Bridge 2 Bridge Danville

Sat April 13, 2019 Danville, VA US 24541 Directions
5K Walk & 5K Run & 10K

Thank you for your interest in our 5K & 10K! if you wish to participate in the 5K distance, you may chose either the 5K WALK or the 5K RUN. If you participate in the WALK, you are NOT permitted to run at all as there are people competing for the fastest walker title and running is not allowed! If you would like to mix some running in with potentially some walking, please register to run-you aren't required to run the entire distance! Make sense??

If you are up for a greater challenge, register to RUN in our 10K event. We do not have a separate walk for this event however you may mix running and walking if you are interested in tackling a greater distance!

The maps will allow you to better understand where the routes go but for a quick synopsis-here you go!

The 5K events AND the10K Run will all start just outside of the Community Market. The 10Kers will take off first followed by the 5K runners and then the 5K walkers. All participants will run up Bridge Street toward the JTI fountain. They will take a right at the end of Bridge Street and onto the pedestrian lane of the MLK Bridge. They will take a right onto 58 West toward the airport and continue on the sidewalk. They will take another right just after the parking lot preceding the entrance to the Riverwalk Trail. The 5K and the 10K runners will both join the trail and take a LEFT and head toward Dan Daniels Park. The turn around for the 5K will be near Dan Daniels Park and near Anglers Park for the 10K. It will be well marked and staffed with plenty of volunteers.The 5K WALKERS will follow the same path however, once they will join the Riverwalk Trail, they will take a RIGHT, in the direction of the YMCA. The turnaround will be just past the river overlook and the Woodall car lot. It will be well marked and have plenty of volunteers as well. On the return, all participants will be exiting the trail where they entered it and will be making their way back to the Community Market the same way they went out.

Please be cautious of other runners and walkers as you may experience some congestion upon exiting the trail.

Also, please use extreme caution when running on the cobblestones on Bridge Street as we want everyone to be safe!


Click on the PDF file below to view the race map.

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