Gaylord Gauntlet

Saturday, June 26th 2021 Wallingford, CT 06492 US Directions
Frequently Asked Questions


 Can I run as an individual or do I have to be a part of a team?

 You can run individually or as part of a team. We are encouraging teams of no more than five (5) as a way to share the experience and provide assistance to

 others during the obstacles, but to also maintain social distancing on the course.

 How do I form a team?

 Decide on a team name and enter when you register. Communicate to each team member to sign up for that team and the same wave (start time).

 Can I sign up all my team members together?

 Yes. When you Register there is a drop down that allows you to choose how many people you will be registering in that transaction.

 What if I want to join a team after I’ve signed up as an individual?

 Email with your request.

 Will there be a pre-race packet pick-up?

 Yes. Emails will be sent in June when and where the packets will be available.

 I see a “Donate” section on the webpage; do I have to donate?

 No, but this event is a fundraiser so participants are encouraged to donate or fundraise for their team. All proceeds from the event go to the Gaylord Sports

 Association to  help their adaptive athletes. Some may choose to donate in addition to their registration fee and some people have donated that can’t attend.

 How old do you have to be to participate?

 Racers must be at least 12 years old and accompanied by an adult if less than 18.

 Will there be a children's obstacle course this year?

 Due to Covid restrictions there will not be a children’s obstacle this year. 

 What do the participants get?

 All racers will receive a quality, one-of-a-kind Gauntlet t-shirt and logo buff in their packet. The buff can be used as a mask during the race. After the race,

 your wrist bracelet will entitle you to a free beer of your choice. Minors will receive their choice of bottled water or Powerade. Water will be given during

 the race and photos will be online afterwards. Parking is free. Security check-in for belongings will not be provided as in years past due to Covid

 restrictions. Showers and towels are provided, but no changing room. There are no hidden charges of any kind. Rankings will be posted online after the race,

 but no medals or award ceremony this year. A Gaylord Gauntlet 2021 mask will be provided to everyone at the end of the race.

A mask must be worn in the festival area and on campus.


 Do you have directions?

 The Gauntlet will be held on the main Gaylord Hospital campus located at:

 50 Gaylord Farm Road, Wallingford, CT 06492

 Where is the parking and is there a charge?

 There is no charge for parking. If you get here early, we recommend you stay in your car until ½ hour before your start time and then report directly to the        

 Start area if you already have your race packet.  If not, give yourself 45 minutes to get through registration and to the Start Line.

 What will I need to do when I arrive at the race to get my packet?

 After parking, follow the signs for Check-In. Remember to bring your government-issued or school photo ID. Check-In will occur in the Chauncey

 Conference Center. You will receive your bib with timing chip, official Gauntlet shirt, buff and non-removable bracelet. The bracelet will be necessary to

 be on the race course and to get your free beer in the Festival Area.

 What should I bring to the race?

 1. Government or school-issued picture ID.

 2. Running gear-Please wear washable clothes and shoes. You will get wet and dirty, but there will be no need to throw out your gear after this race.

 You will be able to do this race with shorts and shoes, but consider elbow pads.

 3. Drinking water. As described below, drinking water will be provided, but depending on how you want to hydrate after the race, you may want to bring

 extra bottled water.

 4. Blankets, lawn chair and/or small shades. The Festival Area will be on the Gaylord Hospital South Lawn, overlooking the Farms Golf Course. Food vendors 

 will be available and music, but runners are encouraged to distance from other groups after the race and leave after refreshments.

 5. Legal Tender. The Festival Area will have beverages and food supplied by food trucks which can only be bought with cash or some may

  accept credit cards. 

 6. No alcohol, drugs or weapons can be brought onto Gaylord property.

 In addition, the entire campus is non-smoking. Only those with proper ID showing their age above 21 will be allowed to drink beer and security will be

 on hand to enforce these rules.  All bags and coolers are subject to inspection.

 Will there be a Secure Area for belongings?

 No.  Unfortunately not this year.

 What if I miss my start time?

 If you miss your start time, we will make every effort to put you in a later wave, but only if there’s space remaining.  

 Can I change my start time before the day of the race?

 Yes, but by June 12th and only if your desired wave isn’t already filled. Email your request to

 How are your events timed?

 All runners have a RFID timing chip in their bib. Timing is provided by Racewire and is very accurate to the point where the runner crosses the

 finish line. Team times will be posted as the time of the last team member to finish. Results will be posted at approximately 3 p.m. on site and the

 following week on the Gaylord webpage. 


 How does the race start?

 Waves of runners leave every 20 minutes to help prevent back-ups on the course, starting at 8 a.m. At 1 p.m. the intervals decrease to 15 minutes with

 the last Wave going off at 2:00 p.m. Waves are limited to 25 people this year and each wave will be further split up at the Start Line to go off

 every 5 minutes to allow for distancing.

 How long will it take to complete the course?

 The course is just over 5K (3.3 miles) with 23 obstacles. Your finish time will depend on your athletic ability and preparation. Top times are generally in

 the low 20s. Most people will finish within 30 to 60 minutes.

 How do I train for this event?

 The breakdown for muscle use for the Gauntlet is 75% lower body, 25% upper body.  It might be a good idea to get some open field and trail

 running experience.

 Will there be pictures taken of me along the course?

 There will be amateur photographers stationed throughout the race trying to capture as many participants as possible and posting the pictures on our

 webpage within two weeks of the race. There will be no charge to download pictures. Spectators will have the opportunity to take pictures near the same

 area, but are not encouraged this year.

 Does the course involve swimming, total body immersion, hypothermia or electricity?

 No. There will be water and mud, but no obstacle will have deep water, ice or electrical shock. That said, there will be some obstacles that you’ve never

 done before in this type of race.

 Is there a course/obstacle map?

 Yes. It will be posted in May on the webpage under Event Downloads. Have fun figuring out the obstacles from their name. :)

 Will it be “Covid safe”?

 Every effort will be made to keep the race safe from Covid.  It will not occur if DPH determines this type of event is not safe this summer.  

 Registrations will be limited to only 500 racers spread out over 7 hours on a 3.3 mile course.  Some obstacles have been eliminated

 and others modified in an effort to avoid higher risk contact.

 What if I don’t want to do an obstacle?

 All runners should assess each obstacle as they approach to determine if their physical prowess and fitness level will enable them to complete it

 without injuring themselves or others. All obstacles will have the space to be circumvented, if desired. Teams in competition for time should be prepared

 to help any teammate struggling with an obstacle.

 Will there be drinking water during the race?

 We provide water at the start, two stations on the course and again at the finish line. Spectators may bring water, but otherwise beverages will be

 available to all for purchase in the Festival Area.

 Can I run barefoot?

 This is not recommended. Just over half of the course will be on wooded trails and there is a good chance of injury from rocks, roots, sharp objects,

 etc., in addition to splinters.


 Will there be showers?

 Yes. There will be an open shower area near the finish line to rinse off.

 Will there be a changing area?

 No, this has been eliminated this year due to Covid.

 What if I sustain an injury?

 There will be hospital staff available at a First Aid area for minor injury help and EMS will be onsite. Staff will decide what can be safely evaluated and initial

 treatment rendered vs referral to a local Urgent Center or Emergency Department.

 Please note that Gaylord Hospital does not have an Emergency Department.


 What kind of beer will be sold at the race?

 Beer sponsorship changes from year to year.

 Are pets allowed?

 No. Unfortunately, due to the crowd size and potential for disruption, only service pets will be allowed.

 What else will be in the Festival Area?

 Food trucks for varying appetites and tastes will be at the finish line. Spectators may bring water, but otherwise beverages will be available to all for purchase

 in the Festival Area. We will also have some vendors selling TBD products.

 Can I get a refund if I can’t attend?

 No. Unfortunately, all registrations are non-refundable. You can, however, transfer your registration to someone else for no charge until June 12th.                    

 If the race  is cancelled because of Covid concerns, 100% refunds will be offered again this year.

 What happens if it rains?

 Rain or shine, the Gauntlet goes on-that’s just part of the deal. There is no Rain Date. The course and obstacles have been devised with the potential for

 Inclement weather. The race will be halted should lightning occur or any serious weather event (eg tornado).




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