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Who Is Hip-Hop Runzz


Hip-Hop Runzz LLC, est 2020, aiming to be a major running & sporting event company organizing in-person & virtual events. Commemorating the two iconic jazz and hip-hop music photos taken in Harlem at 17 East 126th New York, NY 10035. Honoring the merit of both male female album, song, career and impact.  While using history, music and art as a guide to better health, fitness performance and livelihoods.  Youtube channel intended to encourage and promote generations to run inspired.  Get your run on! while listening to live stream dj & event host.  Friends and family can jam out awaiting your finish.  Have fun either solo or with others while running, take photos and video to share in scrapbook or online.  Each year will be excitingly different.

Company Essay

Commemorate your favorite instrument, beats & rhymes In dedication to two huge influential music eras. The two iconic Jazz and Hip-Hop photos taken in Harlem at 17 East 126th New York, NY 10035. These events will commemorate the work of hip-hop and jazz artist of each genres. Honoring a male or female album, song, career and impact. Hip-hop artist each have various stories expressed from their personal experience throughout their life, opinion of a subject or freedom statements. It's mostly favored, that the main objective from all hip-hop expressionist, is to not throw your life away by giving up in school, using drugs or participating in gang violence, self-esteem, peer pressure, domestic violence, womanizing, child molestation, instead find peace in this hectic world and try to pull someone esle up. Because people wasted or lost their life doing so. Men and women have used music to build self esteem and confidence during stress times. These artist are not only replication of historic black jazz poets but American poets in general. People throughout the five boroughs of NYC urban design communities, can share their experiences growing up in these neighbhoods, relationships with artist and how hip-hop music helped them overcome peer pressure to participate in negativity or down-in-out temptation, instead strive and simply be aware of your surroundings. Those who benefited from the positive messages can share their journey, accomplishments and health tips with others. Those who survived the street lifestyle can start a new chapter in their life and others by participating my concept event and reflect while striving for a healthy stress free lifestyle.

The objective of these events, in my opinion, can be to recreate self identity, unity in broken communities and families, ignited by a era 'all for themselves' or 'kill or be killed'. Future generation can continue to listen and learn from music before putting themselves at risk. Fans should realize the maturity phase since the birth of hip-hop. The experience definitely helped mode lives, others and urban developed communities. Most of the humane eras all had its development phases involving pros and cons. Jazz music went through a more soulful development phase. Those artist music and generation mostly expressed and matured from the hardship of civil rights. Communities during that era were heavy involved in entrepreneurship, inventing and writing. Hip-Hop and Jazz music was and still is, uplifting plus insightful to people not in the streets, a way to be aware of what was occurring during a early time of mondernization in the 90s. A platform to continue to be physically productive while following in the footsteps of music history, would be a fitting third replication in the form of a sporting event. Music words, beat, and messages all provide ways of bodily relief. Has its unique benefits the same as food and fitness for a healthy lifestyle. It felt cool to have a local resident passing by to captured my photo.

Given the freedom of artist lyrics. Everyone is to know they are welcome and will be treated equally no matter, ethnicity, cultural identity, gender, sexual preference or cultural identity. For those using earphones, it is encouraged to listen to live stream of various content: albums, dj mix, instrumental production, movies, comedy skits, speeches, documentaries, debuts and freestyles. Dj & host cheer support throughout your run 'run inspired, see you in line and not out of line'.


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~Michael Reed founder and owner

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