Susan G. Komen® Philadelphia MORE THAN PINK Walk™

Sun June 28, 2020 Philadelphia, PA US 19107
FAQs - The Virtual Walk


The following provides information about participation in the 2020 Susan G. Komen® Philadelphia MORE THAN PINK Virtual Walk™. Additional questions can be directed to

Basic Walk-day facts: 

When: June 28, 2020 from 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. (Virtual walk); January 1-June 28 (fundraising campaign)
Where: Neighborhoods from throughout our 15-county service area; participate from home!
What: A fundraising experience to save lives and help create a world without breast cancer
How to go Virtual: Click here for all you need to know to be your Virtual Best.


What does the term “Virtual Walk” mean?

A virtual walk or virtual event means an experience that brings participants together through online/digital platforms as opposed to gathering a large group in one place for an event in the traditional, physical sense. People participate and contribute to the experience from various locations and are “brought together” in one virtual, setting such as Facebook, by sharing photos, videos and other ways to that express their experience.


If I registered for the traditional Mother's Day MORE THAN PINK Walk before the onset of COVID-19 do I need to register again for the Virtual Walk?

No. Any participant who registered for the Walk before we transitioned to the Virtual Walk format (approximately May 10) has had their registration automatically transferred to the Virtual Walk. If you've signed up for this Walk at any time starting on January 3, 2020 you do not need to register again.


Why is the Komen Philadelphia MORE THAN PINK Walk going virtual in 2020?

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it necessary for Komen Philadelphia to replace our traditional Walk with a Virtual Walk this year. A major contributor to this is our responsibility to adhere to city and state stay-at-home, state-of-emergency and travel-restriction regulations that have been implemented in order to help stop the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). In addition, Komen Philadelphia has maintained ongoing communications with the City of Philadelphia and local departments of public health, both of whom advised us that permits for large public gatherings the size of our MORE THAN PINK Walk will not be issued for at least the spring and summer of 2020. Lastly, knowing that the very population our Walk is designed to celebrate and support—that is, breast cancer patients, survivors and individuals living with metastatic breast cancer—is at greater risk of contracting and/or not being able to fight COVID-19, Komen Philadelphia simply cannot hold an event that may increase that risk. Simply stated, our first priority is protecting the health and wellbeing of every person who supports our mission and who is relying on us to help them survive a breast cancer diagnosis. The only way we can uphold that priority is by offering a virtual Walk in 2020 and avoiding hosting an event that brings large groups in a single physical setting.


Wouldn’t it have been better to wait to hold the Walk in the traditional non-virtual format in the fall?

While it was clear after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic that our Mother’s Day event would need to be postponed, Komen Philadelphia did wait for approximately one month before deciding to replace our traditional Walk with a Virtual Walk—realizing how much the Walk means to our community of survivors, individuals living with metastatic breast cancer, sponsors, volunteers and other supporters. During that time, we continually assessed the progression of COVID-19 and the rate at which local and state departments of health and the CDC felt the spread of the virus was becoming under control. By April it was clear that much more time was needed until a public gathering of our size would be considered safe for participants—with many sources suggesting even a fall event would not be possible. Komen Philadelphia decided that moving ahead in the hopes of having the Walk in the fall with the very real possibility of having to cancel it would not be a responsible use of organizational dollars. Moreover, the onset of COVID-19 has elevated and will continue to elevate demand for our services—especially the immediate need for our Patient Assistance Program and an upcoming increased need for community grant services once mammogram and treatment protocols return to pre-COVID-19 status. Given this spike in need for services, Komen Philadelphia felt it was critical that we move ahead with the fundraising opportunities afforded by the Virtual Walk.


How does the Virtual Walk work? Does the fact that this is a 12-hour Virtual mean I have to walk the full time?

The MORE THAN PINK Virtual Walk is our way of refusing to let the COVID-19 pandemic put our lifesaving work “on pause.” While we may not be able to walk as one enormous group at Eakins Oval this year, we will keep on moving from the safety of our own homes and neighborhoods—and engage with each other throughout the day by sharing our experiences on social media, TV and more! Our virtual event on June 28 will be filled with ways for all participants to feel a tremendous sense of community, celebration and empowerment while doing so in a way that protects your health and wellbeing.

No, you don’t need to walk for 12 hours on June 28! But every minute of every hour from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., at least one activist in our mission WILL be walking to demonstrate how totally committed our community is to saving lives and ending breast cancer. Plus, groups will be participating in our virtual event from each of the 15 counties in our service area.

Once you register you have a ton of flexibility to choose when, where, how long and with whom you walk on June 28. Walk inside, outside, on your treadmill, around your yard, through your neighborhood—as long as you do it safely (observing guidelines for social distancing and wearing masks) the sky’s the limit!


How can I participate in the Virtual Walk in addition to walking at home?

While registering and fundraising for our Virtual Walk is how you’ll make the greatest impact on our fight to end breast cancer, sharing your activities, inspirations, joy and celebration with our entire community on June 28 is also key to ensuring our event is memorable and successful for everyone. We encourage every participant to:

  • Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages throughout the day to be inspired by live video, photos and comments from your fellow virtual walkers
  • Share your videos, photos and messages from your walk on our Facebook and Instagram pages; share on your own pages too and include #MTPWalkPhilly20
  • Watch your email and this website for details on upcoming opportunities to “share and win”

We also encourage you to dress and “accessorize” your Virtual Walk just like you would if we were all walking together at Eakins Oval. Wear your pink tutus or MORE THAN PINK colors, carry team signs, display posters of people for who your walking in memory, honor or celebration—however you can show your passion for ending breast cancer, we want to see it! Be creative, be inspiring—be MORE THAN PINK!


How do I start a Facebook fundraiser to funnel into my Walk campaign after I register?

A Facebook fundraiser is a convenient, effective and fast way to give friends the opportunity to help you support our cause by making a donation. Follow these steps to set up your Facebook fundraiser and have all donations automatically be logged into your 2020 MORE THAN PINK Virtual Walk fundraising campaign.

  1. Click here to log into your personal 2020 MORE THAN PINK Virtual Walk account.
  2. On this page click on the avatar (small circle) in the upper right. This will trigger a drop-down menu.
  3. In the drop-down menu click on "Profile"
  4. Once you are on your profile page, scroll down to the "Fundraising" section and select the participant name for whom you want to start a Facebook fundraiser (this name will be in blue).
  5. This will take you to your fundraising page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page an click the blue button "Create your fundraiser on Facebook!"
  6. From here, Facebook will walk you through the final steps.


What does my MORE THAN PINK Virtual Walk registration entitle me to?

Adults and children who are registered for the Walk will:

  • Have access to an online center for fundraising (collecting donations) and tools
  • Have the opportunity to be included in drawings for special giveaways
  • Be eligible for our fundraiser recognition program
  • Be eligible to raise $100 to receive our 2020 T-shirt; limited-edition, available to the first 300 participants to submit $100 (offer ends June 28, 2020)
  • Breast cancer survivors will also receive a pink “Survivor” T-shirt and individuals living with metastatic breast cancer will receive a special berry-colored shirt. T-shirt will be mailed starting on June 15.


Once I register, how do I receive a 2020 MORE THAN PINK Walk T-shirt?

All registered survivors will receive a pink survivor t-shirt or a berry-colored t-shirt for individuals living with metastatic breast cancer.  Registered participants and survivors who raise at least $100 in fundraising, will be recognized by receiving a limited-edition Komen Philadelphia MORE THAN PINK Walk fundraising T-shirt. These are limited-edition shirts and available to the first 300 participants who submit at least $100 in fundraising (offer ends June 28, 2020). This year only, shirts will be mailed, starting on June 15.


Should I register my children for the Walk?

Absolutely! We offer a special registration rate for children ages 3 to 12 (children 2 & under are free). Kids can also fundraise and be recognized by receiving a T-shirt when they raise $100. Every year, young people take pride in saving pennies, hosting pink lemonade sales, asking friends and families to donate, and finding other creative ways to help support the cause—moreover, their success is making a huge impact on our ability to save lives!


Am I required to fundraise/donate?

Fundraising is the foundation of our ability to fund breakthrough research, provide free service for people in need and offer other lifesaving programs year-round in our 15 counties.

  • We encourage all participants to raise at least $250.
  • If you are registered and would like to be recognized with a 2020 Komen Philadelphia MORE THAN PINK Walk T-shirt, you must have at least $100 in fundraising. These are limited-edition shirts and available to the first 300 participants who submit at least $100 in fundraising (offer ends June 28, 2020).
  • Fundraising at least $100 also makes you eligible to receive a gift through our fundraiser recognition program.


Other than my fundraiser recognition T-shirt, how can I get Komen-branded gear to wear when I Walk and year-round?

We suggest you start now by exploring All sales will support Komen Philadelphia’s mission.


What happens in the case of inclement weather, and/or if I register but decide I do not want to participate in the Virtual Walk on June 28?

Weather prohibits outdoor activity! We reserve the right to cancel in extreme circumstances. No refunds will be issued. Please note this includes refunds for anyone who registered for an event at Eakins Oval prior to the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 (coronavirus) in March of 2020. If we cancel this event due to extreme circumstances, or if a registered participant chooses not to walk from his/her neighborhood, entry fees will be used as donations to Susan G. Komen® Philadelphia. 



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