Cycling Relay Four



Overall Details:


  • Each team will consist of four riders
  • Teams are handicapped with a time deduction or addition based upon four factors listed below
  • Time trial start based upon team seeding.  Highest handicap will begin first
  • Start times posted the day before the event.

HANDICAP SYSTEM (Four Person) - download and SAVE Excel spreadsheet to determine team handicap - LINK

  1. USA Cycling Road Category (if not currently a member, then a teammate's score will be 5 or if once a USAC member then the rider's ranking will be the last category on record). If a MTB rider, see conversion.
    • MTB Pro is Road – Cat 1
    • MTB Cat 1 is Road – Cat 2
    • MTB Cat 2 is Road – Cat 3
    • MTB Cat 3 is Road – Cat 5
    • Together your team total must be 10 points or greater to not incur a time penalty.
    • Point handicap: Each point over 15, 5 minutes will be subtracted. Each point under 10 will add 5 minutes. Examples: Team total 20. 25 minutes subtracted from the team’s total time. Team total is 5. 25 minutes will be added." 
  2. Gender - for each female on the team, 15-minutes will be subtracted. 
  3. Weight - Team weight over 799lbs will receive a 30-minute advantage. NOTE: each member will be weighed (if team value is above the threshold) upon check-in. Cycling clothes w/o shoes, helmet, equipment, etc."
  4. Age -  (a person's age is calculated based upon their age on 12/31/2019):
    • 15-minute advantage if total team age is equal to or greater than 180
    • 20-minute advantage if total team age is equal to or greater than 200
    • 25-minute advantage if total team age is equal to or greater than 220

* - download and save Excel spreadsheet to determine team handicap - LINK

RULES (4 person)

  • No drafting except with teammates.  USA Cycling officials will be enforcing the rules.
  • Rules of the Road must be adhered to at all times.  There is NO INTERSECTION CONTROL throughout the course.
  • Changing of bikes or rider exchanges can only take place at designated transitions.
  • Team cars are not allowed to follow the riders.
  • One vehicle per team with a max. width of 81” and a max. length of 285” (including bike racks). No trailers allowed.
  • Each rider must do a minimum of two legs with a maximum of four.
  • First section can only have one rider.
  • No more than two riders from a team can be on the course at the same time except for the final section of the course.
  • If two riders start on a section (besides the final section), both riders must complete the section in order to continue.
  • The official time of a four-person team will be taken on third rider across the line.
  • The final section must have a minimum of three riders and does not count toward the team maximum.
  • A separate driver is encouraged, but not mandatory.
  • Mandatory sign-in the morning of the race for review of rules.
  • Event held rain or shine
  • Time cut-off is 13 hours.


  • Aid can only be rendered by teams at transition areas unless a medical emergency has occurred.  Race staff must be notified.
  • Neutral support will be on the course and they are the only ones who may provide mechanical assistance outside the transition areas.
  • Ultimately, all teams and riders must be self sufficient.
  • There is a section where team cars must divert due to a low overhang road obstruction.
  • Friends and family are strongly discouraged from following riders on the course. Race officials and law enforcement will be on the course and if necessary penalize and/or disqualify teams if non-essential personnel are impeding the event or civilian traffic.

COURSE DETAILS (four person)


  • Top three handicap
  • Top three gross
  • Handicap times will be considered the official R.A.P.T.O.R Cycling relay times.
  • No double dipping of awards.

EQUIPMENT (4 and 2-person teams)

  • Both Time Trial and Road bikes can be used
  • Bike changes can only be made in the transition area.


  • 4-person - 80 teams
  • 18 year age minimum


  • Optional potato and salad bar, plus craft beers the night before the race. $10 per person
  • Race t-shirt with entry with the option to upgrade style 
  • Continental Breakfast on race morning
  • Beer and Barbeque at the finish
  • Goody bag with sponsor products
  • Finisher award
  • Giveaway prizes





  • Mount Sequoyah - has several options from cabins to dorm-style rooms.  Something for every budget and the location is spectacular.  Please mention the RAPTOR Cycling Relay when booking.  Call 800.760.8126 or visit website.