Friends of Seminole State Forest -- Run for the Woods

Sunday, February 2, 2020 Sorrento, FL US 32776 Directions
Half Marathon Course

Half Marathon

  • From Start to shelter camp, 0.82 miles: Single track hiking trail under hardwoods and pines, some roots, possible wet spots
  • To White Hiking Trail jct., 0.04 mile (1st turn): open and grassy, a little sand.
  • To White trail water station, 0.67 mile (2nd turn, 1.53 miles point): solid to slightly sandy, old two-track. Mostly under pine and hardwood canopy.
  • To Blueberry Trail jct., 0.68 mile (2nd turn): Mostly solid old two-track, but some sugar sand, and lots of puddles in wet weather. Mostly shaded (80%).
  • To White Hiking Trail jct., 1.19 miles (3rd turn): Mostly solid based single-track hiking trail, but with definite wet spots, some long, in wet years and on wet days. 90% shaded.
  • To Blueberry water station, 0.03 mile: Solid grassy two-track. 50% shaded.
  • To Sand Road Junction, 1.81 miles (4th turn): about 70% solid sand or grassy two-track, 20% softer sand, 10% pot holes, sometimes mucky or water filled. May be up to 30% standing water in wet years or on rainy days. About 20% shaded.
  • To Blackwater water station, 0.36 mile: Improved road, solid base, but with wet spots in wet times, and a concrete bridge. 80% shaded.
  • To Blue trail jct., 0.19 miles (5th turn): Solid base improved road. 80% shaded.
  • To Sulphur Camp, 0.93 miles (6th turn): solid sand ad grass single-track hiking trail, some points wet when rainy. Lots of roots to trip on! 90% shaded.
  • Across Pine Road to Blue Trail, 0.03 mile (7th turn): solid grass base and improved road. 30% shaded.
  • To water station SI#1, 0.82 mile: 85% solid sand, 15% sugar sand, always dry, single-track hiking trail. Some in open scrub, the rest in overgrown scrub of oaks and sand pine, 75% shaded.
  • To Yellow Hiking Trail jct., 0.80 mil (8th turn): solid sand and grass base single-track hiking trail. 90% shaded by oaks and pines.
  • To Pine Road jct., 1.08miles: Solid based single-track hiking trail, 10% soft sugar sand, and a few wet spots at rainier times. Half in open scrub, half shaded.
  • To Blackwater water station, 0.20 miles: Improved road, solid base, but with wet spots in wet times, and a concrete bridge. 80% shaded.
  • To Florida Trail jct., 0.54 mile (9th turn): Improved road, solid base, but with wet spots in wet times, and a concrete bridge. 80% shaded.
  • To East Spur water station, 1.27 miles: Mostly solid based sandy single- track hiking trail, perhaps 10% soft sugar sand; can be up to 20% standing water at wet times. Mostly through open scrub and flat woods, so perhaps 10% shaded.
  • To White Hiking Trail jct., 1.43 miles (3rd turn): mostly solid single-track hiking trail, perhaps 10% sugar sand, but can be very wet on portions after a lot of rain. Shaded for about 10-20% of distance, mostly by pines. Lots of open scrub.
  • To service road, 0.03 mile (4th turn): solid sand in shade.
  • To finish line, 0.45mile; Mostly soft sugar sand two-track, but with solid sand and grass for last 100 or so yards

Total actual distance: 13.37 miles
Overall conditions:
~60% shaded, 40% open
In dry weather, ~80% or more solid ground, 15% soft sugar sand, ~5% or less wet/mucky; in wet weather, ~60% solid, 15% soft sugar sand, and up to 25% wet.

Water available at start, at six points along the course, and at the finish; distances between water stations range from 1.53 miles to 2.17 miles, for an average of 1.91 miles between stations.

Slope no more than 5% at any point


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