region who are putting together great biking events.

Can I participate indoors on my treadmill or by running around my basement?

No, this particular event specifically seeks to motivate participants to get outside and connect with nature while running, walking and hiking. We encourage you to get outside--safely!--and enjoy the magnificent lands around you.

How do I get more information about the courses you have?

Hover over "Event Info" in the navigation bar to get a list of the different courses available for this year's event.

Are strollers or dogs allowed on the Land Trust courses?

For the regular Land Trust courses, you are welcome to run with a baby or a dog! Note that all dogs must be leashed, and please leave no trace. Note also that trail conditions and elevation may make pushing a stroller difficult. For the Adventure Courses starting at Palo Corona, unfortunately we cannot allow strollers or dogs.

Will nutrition or water stations be provided on any of the Land Trust courses?

No, these are self-supported courses. Participants will need to provide their own nutrition and water. If you wish to carry your own hydration or fuel for your run/hike, please remember to leave no trace.

Will restrooms be available along any of the Land Trust courses?

Limited restroom facilities will be available at the starting area of each Land Trust course for emergency use only. For Glen Deven Ranch, a restroom is located in the main house. Please remove your shoes before entering and keep the door closed at all times to help us keep critters out. At Mitteldorf Preserve, a portalet will be located in the Williams Canyon turnout parking area. For the Adventure Courses, in addition to the portalet at Mitteldorf Preserve a set of portalets is available for use at the Palo Corona Discovery Center.

What kinds of hazards should I prepare for during the Race for Open Space?

No matter if on Land Trust courses or running on your own, you should always consider the environment where you will be running and what kinds of things you might run into. For example, if you are running on or near a street, you should always be aware of traffic and wear reflective gear if you are running in the dark. No matter what, to prevent the spread of COVID-19 we strongly urge you to carry a face mask with you on your run and to put it on if you cannot maintain at least 6 feet of distance from other people (including during passing).

On Land Trust trails, some potential dangers to prepare for include (but are not limited to) poison oak, thistle, stinging insects, and ticks. To prevent contact, we recommend long, light-colored layers and light-colored tube socks. We also have terrain that can be muddy or sand-like depending on the weather. The terrain can also be quite uneven and steep. If you own trail running shoes, we recommend wearing those.

Preparing for weather exposure is also important. With the various microclimates across Big Sur Land Trust's properties in Monterey County in April, it can be hard to predict what the weather will be like. It could be very chilly in the morning and could warm up significantly as the day goes on. It could be very foggy, even drizzly, and it could also be a hot, sunny, cloudless day. We recommend preparing yourself for all kinds of weather possibilities, especially by wearing layers and sun protection. Anyone running the Palo Corona to Mitteldorf Preserve course should bring a change of shoes and socks in case you get wet during creek crossings.

If I sign up to do a course at Glen Deven Ranch or Mitteldorf Preserve, am I required to stick to that course?

Not unless you are planning to submit a time for the specific course you registered for. Either way, you do need to stick to your selected date/time slot. If you need to change this, you may do so in your registration details no less than 48 hours in advance.

Do I have to show up exactly at the start of the time slot I selected for an in-person course?

No, but you must complete your time on the property by the end of your selected time slot. For example, if you picked 8am-12pm at Glen Deven Ranch, you can show up anytime in that window as long as you finish and are leaving the property by 12pm.

Is there a time limit on any of the courses?

You are restricted to a 4-hour time window on the Glen Deven Ranch and Mitteldorf Preserve courses. You will select your preferred date and timeframe when you register. You may change this no less than 48 hours ahead of your start time. There is a 6-hour time window allowed for the Adventure Courses starting at Palo Corona Regional Park, and all participants must select a starting timeslot such that they plan reach the halfway point no later than 1:20pm.

How do I get to Glen Deven Ranch/Mitteldorf Preserve?

Directions to the respective property/properties will be included with your confirmation email. If you cannot find your confirmation email in your inbox, please check junk/spam. If you still cannot find your confirmation email, you can resend this through your participant profile. Click here for more instruction. If you are still having trouble, leave a message for the Race Director at 831-886-7820 or agora@bigsurlandtrust.org.

I can no longer make the date/time I signed up for to run one of the courses on your properties. Can I change it?

Yes, in your participant profile you can manage your registration quickly and painlessly. Click here for detailed instructions. You may change your course date/time no less than 48 hours in advance for the Mitteldorf Preserve and Glen Deven Ranch courses. The sooner the better, as it allows other people the opportunity to get out on the land in your place! You are not allowed to change your date/time beyond April 10 for the adventure courses.

I went out to one of the properties and there was a tree that fell across the trail. How do I report this?

Please click here to report any hazards you encounter while out at the properties such as downed trees, landslides, or fallen signage.

How do I participate in the photo contest?

All photos that are submitted on the Race for Open Space website will be automatically entered into the photo contest. There are three options for uploading photos: 1. After you submit results or log an activity, 2. Through the "Photos" tab at the top of the Race for Open Space website, 3. From the result page when you pull up your individual results. Click this link to learn more. Photo contest categories are: "Find Your Wonder", "Social Distancing", "Animal Sightings", and "Tiny Treasures". All uploaded photos will be examined with these categories in mind. We also encourage you to post your photos on social media and tag @BigSurLandTrust so that we can learn more about the stories behind your photos! Unique hashtags we recommend using for this event are #BSLT, #ROS2021, #RaceForOpenSpace, #LandsYouLove, #OpenSpace, and #MontereyCounty (feel free to use other nonspecific tags too like #Race, #Run, #Walk, #Jog...).

Will there be photos/videos taken of me at all during the Race for Open Space?

Big Sur Land Trust staff may be on properties on occasion to take photos or videos, but this is not guaranteed. We encourage you to take your own photos or partner with your quarantine-buddy to take photos. We have an event photo album on this website where you can upload your photos and check out other peoples' photos, too! When you submit your photos online or share them with us directly, they will automatically be entered into a photo contest. If you upload your photos on social media, we encourage you to use the hashtags #BSLT, #ROS2021, #RaceForOpenSpace, #LandsYouLove, #OpenSpace, and #MontereyCounty (feel free to use other nonspecific tags too like #Race, #Run, #Walk, #Jog...).

Are there awards/prizes for top finishers?

We will be hosting a virtual after-party on Zoom (date and time TBA) with raffle prizes. We will also award recognition for the following categories:

  • Top total mileage by gender category
  • Top total team mileage
  • Top race time by gender category: Glen Deven Ranch 2.4mi
  • Top race time by gender category: Mitteldorf Preserve 4mi
  • Top race time by gender category: Mitteldorf Preserve 8mi
  • Top race time by gender category: Palo Corona to San Jose Creek Trail 9mi
  • Top race time by gender category: Palo Corona to Mitteldorf Preserve 21mi
  • (Youth division for individual mileage and race time for each course, ages 12 and under)
  • Top overall fundraiser
  • Top fundraising team
  • Photo taken during an activity: "Find Your Wonder"
  • Photo taken during an activity: "Social Distancing"
  • Photo taken during an activity: "Animal Sightings"
  • Photo taken during an activity: "Tiny Treasures"

When do I receive my swag?

If you opt-in for a participation medal and/or purchase Land Trust swag before February 28, your order will be fulfilled on Friday, March 5. Orders will be fulfilled on a rolling basis every Friday thereafter, until April 30. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to arrive and plan to register early if you would like to receive your gear before the Race for Open Space begins. No matter when your merchandise arrives, we would love it if you took a photo of yourself, shared it on social media, tagged @BigSurLandTrust, and mentioned the #RaceForOpenSpace!

Can I make a team? / What are teams?

You absolutely can! Creating or joining a Race for Open Space fundraising team lets you band together with fellow runners/walkers to help raise miles and dollars in support of Big Sur Land Trust and the lands you love. You and your team can compete on total miles ran/hiked/walked or on fundraising goals (or both!) during the Race for Open Space. There will not be a team race category, and to prevent the spread of COVID-19 we do not advocate running with your teammates if you do not live together.

Are there refunds/rollovers?

Big Sur Land Trust hosts the Race for Open Space as a charitable fundraising event to inspire love of land across generations, conservation of our unique Monterey County landscapes, and access to outdoor experiences for all. We follow standard running industry policy for the Race for Open Space and are not issuing registration refunds at this time. If you registered for a date/time on a specific Land Trust property and can no longer make it at that date/time, please consider changing your date/time slot instead through your participant profile settings. You can change your date/time to a different slot no less than 48 hours in advance. If you can no longer participate at all and you registered for a specific date/time slot on any of the properties, please relinquish your date/time slot in your participate profile. If you require assistance, please contact the Race Director at 831-886-7820 or agora@bigsurlandtrust.org.

Why aren't you offering courses at Marks Ranch this year?

When the River Fire began on August 16, 2020, Big Sur Land Trust's Marks Ranch was called into service. Located between Toro County Park and the Las Palmas neighborhood in Salinas, Marks Ranch became part of the incident command center during this blaze. It quickly became clear that a critical firefight would be waged at this beautiful 79-acre ranch. In a backburning operation to protect nearby neighborhoods, several acres of Marks Ranch burned, including many of the trails that people ran during the 2018 and 2019 Race for Open Space events. Thankfully, this action was part of the approach that kept the fire from destroying many homes and jumping Highway 68. To keep people safe and prevent further degradation to the land, Marks Ranch is currently closed while we repair damages, reinstall water infrastructure for conservation grazing, and conduct trail work. Click here to learn more and check out our MC Gives 2020 video below.

I need help with something else!

If you are having issues with registration, please visit this FAQ page first before contacting the Race Director to see if your issue is there: https://help.runsignup.com/support/solutions/17000080452. If your registration issue is not there, or if you have a question about something else, you may leave a message for the Race Director at 831-886-7820 or email agora@bigsurlandtrust.org.

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