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How To Be A Better Virtual Runner? 

Register for the event, run or wait for your virtual package then celebrate. Virtual runs are simple, mainly cause you make your own course and time to start. Most run event companies give a decent window of time to finish. What makes virtual running different from in- person events, should be understood: the barrier atmosphere, spectators, volunteers and amenities. Most Companies with virtual options only allow outside running. Running outside requires deep self-motivation, focus and safety precautions. All runners should have recognizable attire and good common run ethics, to prevent being mistaken as a criminal, a mental disabled individual possibly having a breakdown or person lashing out.  

With virtual running, it is or could be difficult for some because your on your own, with a small group, your frustrated or easily distracted. I don't get bored or frustrated doing virtual run events, why? For me, it's easy to tune out my surroundings and jam out with headphones but I like to draw from several real-life variables. Non-urban areas is where I would use them cause it's more open and quite. Living in NYC, the streets are congested with automobiles, pedestrians and impervious structures. It can be a challenge navigating, staying humble and safe throughout your run. All runners should add in safety precautions with their virtual run strategy, that includes staying alert using headphones. You can run anywhere but it's safest to be on the sidewalk, in a park, along a greenway unfettered by crowds. Experienced runners with emotional control and conditioned drive, if wanted, can pan out into the traffic lane closely next to park cars, bike path or empty bus lane. Have a prerun plan and try avoiding road rage, interrupting vehicle traffic or running into people. Runners undergo the same risk as bikers, but they can get a ticket riding on the sidewalk. I choose to only run in Manhattan because it has many safe variables and low crime stats. I don't run in my own neighborhood because I don't want to be mistaken as a person running up on someone. Also, I don't want to be lashed upon for laughs. The important variables are ways to stay safe and keep running.  

Again, I like to draw from my surroundings. When using headphones or not, make sure your able to hear pedestrians, alarming animals and potential accidents or falling debris. A recent article details a incident of a jogger in danger with a bear while on a run. Staying alert with good peripheral vision, hand signals for cars & pedestrians- helps avoid possible dangerous small or big wracks with a car, bike or person(s). It also helps produce positive energy. Running outside can be surprisingly exciting. NYC is one of many fascinating places in itself. Depending on the person, a location(s) such as Macy's or corporate building can be a goal to run towards or pass by. Surprising motivation can be pedestrians on bikes, scooters or luxury cars passing by. One of my favorites are company trucks like Coca-Cola, UPS, FedEx, MTA buses or other big wheel automobiles on the road while I'm running along an avenue. The outside view is also amazingly motivating. For example, I would start on 59th and 8th ave headed downtown with a typical mark to turn on 14th or further, then head back one or two avenues over. While striding along, I get inspired by the skyline with adjacent impervious structures, department stores and people living life of all sorts. Staying alert, looking ahead and having a prerun plan helps avoid possible dangerous. Majority of drivers and bikers are fellow runners, family members of athletes, relevant fitness people or respectable fans, which helps with safety. Alternative Transportation advocates about equal usage of city streets between automobiles, bikes and pedestrians. They lobby for bike lanes and so on. Hopefully this article inspires productivity and safety for anywhere you are.

~Michael Reed founder and owner 


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