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Autism Speaks 8K Run & 1k Fun Run - Austin, TX

Your donation makes a difference!

Donate $50 or more for the VIP Experience. The VIP Experience includes upfront parking; VIP tent access including massage tables, mimosa bar, local Austin beer, catered food, and a race concierge for all your questions and needs.

Virtual Runner: We are strongly encouraging runners and walkers who can’t be with us at Camp Mabry on Sunday, May 29th to compete and/or participate in our “Virtual 8k & 1k Kid’s Fun Run”. Virtual Runners must register via the website, and will receive their performance shirt in advance to join us virtually on May 29th. You can run and raise money for autism anywhere! Virtual runners are encouraged to snap a photo in there t-shirt with run location and post to our Facebook wall. The virtual 8k & 1k Fun Run deadline to receive the performance shirt prior to race day is April 15, 2016. Virtual Runners who register after this date will receive their shirt after May 29th.

Prizes will also be given out to winners in the following categories:

  • Top Fundraising Team
  • Top Fundraising Individual
  • Top Fundraising Child
  • Best T-shirt or outfit
  • Largest Team (# of registrants)
  • Farthest Distance Traveled by an Individual

Please note, only one prize per team.

Fundraising: Every participant is encouraged to fundraise. Participants who raise over $168 will receive a prize swag item after the race is completed. Fundraising is critical to continue to support the mission of Autism Speaks.


Raised By 85 Donors

VIP $250$500on behalf of Greg Ward
VIP $250$250from Anonymous
VIP $250$250on behalf of Gordon Gordon
VIP $250$250on behalf of Larry Cohen
VIP $100$100on behalf of Allison Naugle
VIP $100$100on behalf of Aunt Jenn
VIP $100$100on behalf of David Shifrin
VIP $100$100on behalf of Jay and Jan Mangum
VIP $100$100on behalf of Jennifer Hawkes
VIP $100$100on behalf of Joan Greenhut
VIP $100$100on behalf of KidVentures Therapy Services
VIP $100$100on behalf of Logan Mangum
VIP $100$100on behalf of Mateo Romero
VIP $100$100on behalf of Melissa Newton
VIP $100$100on behalf of Shelly Bain
VIP $100$100on behalf of The Meservey Group - CPAs
VIP $100$100on behalf of The Tenney Family
VIP $50$50on behalf of Alan Langham and Greg Ward
VIP $50$50on behalf of Amanda Labbe
VIP $50$50on behalf of Annie Gerken
VIP $50$50on behalf of Arnav Batra
VIP $50$50on behalf of Carl Eastman
VIP $50$50on behalf of Cassandra Hartmann
VIP $50$50from Anonymous
VIP $50$50on behalf of Claudia Yharte
VIP $50$50from Anonymous
VIP $50$50on behalf of Darragh Carey
VIP $50$50on behalf of David LaPlante
VIP $50$50on behalf of Debra Thompson
VIP $50$50on behalf of Delaney
VIP $50$50on behalf of Elliot Dooner
VIP $50$50on behalf of Erika Simono
VIP $50$50on behalf of gabriel armstrong
VIP $50$50on behalf of Gerald Weber
VIP $50$50on behalf of Jennifer Holkan
VIP $50$50on behalf of Josh Goodman
VIP $50$50on behalf of Karen Needel
VIP $50$50on behalf of Keiko Ichiye
VIP $50$50on behalf of Larry Eschenbacher
VIP $50$50on behalf of Laura Williamson
VIP $50$50on behalf of Martin van Stel
VIP $50$50on behalf of Mary Yancy
VIP $50$50on behalf of Matt Heisterman
VIP $50$50on behalf of MELANIE LEVY
VIP $50$50on behalf of Nichole Smith
VIP $50$50on behalf of Quinn Smith
VIP $50$50on behalf of Scott Hein
VIP $50$50on behalf of Susan & TJ Wojnar
VIP $50$50on behalf of Suze and Babs Miller
VIP $50$50on behalf of Tim & Carrie Steger
VIP $50$50on behalf of Wanda LaPlante
VIP $50$50on behalf of Zachary Dresser
$20$30on behalf of Danielle Audas
$20$25on behalf of Whitfield Smith
$20$20on behalf of Dan Karstadt
$20$20on behalf of Helen Arguello
$20$20on behalf of Helen Huckaba
$20$20from Anonymous
$20$20on behalf of Kevin Fincher
$20$20on behalf of Laurie Laurie
$20$20from Anonymous
$20$20from Anonymous
$20$20on behalf of Mike Garcia
$20$20on behalf of Peter O'Brien
$20$20on behalf of Ray Zamora
$20$20on behalf of Tami Heeding
$10$10on behalf of Aaron Kimes
$10$10on behalf of Anders Jakobsen
$10$10from Anonymous
$10$10from Anonymous
$10$10from Anonymous
$10$10on behalf of Jason Behr
$10$10on behalf of Jason Hamlin
$10$10on behalf of Jon Jones
$10$10on behalf of Josh Cohen
$10$10from Anonymous
$10$10on behalf of Matthew Weigel
$10$10on behalf of Mercedes Orten
$10$10on behalf of Rebekah Capelo
$10$10on behalf of Ryan Hansen
$10$10on behalf of Shanmatee Reddick
$10$10on behalf of Thor Thayer
$10$10on behalf of Tracy Kienitz
$5on behalf of benny zamora
$5on behalf of Brynne Dunning

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