Road FAQ's


Check back often for questions which have been asked by participants.  The majority of questions have already been addressed in the rules sections of each of the three cycling divisions' webpages. If you don't see your question answered, please email us so we can address.

Are there restrictions on time trial bikes?
No, except for a couple of types of bikes. Recumbents are not allowed. Superbikes for example like a a P5-6 from Cervelo which is non-UCI legal is allowed.

Can a rider accept outside assistance?
Yes, but only in the designated transition areas.  However, a rider can use any public facilities or businesses along the route for food, drink or use of restrooms.

Are aero bars allowed?
Yes. See equipment on each event page for full details.

Can team vehicles follow their riders?
No. This has already been addressed in the rules section, but has been asked several times. Following a rider will result in disqualification of the team. USA Cycling officials and law enforcement will be roaming the course.

Can teams offer assistance outside the transition areas?
No, unless there is a major medical and the rider can't continue.  Major mechanicals must be addressed by neutral support unless a rider is unable to receive neutral support and/or contact neutral support. 

If more than one rider (2 and 4-person relay) starts a section together are they required to finish together?
Yes is the short answer. This is a team competition and all rules/requirements are based on this premise. Ex. two riders start a section and one has a minor mechanical (flat) or physical (cramps); the teammates who are riding with the affected rider are required to assist so that the team will finish the section together. Teams need to consider this as part of their strategy. Sections 1 & 9 have additional rules.

Does a rider have to complete a section to be eligible to ride other sections?
Yes.  A rider who begins a section must complete the section (except for the final section where only three riders can complete the section to be considered official).

What if more than 2 riders can't continue in the 4-person relay?
The team may continue, but will not receive an official time.

Is drafting allowed?
Only among teammates. No drafting is allowed with other teams.  USA Cycling officials will be roaming the course and this event is based on the honor system.

Why so many rules?
With this type of format combined with team vehicles there will be major traffic delays and congestion unless there are strict protocols in place.


Final Leg of Race (2 & 4-person teams)
If a team decides not to have a separate driver and would like all members to ride the final leg, then teams should consider how to retrieve their race support vehicle at the Brentwood transition.