Make a Plan (B, and C, and D)

Everyone's Plan A is a regular race. For most events in 2020, that's not we're starting with Plan B and running through Plan C and Plan D.


Why Plan B?

Social distancing requirements aren't always at your discretion - and even if you get a full go-ahead from your local officials, expect some participants to be reticent to join. A hybrid event has room for everyone.

  • Social distancing protocols that limit the amount of runners you can host within a reasonable amount of time on Thanksgiving morning
  • Permitting agencies with lower caps for in-person events
  • Low capacity from sponsors and vendors limiting revenue availability
  • Some participants who are high risk or uncomfortable in a group setting
  • Some participants are unable to travel to visit family during the holiday


What does an option with a live AND virtual event look like?

While there is flexibility in your setup, best practices include:

  • Setup two events for your Turket Trot, a standard 5K (or whatever distance your event is) and a Virtual 5K and let participants choose their option.
  • Keep the cost the same if possible. This allows for people to easily switch between the two options if circumstances change, and simplifies things if you need to convert the full field ot virtual
  • Generally, virtual races have longer time spans for completing the race (1 week to 1 month). Because Turkey Trots are specifically a Thanksgiving morning tradition, you may want to narrow that - but give virtual runners a little flexibility to work within their schedule.
  •  Make sure you have a swag plan for the virtual option, and have included the cost of any shipping (either in the full cost or as an add-on)
    • You'll have additional on-site costs for in-person (porta-potties, water, etc) that will be reduced if people are virtual; savings on these can help cover the cost of shipping.

Why Plan C?

Even if it looks likely that you'll be able to move forward with Plan B today, situations are changing rapidly and you need to be ready to pivot. Reasons to prepare for Plan C include:

  • Restrictions on group size remain strict or re-tighted to levels that are too low for an event to work
  • Permits are revoked for all events in your area
  • Sponsors are unable to commit at a level that justifies the costs for an in-person event
  • Participant hesitation to participate in-person makes the cost of an in-person event too high


What does a Virtual Only option look like?

While there is flexibility in your setup, best practices include:

  • Use the Pop-up tool and email marketing to let your existing participants know that the event is now virtual-only.
  • Bulk transfer your participants into the virtual option.
    • If you're shipping swag, make sure you get updated shipping addresses for new virtual participants. 
  • Communicate the virtual process clearly:
    • When the race must be completed
    • How to report finishes and times
    • Any tracking (like RaceJoy) or optional courses available


Why Plan D?

If you don't think a virtual version of your normal Turkey Trot is a good idea, start from scratch with an entirely new concept. Reasons to start from scratch:

  • A sense from your community that there are too many virtual races and they do not want to participate in one
  • A desire to bring a creative focus to your cause or focus on fundraising
  • An interest in expanding your event to include supporters who aren't traditional runners


What does a creative option look like?

Well, creative means it looks like pretty much anything. A few ideas:

  • A week-long open course where runners can run at any time (talk to your timer)
  • A Virtual Challenge instead of a race
  • A fundraising-only event where the emphasis is on the cause

Check out some examples of real races with modified-in person or hybrid solutions.

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