Team Report - Open

Pilgrimage in the Park
Date: 11/24/2016
Final Team Results


Fin Pos Team Name Team Pos Bib No Name City Gender Overall Place Cum Place Time Cum Time
1Phoenix Racing11607Jordan TuckerMarshes SidingM3320:27.120:27.1
21612Harley WatersPine KnotM4720:34.741:01.9
31605Aiden TuckerMarshes SidingM101722:03.91:03:05.8
41570Ethan NewWhitley CityM163323:04.21:26:10.1
51505Christopher GearingPine KnotM296224:24.41:50:34.5
61507Zach GibsonWhitley CityM4110325:27.22:16:01.7
71586Francesca Reverdito BovePine KnotF5816128:37.42:44:39.1
81459Alex BryantWhitley CityM6222329:00.13:13:39.3
91610Dillon VanoverWhitley CityM9031332:01.23:45:40.5
101606Alyssa TuckerMarshes SidingF9540832:38.54:18:19.0
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